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Through dark and dearth, through fire and frost,
With emptied arms and treasure lost,
I thank Thee while my days go on.

And having in Thy life-depth thrown
Being and suffering (which are one),
As a child drops his pebble small
Down some deep well, and hears it fall
Smiling—so I. THY DAYS GO ON.

MRS. E. B. BROWNING. N the great love of God I lean,

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Love of the Infinite, Unseen,
With nought of heaven or earth between.

This God is mine, and I am His,
His love is all I need of bliss.

Once and for ever reconciled,
The sinful with the Undefiled,
I walk with Him, His trustful child ;

The blood of the great sacrifice
My troubled conscience pacifies.

In the calm light of God I move,
The light of holiness and love,
Like the pure light of heaven above;-

For God is love, and God is light,
A day without a cloud or night.



To the dear home of God I press,
The mansion of eternal bliss,
The seat of love and righteousness.

O home and seat of glorious life,
Beyond the tumult and the strife.

He keeps me from all want and ill,
With loving eye He guides me still,
His peace and joy my spirit fill,

O loving Seeker of the lost,
How great for me Thy toil and cost !

To Him my helpless spirit clings,
He bears me as on eagle's wings,
Through sorrow and through joy He brings ;

He loves from the eternal past,
His tender mercies ever last.


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HOU, Lord, art Love, and everywhere

Thy name is brightly shown ;

Beneath, on earth, Thy footstool fair, Above, on heaven, Thy throne.

Thy word is love, in lines of gold

There mercy prints its trace; In Nature we Thy steps behold,

The Gospel shows Thy face.

Thy ways are love, though they transcend

Our feeble range of sight; They wind through darkness to their end

In everlasting light.




Thy thoughts are love, and Jesus is

The living voice they find;
His love lights up the vast abyss

Of the eternal mind.

Thy chastisements are love,-more deep

They stamp the seal divine,
And, by a sweet compulsion, keep

Our spirits nearer Thine.

Thy heaven is the abode of love;

O blessed Lord ! that we
May there, when Time’s dim shades remove,

Be gathered home to Thee.

There, with Thy resting saints, to fall

Adoring round the throne,
When all shall love Thee, Lord, and all

Shall in Thy love be one !

Rev. J. D. BURNS.

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