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E must not doubt, or fear, or dread, that

love for life is only given, And that the calm and sainted dead will meet estranged and cold in heaven :Oh, Love were poor and vain indeed, based on so

harsh and stern a creed.

True that this earth must pass away, with all the

starry worlds of light, With all the glory of the day, and calmer tender

ness of night; For, in that radiant home can shine alone the im

mortal and divine.

Earth's lower things—her pride, her fame, her

science, learning, wealth, and power



Slow growths that through long ages came, or fruits

of some convulsive hour, Whose very memory must decay-Heaven is too

pure for such as they.

They are complete : their work is done. So let

them sleep in endless rest. Love's life is only here begun, nor is, nor can be,

fully blest; It has no room to spread its wings, amid this crowd

of meaner things.

Just for the very shadow thrown upon its sweet

ness here below, The cross that it must bear alone, and bloody bap

tism of woe, Crowned and completed through its pain, we know

that it shall rise again.

If in my heart I now could fear that, risen again,

we should not know What was our Life of Life when here—the hearts

we loved so much below

I would arise this very day, and cast so poor a

thing away.



But love is no such soulless clod: living, perfected,

it shall rise Transfigured in the light of God, and giving glory

to the skies : And that which makes this life so sweet, shall

render heaven's joy complete.


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NE adequate support

For the calamities of mortal life

Exists,-one only,—an assured belief That the procession of our fate, howe'er Sad or disturbed, is ordered by a Being Of infinite benevolence and power, Whose everlasting purposes embrace All accidents, converting them to good. -The darts of anguish fix not where the seat Of suffering hath been thoroughly fortified By acquiescence in the will supreme For time and for eternity ; by faith, Faith absolute in God, including hope, And the defence that lies in boundless love Of His perfections; with habitual dread



Of aught unworthily conceived, endured
Impatiently ; ill-done, or left undone,
To the dishonour of His holy name.
Soul of our souls, and safeguard of the world!
Sustain, Thou only canst, the sick of heart;
Restore their languid spirits, and recall
Their lost affections unto Thee, and Thine!


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