Murray's handbook for Belgium and the Rhine [by J. Murray].


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Seite 144 - (Dragon Rock), whose precipices rise abruptly from the river side, crowned with a ruin. " The castled crag of Drachenfels Frowns o'er the wide and winding Rhine, Whose breast of waters broadly swells Between the banks which bear the vine ; And hills all rich with blossom'd trees, And
Seite 134 - following verses of Coleridge :— Ye nymphs, who reign o'er sewers and sinks, The river Rhine, it is well known, Doth wash your city of Cologne :— But tell me, nymphs, what power divine Shall henceforth wash the river Rhine ? Physician. Dr. Feist ; who speaks English. Baedeker, Hochstrasse 134 A, has a good store of guide books, &c. rt. Deutz (Hôtel
Seite 144 - with deep blue eyes, And hands which oner early flowers, Walk smiling o'er this paradise ; Above, the frequent feudal towers Through green leaves lift their walls of gray, And many a rock which steeply lowers, And noble arch in proud decay, Look o'er this vale of vintage-bowers;
Seite 144 - one thing want these banks of Rhine,— Thy gentle hand to clasp in mine! '* The river nobly foams and flows, The chai m of this enchanted ground, And all its thousand turns disclose Some fresher beauty varying round : The haughtiest breast its wish might bound Through life to dwell
Seite 154 - all Black with the miner's blast upon her height, Yet shows of what she was, when shell and ball Rebounding idly on her strength did light : A tower of victory ! from whence the flight Of baffled foes was watch'd along the plain ; But Peace destroy'd what War could never
Seite 136 - And there they stand, as stands a lofty mind, Worn, but unstooping to the baser crowd, AH tenantless, save to the crannying wind, Or holding dark communion with the cloud. There was a day when they were young and Banners on high, and battles pass'd below ; But they who fought are in a bloody shroud, And those which wav'd are
Seite 144 - here ; Nor could on earth a spot be found To nature and to me so dear, Could thy dear eyes in following mine Still sweeten more these banks of Rhine !
Seite 74 - brave,—alas ! Ere evening to be trodden like the grass Which now beneath them, but above shall In its next verdure, when this fiery mass Of living valour,
Seite 75 - then allow From the fresh carnage of the field convey'd ; And they whom human succours could not save Here in its precincts found a hasty grave. And here on marble tablets set on high, In English lines by foreign workmen trac'd, Are names familiar to an English eye ; Their brethren here the
Seite 149 - Général Hoche." Byron says of it, "This is all, and as it should be; Hoche was esteemed among the first of France's earlier generals, until Napoleon monopolised her triumphs, He was the destined commander of the invading army of Ireland." Csesar, when leading his army against the Sicambri, 17 centuries before, crossed the

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