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county, in order that the House might see where the deficiencies existed, and who were really to blame.

The Secretary at War faid, that certainly he had himself remarked on a former night, that several regiments of militia were grossly defective in their numbers, and particularly those in the counties round London ; but he did not attach blame to any particular persons, but merely stated the blame must lay fomewhere. However, by the last returns from those counties, he was glad to find the deficiency confiderably obviated, under the bill for raising the Supplementary Militia; and he trusted that by the time that returns thould be made up to the first of August, the regiments would be ftill more complete. If ihe hon. Member was dispored to move for hé relurns of any particular regiment, there would be no objection to produce it; but a general inotion for the return of all, he should oppose as unneceffary.

EAST INDIA BUDGET. Lord Caflcreach (after the House had resolved into a Committee on the East Inulia affairs) opened at considerable length the general statement of the East India Company's affairs in the year beginning from March 1801, and ending in the fame month 1802 ; he also presented an estimated statement for the year of 1802-3. In the budget which he had prefented at the beginning of the Seffion, he had given a detailed ftatement of the affairs of the Company in 1800-1, and only an eftiińated statement of 1801-2. He now, having received the accounts, was able to present the actual statement of the last year, and an estimated statement of the current year. He was happy to inform the Committee, that the actual revenue for the lait year considerably exceeded the estimated revenue, and that the revenues of every presidency were in a state of improvement. He was conscious that he was going to call the attention of the Committee to a detail of accounis which were not fo materially interesting as a budget which more inmediately affected the country; but when it was recollected that he was going to speak of an empire poflessing an annual revenue of thirteen millions, and which was so intimately connected with the prosperity and commerce of this country, to which ii contributed fo largely, he trusted he should be heard with attention. His Lordinip then gave a very detailed statement of the fituation of the Eart-India Company, both as to its revenues and its charges. The revenues he divided into the foreign revenue and the home Vol. IV. 1802 3.


revenue :

revenue: it will be found stated with accusacy, clearness, and precision in the following schedule.

BENGAL. REVENUES.-Average 1799, 1800, to 1801-2 6,761,598

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Deduct excess of revenue from excess of charge,

the net revenue is less than estimated


And the net revenue for 1801-2, is




7,612,384 4,535,065

Net revenue Revenues estimated more than actual in 1801-2 Charges do. less than do.


484,395 170,517


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Net revenue estimated for 1802-3, more than preceding year

654,912 MADRAS. Revenues.An average of aggregate receipts

would not be a correct ground of comparison, on account of the additional revenues ac. quired by conquest and by treaty since the year 1799. On the same principle as adopted last year, viz. by taking the average collections from the post-office, the old land revenues, the cuftoms, and the farms and licences, the average of those revenues, from 1799, 1800, to 1801-2, was


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Deducting excess of charge from excess of re

venue, the net charge is less than estimated


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Revenues estimated less than actual, in 1801-2
Charges ditto less than ditto

59,240 408,066

The prospect estimated for 1802-3 better than preceding year by

348,825 BOMBAY REVENUES—Excluding the revenues of the ceded

provinces transferred to Madras in July 1800, the average revenues from 1799, 1800 to 1801-2 251,456 Which exceeds the average drawn on the

same principle from 1798-910 1800-1 39,564

Estimated for 1801-2
Azual amount


More than estimate


5 A 2


CHARGES-Eftimated for 1801-2

1,185,308 A&ual amount


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Deducting excess of charge from excess of re

venue, the net charge is less than estimated


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Revenues estimated more than actual in 1801-2
Charges ditto less than ditto

104,288 279,882

Net charge estimated for 1802-3, less than pre

ceding year


BENCOOLEN AND OTHER SETTLEMENTS. REVENUES of Fort Marlbro', on average of three years, 1798-9 to 1800-I

8,805 CHARGES. Ditto, ditto


[blocks in formation]

Supplies from Bengal to Fort Marlbro', Penang,

&c. estimated for 1801-2 A&tual ainount

85,840 241,220

More than estimated


Supplies estimated for 1802-3



Refult of the year 1801-2, collectively. REVENUES- Bengal

7,127,988 Madras

4,729.610 Bombay


Total revenues 12,163,590



4,705,583 Madras

4,963,742 Bombay


Total charges 10,856,613

Net revenue of the three presidencies 1,306,977
Deduct supplies to Bencoolen, &c. 241,220

Remaining net revenue

1,065,757 Deducted from the interest, &c. paid on the debts. At Bengal

971,556 Madras

267,178 Bombay



Shews the deficit from the territorial revenues to be 383,743 Deducted from the amount sales of imports, &c. by 418,717

The remainder 34,974 Is the sum left applicable to the purposes of com

merce, amount advanced for the purchase of in.
vestment, payment of commercial charges, and
in aid of China investment.
At Bengal


281,329 Bombay

246,021 Marlbro'


Toral advances for investments 1,288,093 Cargoes invoiced from India to Europe in 1801-2, with charges by

2,362,443 GENERAL View. Result of the estimates for the year 1802-3, colle&tively. REVENUES—Bengal,

7,612,384 Madras,

4,670, 369 Bombay,




Total revenues 12,693,033

4,535,065 4,555,676


Total charges 9,998,147


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