Manchester Literary Club: Some Notes on Its History, 1862-1908

"Manchester city news" Company, Limited, 1908 - 61 Seiten

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Seite 56 - The boar's head in hand bear I, Bedeck'd with bays and rosemary; And I pray you, my masters, be merry, Quot estis in convivio. Caput apri defero Reddens laudes Domino.
Seite 59 - In gentle thought and gentle deed His early days went by, And the light His youthful steps did lead Came down from heaven on high. He was the friend of all the poor That wander here below; It was His only joy on earth To ease them of their woe.
Seite 7 - Club that in the midst of a great commercial city "it is to do what it can to keep the mind of the city true to the higher and more unselfish forms of mental activity, to see that the ' humanities ' hold their ground along with science and material considerations.
Seite 39 - ... that has blossomed and ripened upon his tree of life. He has told us that when an office-boy he scribbled verses in his spare moments. In late years the enfranchised pen, which in the day had recorded sales of grey cloth, would in the -evening be pleasantly employed in the production of sonnets. There is about our poet's verse a sweet pensive reflectiveness born within him upon such occasions as when he composes a hymn for a church festival, or renders musical some, pious thought of Thomas a...
Seite 57 - Though the latitude's rather uncertain, / And the longitude also is vague, / The persons I pity who know not the city, / The beautiful city of Prague.
Seite 34 - There is always the keen anticipation of something uncommonly good, with a choice seasoning of humour, when the Rev. Alexander Gordon, MA rises (all too rarely) to speak. His speech on Sir Thomas Browne, for example, at the time of the tercentenary of the author of the " Religio Medici " was a fine tribute, beautifully expressed, and spoken in a manner the remembrance of which is as of something perfect.
Seite 48 - There are what may be called lyrical pauses which serve to lighten labours critical or creative, and though no record is taken of these contributions, it not unfrequently happens that what is sung is more effective than what is said.
Seite 39 - Kempis; as he stoops over a daffodil and listens to the song of a thrush in the twilight of a March evening, or stands meditatively in the shadow of "The Grey Tower of Dalmeny." Endowed with such literary gifts and graces, it is no wonder that our President found his way to a Club which had the cultivation of literature as its object. It was in the year 1872 that he first became a member, and let me say in passing that it is to me a personal pleasure...
Seite 15 - It would take all night even to give a list of the books and papers that he has written, of the magazines to which he has contributed or which he has edited ; of the societies— local, English, and European — of which he is a member. And what is surprising is that nothing seems to come amiss to him.
Seite 12 - ... already exceeding three score years and ten, has been distinguished by many remarkable achievements, and we are proud to know that among them is your unchallenged occupancy of our presidential chair for upwards of twenty years. By your impartiality, dignity, judgment, and unvarying courtesy therein, the Manchester Literary Club has been raised to a position of marked distinction.

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