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ACTIONS of Princes who to be judges
thereof 9

Address for a French War in 1&9 • • • 74
Algier, the Emperor Charles the fifth's

enterprise against it £31

Allegiance, to whom due fil

Ane Admonitign direct to the trew Lordis
mantenaris of the Kingu graces autho-

htie 419

Arundel (Thomas) Archbishop of Canter-
bury, strenuously persecuted the Lol-
lards 2f6

— ■ his great Process against Sir John
Otdcastte, 253. His foolish and blas-
phemous writing sent to Sir John Old-
castle in the Tower, 268. His death 880


TsALDOCK made Chancellor of Eng-
land 106

Bale (John) a sketch of his Life, 80S.
tlis Comedy or Interlude of John the
Baptist's Preaching in the Wilderness 803

—— (Jehan) his vocacyou to the Bishop-
rick of Ossorie, In Irelande, his per-
aecntions and deiiveraunces 328

his learned Preface to his Treatise of

the call to the Ministry ib.

His acconnt of God's Worship from

time to time * 336

his account of the Irish Priests and

Bishops 34o

(Bp. John) Chrohicle of Sir John

Oldcastle £45

Beggars Petition to Henry VIII, against
Popery 217

Bishop of Rochester's Letter to the Lords
Commissioners of the Ecclesiastical
Court SIS

Bonner's (Bp.) Epitaph 3S7


CAMP AN ELLA1S Plot to bring in Popery 34
Catherine, Queen, her Lamentation of a

Sinner 280

Charles the First's (King) Government

vindicated • * 53

— . Second (King) a Pensioner to

France 76

■ ■ ■ ■■ - ■ (Duke of Lorain) why excluded

from the Crown of France 06

Charter to the Stationers, when and why

granted- Set the In trodaction.
Cli a iters seized upon by James the 4f-

''• • • *


Chickvetlt, Lord Mayor of London, pat

Bishop Stapteton to death 117

Clergy (Regular) the Pope^s Janizaries • > 88
Conscience (Robin) or Conscionuble Ro-
bin, a burlesque Poem 09

Contzeris Plot to bring in Popery • • 29
CrommeWs (Richard) Speech to both
Houses of Parliament, at their first
meeting, 85. His Letter of Resigna-
tion of the Government ••••••• ft


DECLARATION on Examination ofTrei-
tours; and Tortures unjustly reported

on Account of Religion 514

... of the Scottish King, iu

15S3 537

Democracy, what 4S

Denvil (Sir Gilbert) wby he took up

Anns 98

Design of Magistracy ......... 3

Disclosure of the Great Bull 483

Doom of Protestants in Popish limes • • 30


EDMOND, Brother to Edward the
Third, how executed 91

Edwmrd the Second (King) his Life • • • 9$

Third, elected King by the

Parliament in his Father's Life Time • 180

Elisabeth (Qoeen) why she armed her
Subjects In 1562 37*

England's present Case 41


FArm is not to be given, or not to be

kept with Hereticks 39

Fasts (Christian) how to be observed • • 87
French War in Kitnj, an Address NaT • • • 7*


GARNET (the Jesuit) his Doctrine, Sic. 39

Garrisons, how to be defended 43

Gavctfon, the History of, 92, &c. His

Execution at Gravetend 90

Genoa, why bombarded by the French < 76
Government of England, its excellence 44
Gray (Lady Jane) proclaimed Queen,
with an Account other unwillingness
to ascend the Throne - • • 314


HALES (Judge) his Communication with
the Lord Chancellor, refusal to sign
Jim* Granf's Title to the Crown, yet
displaced, persecuted, and im prisoned
by Queen Mary, and driven to mad-
ness 325


Harkley made Earl of CarlUU • • • • 106
Harley {Robert) why created a Peer of

Great Britain 1

Heir to the Crown, if capable of Treason 6S
Henry VIII (King) bit Love Letters to

Anne Boleyn 183

■ Epistle to the Emperor • • £90
tort built contrary to so-



JANE'S (Lady) Epistle to a learned Man
fallen from the Truth for Fear of the

World, fee. 364

■ her Communication with

Dr. Feckenham, and Exhortation or
fipistle to her Sister Catherine the
Night before she suffered, with her

Words on the Scaffold 369

.Inquisition 67

Interest, Protestant, in Europe 41

Invasion of Holland by the French in


Ireland in the Hands of a French Mi-

ntstry 77

Irish, why and how serviceable to Spain 80
Justice, maintains Kings • ...... 489


KING (A) ruling by Ijiw, how he differs
from a Tyraut that governs by his own
Will 13

Kings, whom they ought to trust • • > 101


LAMENTABLE Treatise of the Enter-
pnzr against Algier . 231

Lamentation of a Siuner 286

Laws and Decrees of the Romish Church
ugaimt Hert-ticks 36

Leopold't (the Emprrnr) Letter to King
James II. at St. Germain* S3

Letter the 1 ait from Anne Boleyn to Kins;

concerning the Credit of the De-
tection of Mary, Queen of Scots • • • 388

•— of the Nobility, &c. of Scotland

to Pope John concerning their Resolu-
tion to adhere to Robert Bruce, their
King, and to maintain their Liberties • 1S8

by a Student in the Law concern-
ing Dr. Storie • • • 308

Letters from Henry VIII. to Anne Bo-
leyn 183

Anne Boleyn to Cardinal

Wolsey Kjg

Liberty, what 0

■ —of France, hnw it was lost • • • 47

Lives of tut Roman Clergy impure • * ■* SS

MACHIAVEL and his Writings vindicated

by himself 78

Magistracy, its original and Design * * « 3
Majesty, the Subjects Affection, Arc. • • 60
Massacre, (Irish) how set on Foot ... 38
Middleton (Sir I'eter) executed for rob-
bing two Cardinals • • • * 06
Milton defended the Murder of King

CharUs I. 7

Misrepresenting Kiops and their Ministers
is mischievous aad unreasonable, and
whence it generally ariseth 50
Monarchy limited,' a Plea for it, and most
agreeable to the Laws, 17. The best
Government 45


Monarchy Universal, how obstructed by
Queen Elisabeth, 34. How attempted
by France p 7*

Mortimer flies to France with Edward's
Queen 100. Returns with her to Eng-
land, 116. Is joined with her in the
Government under the New King, 18S.
Advises the putting Edward 11. to
death privately ■ MS

Murdering Kings, &c. jn
mended by the Pope

Murmurings against Go-
Kings mischievous and _
and whence they generally proceed • > 30


NARRATIVE of the Wonder-working

Parliament in 1386 133

Nature 0/ the English 19

Nuncio, from the Pope received in Eng-
land by James II • • la


OATH of Allegiance is only assertory, 8.
Does not bind subjects to a prince that

violates bis corooatiou oath ^3

Oldcastle's (Sir John) the Lord Cobham't
Trial, by John Bale. 838. Was a Martyr
for Christ's sake, 885. His descent, edu-
cation, and actions • * 348

Optunary, what • • 45

Orange, prince of, report of his death • • ly*
Outrages of France, in the Murder of vast
numbers of the Nobility, 6cc. * • - • 431


PALATINATE, how the Religion was
changed therein, 36. Why invaded by the
French 7*

Pamphlets, their importance. See the
Introduction x

when first published. See do. m

Parliament, its pre-eminence and pedigree,

sec r r.... 4$

of Whits Bands rO*

Man's Duty 40

how they have lost their power

in other nations 47,48

Parsons'i {Robert) Plot to bring in Po-
pery 35

Person of a Prince should be sacred ■ * -:i
Phillipsburg attacked, with a Declara-
tion of War 75

Pistell to Potter SSI

Plots of Jesuits, how to bring England to
the Roman Religion without tumult* 34

Policy, its essential part 80

Politicks of France far establishing

Popery • • • • 43

Power of a prince in a limited Monarchy 20,21
Praier and Complaynte of the Plowemaa

unto Christe 141

Pretender, doubts concerning his Birth . 11
Princes, how far able to sway the Religion
'of their respective Governments •"*'*• 39
■ - Popish, have no power td proteet
their Protestant Subjects from the

Pope's censures • • 39,40

Proceedings of the Revolution vindicated 3

Protector. See Cromwell.

Purgatory ......'••■•«»••- 87



Religion, Protestant, how to be ruined • it
1 Chris nan. corrupted by Popes ■


r, its three degrees 7

what may be allowed of • • 81,82

Kcvenut, for what purposes granted to

a Prince ft

Revolution, in 1606, vindicated 3

Roman Catholicks intrusted with the Mi-
litia by .Inmen II 10

Host's (the Bishop of) Caae, who, beinf
President to the Queen of Scoti, waa
seized and committed to the Tower of
Ijondon, for endeavouring to raise a

Rebellion 405

Rules of Behaviour, hy Sir Henry Sid-
ney 380


SAT.HASH'S weakly impugned Milton'I

Defence *f King Charles's Murder • • 7
Spolden (Sir Peter) betrajs Berwick to

the Scots 98

'(the Father) made Earl of Win-


is yielded by the City of Bristol,

and put to death H1MI8

(Hugh) created Lord Chamberlain,

and is attacked by the Barons, 102. Is
banished for ever, lb. Turns Pirate,
is recalled, and secures the King's Af-
fections, 105. Holds correspondence
with France. 106. Shuts himself up in
Bristol Castle, 117. His endeavour to
escape, but la taken and hanged • • • 118


Story (Dr. John) his tile and Death • • «0B
Strasburg, surprised by France in time

of Peace 75

Succession to the Crown of England,
why the Duke of York, and every Fa.
pist, ought to be secluded from, 51-52,
dec. Where, and under what Conditions
established 55 58


TARZTOtf, Bishop of Hertford ... 91
Throckmorton (Francis) Treason against
Queen Elisabeth, 522. His Apprehen-
sion, £24. Treasonable Papers found In
his Custody, 52.1. Examination, ore.
ib. Design of the Plot, 513. Letter
of SobmisMon to the Queen, 532, Dis-
closes the Secrets of the Scottish Queen,

635, His Declaration 536

(George) 82*

(Thomas) 826


FOIDRAS pretended to the Crown in

Edward IVs. time, and was banged 98
Voi Regis IS


WHITE BATTLE, (The) why so called 99

Word without Doors • • • 54

Worship of Saints and Images 87

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