The pleasures of hope; with other poems. [Another]

Mundell, Doig & Stevenson, and for Longman, 1812 - 131 Seiten

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Seite 51 - The world was sad ! — the garden was a wild ! And man, the hermit, sigh'd — till woman smiled...
Seite 25 - Come, bright Improvement ! on the car of Time; And rule the spacious world from clime to clime ; Thy handmaid arts shall every wild explore, Trace every wave, and culture every shore. On Erie's banks, where tigers steal along, And the dread Indian chants a dismal song, Where human fiends on midnight errands walk, And bathe in brains the murderous tomahawk ; There shall the flocks on thymy pasture stray, And shepherds dance at Summer's opening day ; Each wandering genius of the lonely glen Shall start...
Seite 128 - Poor dog ! he was faithful and kind, to be sure, And he constantly loved me, although I was poor ; "When the sour-looking folks sent me heartless away, I had always a friend in my poor dog Tray.
Seite 19 - Lo ! at the couch where infant beauty sleeps, Her silent watch the mournful mother keeps ; She, while the lovely babe unconscious lies, Smiles on her slumbering child with pensive eyes, And weaves a song of melancholy joy — " Sleep, image of thy father, sleep, my boy ; No lingering hour of sorrow shall be thine ; No sigh that rends thy father's heart and mine ; Bright as his manly sire the son shall be In form and soul ; but, ah...
Seite 69 - From planet whirl'd to planet more remote, He visits realms beyond the reach of thought; But wheeling homeward, when his course is run. Curbs the red yoke, and mingles with the sun!
Seite 30 - Hark, as the smouldering piles with thunder fall, A thousand shrieks for hopeless mercy call! Earth shook— red meteors flash'd along the sky, And conscious Nature shudder'd at the cry! Oh! righteous Heaven; ere Freedom found a grave, Why slept the sword omnipotent to save?
Seite 65 - Unfading HOPE ! when life's last embers burn, When soul to soul, and dust to dust return ! Heaven to thy charge resigns the awful hour ! Oh ! then, thy kingdom comes ! Immortal Power ! What though each spark of earth-born rapture...
Seite 50 - Tis yours, unmoved, to sever and to meet; No pledge is sacred, and no home is sweet! Who that would ask a heart to dulness wed, The waveless calm, the slumber of the dead ? No; the wild bliss of Nature needs alloy, And fear and sorrow fan the fire of joy...
Seite 23 - twas there she wept in vain, Till Memory fled her agonizing brain ; — But Mercy gave, to charm the sense of woe, Ideal peace, that truth could ne'er bestow ; Warm on her heart the joys of Fancy beam, And aimless HOPE delights her darkest dream. Oft when yon moon has climb'd the midnight sky, And the lone sea-bird wakes its wildest cry, Piled on the steep, her blazing faggots burn To hail the bark that never can return ; And still she waits, but scarce forbears to weep That constant love can linger...
Seite 56 - Hesperian planet hail, And the lone cuckoo sighs along the vale, His path shall be where streamy mountains swell Their shadowy grandeur o'er the narrow dell, Where mouldering piles and forests intervene, Mingling with darker tints the living green ; No circling hills his ravish'd eye to bound, Heaven, Earth, and Ocean, blazing all around.

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