The Martyrology of Oengus the Culdee: Félire Óengusso Céli Dé, Band 29

Whitley Stokes
Harrison and Sons, 1905 - 474 Seiten

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Seite 235 - I will give thanks unto the Lord, according to his righteousness ; and I will praise the name of the Lord most high. Psalm viii. Domine, Dominus noster. OLord, our Governor, how excellent is thy name in all the world; thou that hast set thy glory...
Seite 475 - THE IRISH LIBER HYMNORUM. Edited from MSS. in the Libraries of Trinity College, and the Franciscan Convent at Dublin by the Rev. JOHN H. BERNARD, DD, and ROBERT ATKINSON, LL.D. Vol. I., Text and Glossary. XIV. Vol. II., Notes and Translations of the, Irish Prefaces and Hymns. 8vo. [Juty. 1898.] 1898. XV. THE ROSSLYN MISSAL. An Irish manuscript in the Advocates
Seite 153 - I cannot bend forward,' says the Devil, ' for backwards are my knees.' ' Go forth,' says Moling ; ' I cannot teach thee nor help thee.' Then the Devil said : He is pure gold, he is the sky around the sun, He is a vessel of silver with wine, He is an angel, he is holy wisdom, Whoso doth the will of the King. He is a bird round which a trap closes, He is a leaky ship in perilous danger, He is an empty vessel, a withered tree, Who doth not the will of the King above. He is a fragrant branch with its...
Seite 473 - WESTMONASTERIENSIS. fasc. i. Edited by Dr. J. WICKHAM LEGG, FSA 8vo. [Dec. 1891.] III. THE MARTILOGE, 1526. Edited by the Rev. F. PROCTER, MA, and the Rev. ES DEWICK, MA, FSA Svo.
Seite 235 - Temple, and paid to him, Whosoever comes first unto thee this night into the Temple, smite him with an axe.
Seite 223 - On that day shall she tell out her tidings, Because thy Lord shall have inspired her. On that day shall men come forward in throngs to behold their works, And whosoever shall have wrought an atom's weight of good shall behold it, And whosoever shall have wrought an atom's weight of evil shall behold it.
Seite 235 - And Finnen sent Talmach to her that night in the form of Rioc, and he knew her, and from thence was conceived and born Lonaa of Treoit. But Drusticc supposed that Rioc had known her, and she said that Rioc was the father of her son. But this was false, because Rioc was a virgin.
Seite 37 - ... Cork, and he walking on the sea, and Barra in a vessel. ' What is the cause of thy walking on the sea ?
Seite xxii - It was in Cluain Eidhnech he was rear'd; It was in Cluain Eidhnech he was buried; In Cluain Eidhnech, of many crosses, He first read his psalms. That is by no eminent hand; and yet a Greek epitaph could not show a finer perception of what constitutes propriety and felicity of style in compositions of this nature.
Seite 151 - thou shouldst go into a tub of honey and bathe therein with thy raiment (on), its odour would remain upon thee unless thy raiment should be washen.

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