The Asiatic Annual Register, Or, A View of the History of Hindustan, and of the Politics, Commerce and Literature of Asia, Band 2

Lawrence Dundas Campbell, E. Samuel
J. Debrett, 1801
Includes: A history of British India, monthly chronicles of Asian events, accounts, travel literature, general essays, reviews of books on Asis, political analyses, poetry, and letters from readers.

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Seite 29 - Kefoludons which they had directed him to report to the Houfe, which he read in his Place, and afterwards delivered in at the Table, where the fame were read, and (with an Amendment to one of them) agreed unto by the Houfe, and are as follows.
Seite 23 - But while he folicited an eftablifhment which he had merited in the ranks of battle, the malignity of evil tongues, as he calls it in one of his letters, was injurioufly poured upon him. Though the bloom of his early youth was effaced by feveral years refidence under the fcorching heavens of Africa, and though altered by the lofs of an eye, his prefence gave uneafinefs to the gentlemen of fome families of the firft rank, where he had formerly vifited.
Seite 27 - Portugal into the most abject vaassalage ever experienced by a conquered nation. While the grandees of Portugal were blind to the ruin which impended over them, Camoens beheld it with a pungency of grief which hastened his exit. In one of his letters he has these remarkable words : " Em Jim accaberey H vida, e verram todos que fuy qfeiqoada a minha patria
Seite 95 - May it please your majesty, your royal ancestor Mahomed Jelaul ul Deen Akbar, whose throne is now in heaven, conducted the affairs of this empire in equity and firm security for the space of fifty-two years, preserving every tribe of men in ease and happiness, whether they were followers of Jesus, or of Moses, of David, or...
Seite 27 - I am ending the course of my life — the world will witness how I have loved my country. I have returned, not only to die in her bosom, but to die with her.
Seite 35 - Asam are a base and unprincipled nation, and have no fixed religion. They follow no rule but that of their own inclinations, and make the approbation of their own vicious minds the test of the propriety of their actions. They do not adopt...
Seite 77 - India, among 497 whom diurnal ablution is a religious as well as a moral duty, Girls are taught, at an early age, to turn their arms in...
Seite 106 - Governor-General shall be the patron and visitor of the college. V. The members of the Supreme Council, and the judges of the sudder dewanny adawlut, and of the nizamut adawlut, shall be the governors of the college. VI. The Governor-General in Council shall be trustee for the management of the funds of the college, and shall regularly submit his proceedings in that capacity to the Honourable the Court of Directors.
Seite 25 - Conftantine was in power; but now they exerted all their arts againft him. Redondo, when he entered on office, pretended to be the friend of Camoens ; yet, with all that unfeeling indifference with which he...
Seite 77 - ... When women of distinction go abroad, they put on a scarf, or shawl, made of silk, which they throw around them with much grace and elegance. Women in full dress stain the palms of their hands and their nails of a red colour, and rub their faces with powder of sandal-wood, or of a bark called sunneka.

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