Records of the 90th Regiment, (Perthshire Light Infantry): With Roll of Officers from 1795 to 1880

Richardson, 1880 - 260 Seiten

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Seite 80 - His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, to approve and confirm the finding and sentence of the Court.
Seite 179 - Captain Peel leading up his heavy guns with extraordinary gallantry within a few yards of the building to batter the massive stone walls. The withering fire of the Highlanders effectually covered the naval brigade from great loss, but it was an action almost unexampled in war. Captain Peel behaved very much as if he had been laying the Shannon alongside an enemy's frigate.
Seite 126 - The Commander of the Forces congratulates the army on the result of the attack of yesterday. " The brilliant assault and occupation of the Malakhoff by our gallant allies obliged the enemy to abandon the works they have so long held with such bravery and determination. " The Commander of the Forces returns his thanks to the general officers and officers and men of the Second and Light Divisions, who advanced and attacked with such gallantry the works of the Redan. He regrets, from the formidable...
Seite 138 - Sir James Outram, KCB, to leave to him the task of relieving Lucknow and rescuing its gallant and enduring garrison, has only to express his hope that the troops will strive, by their exemplary and gallant conduct in the field, to justify the confidence thus reposed in them.
Seite 71 - That this House doth highly approve and acknowledge the valour and patient perseverance displayed by the non-commissioned officers and private soldiers, both European and Native, employed in Afghanistan, and that the same be signified to them by the commanders of the several corps, who are desired to thank them for their gallant behaviour.
Seite 200 - The rear of the enclosures of the latter being closed " in by the city, through which approach would have been " dangerous to an assailant. " These lines were flanked by numerous bastions, and " rested at one end on the Goomtee, and at the other on " the great buildings of the street called the Huzrut " Gunge, all of which were strongly fortified, and flanked " the street in every direction.
Seite 138 - The Major-General, therefore, in gratitude for and admiration of the brilliant deeds in arms achieved by General Havelock and his gallant troops, will cheerfully waive his rank on the occasion, and will accompany the force to Lucknow in his civil capacity as Chief Commissioner of Oude, tendering his military services to General Havelock as a volunteer.
Seite 113 - ... the brave men who achieved this advantage with a gallantry and determination that does them infinite honour, maintained themselves on the ground they had acquired, notwithstanding that during the night, and in the morning of yesterday, the enemy made repeated attempts to drive them out, each attempt ending in failure, although supported by large bodies of troops, and by heavy discharges of musketry, and every species of offensive missile. — The French on our right had shortly before moved out...
Seite 184 - I moved out at 5 AM in the hope of surprising them at daybreak, and intercepting their retreat to the city, with a force detailed in the accompanying divisional order, which I have this day issued, and • Since ascertained to h«ve beea 00)7 four ; all of which were captured.
Seite 122 - ... pistols much opportunity of using them in such a rapid contest. They fell like heroes, and many a gallant soldier with them. The bodies of English and Russians inside the Redan, locked in an embrace which death could not relax, but had rather cemented all the closer, lay next day inside the Redan as evidences of the terrible animosity of the struggle. But the solid weight of the advancing mass, urged on, and fed each moment from the rear by company after company and battalion after battalion,...

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