J. and R. Tonson and J. Watts., 1746 - 194 Seiten

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Seite 101 - I must bid the world adieu, Let me my former life review. I grant my bargains well were made; But all men overreach in trade ; 'Tis self-defence in each profession ; Sure self-defence is no transgression.
Seite 191 - of tender age, In this important care engage? Older and abler pass'd you by; How strong are those ! how weak am I ! Should I presume to bear you hence, Those friends of mine may take offence. Excuse me, then. You know my heart, But dearest friends, alas ! must part. How shall we all lament ! Adieu ! For see, the hounds are just in view.
Seite 53 - Whene'er the duty of the day The toilet calls, with mimic play He twirls her knots, he cracks her fan, Like any other gentleman. In visits too his parts and wit, When jests grew dull, were sure to hit. Proud with applause, he thought his mind In ev'ry courtly art refin'd ; Like...
Seite 189 - And from the deep-mouth'd thunder flies; She starts, she stops, she pants for breath; She hears the near advance of death; She doubles to mislead the hound...
Seite 109 - Ah ! sons ! from evil ways depart ; My crimes lie heavy on my heart. See, see the murder'd geese appear ! Why are those bleeding turkeys there ? Why all around this cackling train, Who haunt my ears for chicken slain?
Seite 185 - Or crawls beside the coral grove, And hears the ocean roll above ; "Nature is too profuse...
Seite 30 - A giddy Wasp around her flies: He now advances, now retires, Now to her neck and cheek aspires. Her fan in vain defends her charms; Swift he returns, again alarms; For by repulse he bolder grew, Perch'd on her lip, and sipt the dew.
Seite 91 - What means yon peasant's daily toil, From choking weeds to rid the soil? Why wake you to the morning's care, Why with new arts correct the year, Why...

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