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even now, almost to involve this necessity; before which, however, I may very possibly have given way with too much facility. Simplicity, truth, and usefulness, have been my objects throughout: and I have not scrupled to resign any advantage which a more studied and elaborate variety might have afforded me, in order to advance these great ends of all ministerial labour.

The present day, in which an unscriptural and unbelieving expediency so awfully usurps the place of divine authority, and enwraps men in selfishness, as it extends its sway over their hearts, seems pre-eminently to demand the inculcation of that simple and confiding faith, which rests implicitly upon the truth of Jehovah; acknowledges his absolute sovereignty over the affairs of men, and needs no other motive of action than the declaration, "Thus saith the Lord."

That faith, purifying the heart, working by love, and overcoming the world, is, as I have already said, beautifully exemplified in the history of Abraham. If any light shall be thrown by the following pages upon this cardinal grace of true religion; and if thereby any aspiration of heart should be felt by a single reader of

Everton, 1839.

them to possess it more largely, and exercise it more vigorously, I do most earnestly beg an interest in that reader's prayers, that I may much more effectually than heretofore, realize what I have endeavoured to describe, through the remainder of my pilgrimage.

R. P. B.

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