The Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Band 2

T. Cadell and W. Davies, in the strand, 1809

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Seite 128 - perfectly, the general ruling principles of Architecture and Painting. His fate was that of the great Perrault ^ both were the objects of the petulant sarcasms of factious men of letters; and both have left some of the fairest ornaments which to this day decorate their several countries; the faqade of the Louvre, Blenheim, and
Seite 409 - degree of delicacy: and what may be advanced in favour of Correggio's breadth of light will by his censurers be called affected and pedantick. It must be observed that we are speaking solely of the manner, the effect of the picture; and we may conclude, according to the custom in pastoral poetry,
Seite 129 - up by the world which is about us. Just so much as our Art has of this, just so much of dignity, I had almost said of divinity, it exhibits; and those of our Artists who possessed this mark of distinction in the highest degree, acquired from thence the glorious appellation of DIVINE. DISCOURSE XIV.
Seite 221 - of a feature; the line that forms a ridge of the nose is beautiful when it is straight; this then is the central form, which is oftener found than either concave, convex, or any other irregular form that shall be proposed.
Seite 221 - and as they all cross the centre, though only one passes through any other point, so it will be found that perfect beauty is oftener produced by nature than deformity ; I do not mean than deformity in general, but than any one kind of deformity. To instance in a particular
Seite 207 - go a great way towards making a very notable Connoisseur. With a Gentleman of this cast, I visited last week the Cartoons at Hampton-Court ; he was just returned from Italy, a Connoisseur, of course, and of course his mouth full of nothing but the Grace of
Seite 100 - must always have exploded this strange idea, yet I know that there is a. disposition towards a perpetual recurrence to it, on account of its simplicity and superficial plausibility. For this reason I shall beg leave to lay before you a few thoughts on this subject; to throw out some
Seite 383 - combating the Fallen A.ngels.—Michael is but an ungraceful figure; his red mantle has but a heavy appearance; it seems as if it were only laid in flat, to be afterwards finished. The picture has certainly suffered by cleaning : there wants upon the whole a solidity of effect. The next is called the small Last
Seite 101 - but these are not the persons to whom a Painter is to look, any more than a judge of morals and manners ought to refer controverted points upon those subjects to the opinions of people taken from the banks of the Ohio, or from New Holland.
Seite 400 - which he is surrounded, though they have perhaps fewer defects, yet appear spiritless, tame, and insipid ; such as the altar-pieces of Grayer, Schut, Segers, Huysum, Tyssens, Van Balen, and the rest. They are done by men whose hands, and indeed all their faculties, appear to

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