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seu alias non servatis solemnitatibus a jure requisitis factarum occupaverint, et occupata detinuerint, detineant de præsenti, ac ex inde factum sit, ut non solum Ecclesiarum, Monasteriorum, et domorum Prælati, ac Hospitalium, et aliorum Regularium, et Piorum locorum hujusmodi Rectores, qui ex fructibus, redditibus et proventibus castrorum, terrarum, oppidorum, civitatum, et locorum hujusmodi, Ecclesias, Monasteria, et domus, Hospitalia, et alia loca prædicta gubernabant, et illustrabant, ac eorum Ministris alimoniam prebebant, notabiliter sit damnificati, verum etiam Rom. Pont. qui antea egenis, et miserabilibus personis, præsertim nobilibus ad hanc Almam Urbem pro tempore confugientibus alimenta aliunde subministrare consueverat, vix se et familiam suam sustentare, ne dum aliis alimenta subministrare possit, in divinæ Majestatis offensam, et ordinis clericalis opprobrium, ac plurimorum Christi fidelium scandalum.

Ideo hic Pont. alius rescindit, et annullat. 4. Nos præmissa conniventibus oculis pertransire nequeuntes, quinimmo cupientes eis, quantum cum Deo possumus, opportunum remedium adhibere, mote proprio, et ex certa nostra scientia, ac de Apostolicæ potestatis plenitudine, omnes et singulas alienationes, et in emphyteusim, seu censum perpetuum, aut tertiam, vel aliam generationem, seu hominis vitam, aut aliud tempus ultra triennium locationes vel concessiones, seu permutationes, hypothecas, et obligationes, de quibusvis castris, terris, oppidis, civitatibus, et locis, aut aliis bonis immobilibus, seu rebus, et juribus, tam spiritualibus quam temporalibus ejusdem Romanæ, et quarumcunque Cathedralium, etiam Metropolitan, et aliarum Ecclesiarum, necnon Monasteriorum, domorum, et aliorum Regularium locorum, et quorumvis beneficiorum Ecclesiasticorum, cum cura et sine cura, secularium, et quorumvis Ordinum Regularium, necnon Hospitalium, et aliorum piorum locoruin quorumlibet, per quos-cunque etiam Rom. Pont. prædecessores nostros, seu eorum auctoritaté, vel mandato, Camerarios suos, et Clericos Cameræ Apostolicæ Præsidentes, ac quosvis Ecclesiarum, Monasteriorum, et domorum Prælatos, et beneficiatos, necnon Hospitalium, et aliorum Regularium, et piorum locorum Rectores, cujuscunque dignitatis, status, gradus, ordinis, et conditionis existentes, etiam si Cardinalatus honore pollerent, in damnum Ecclesiæ, seu non servatis solemnitatibus a jure requisitis, aut alias nulliter hactenus factas, et contractus superinde sub quibusvis formis, et verborum expressionibus habitos, et Celebratos, etiam


si juramento vallati existant, et quantumvis longa temporis præscriptione robur sumpsisse dici possint, ac ipsius Romanæ Ecclesiæ favorum, aut commodum cernant, eorum omnium tenores, ac si de verbo ad verbum insererenter, præsentibus pro expressis habentes, Apostolica auctoritate, tenore præsentium rescindimus, irritamus, cassamus, et annullamus, ac viribus omnino evacuamus, ac pro rescissis, irritis, cassis, et nullis, ac penitus infectis haberi Volumus. Detentores q. debere relaxare bona occupata, et fructus re

stituere declarat. 5. Ipsosq; detentores ad Castra, terras, oppida, civitates, et loca occupata, ac bona, res, et jura prædicta Romanæ et Cathedralibus, etiam Metropolitan ac aliis Ecclesiis, necnon Monasteriis, domibus, Hospitalibus, et beneficiis, ac Regularibus, et piis locis relaxandum, et de fructibus, tam hactenus perceptis quam in posterum percipiendis, realiter satisfaciendum teneri, et ad id etiam sententiis, censuris, et pænis Ecclesiasticis, ac etiam pecuniariis, omnibusq; aliis opportunis, juris et facti, remediis cogi, et compelli posse.

Decretum irritans. 6. Sicque in præmissis omnibus et singulis per quoscunque Judices, et Commissarios, quavis auctoritate fungentes, etiam causarum Palatii Apostolici Auditores, et ipsius Romanæ Ecclesiæ Cardinales, ac eorum Collegium in quavis causa, et instantia, sublata eis, et eorum cuilibet quavis aliter judicandi, et interpretandi auctoritate, et facultate, judicari, et diffiniri debere ac si secus super his a quoquam quavis auctoritate, scienter vel ignoranter contigerit attentari, irritum et inane decernimus.

Clausalæ derogatoria. 7. Non obstantibus constitutionibus, et Ordinationibus Apostolicis, cæterisq; contrariis quibuscunque. Nulli ergo, &c. Si quis, &c.

Dat. Romæ apud Sanctum Marcum, anno incarnationis Dominicæ, 1555. Pridie idus Julii, Pont. nostri Anno primo.


4 Letter of Queen Katherine's to King Henry, upon the Defeat of James the IVth, King of Scotland. An Original.

(Vespatian. F. 3. P. 15.)


My Lord Howard hath sent me a Letter open to your Grace within oon of myn, by the whiche ye shall see at length the grete Victorye that our Lord hath sent your Subjects in your absence : And for this Cause it is noo nede herin to trouble your Grace with long Writing ; but to my thinking this Batell hath been to your Grace and al yonr Realme the grettest Honor that coude bee, and more than ye shuld wyn al the Crown of Fraunce : Thankend bee God of it, and I am suer your Grace forgeteth not to doe this, which shal be cause to sende you many more suche grete Victoryes, as trust he shal doe. My Husband, for hastynesse with Rogecrosse, I coude not send your Grace the Peese of the King of Scotts Cote, which John Clyn now bringeth, in this your Grace shall see, how I can kepe my Promys : Sending you for your Banners a Kings Cote. I thought to send himself unto you, but our Englishe Mens Harts wold not suffer it. It shuld have been better for hym to have been in Peas than to have this Rewarde, al that God sendeth is for the best. My Lord of Surroy, My Henry, wold fayne knowe your Pleasure in the Buryeing of the King of Scotts Body, for he hath written to me soo, with the next Messanger your Grace Pleasure may bee herin knowen; and with this I make an ende, praying God to sende you Home shortly: For without this no Joye here can be accomplished: And for the same I pray and now go to our Lady at Walsingham, that I promised soe longe agoe to see, at Woborne the xvi Day of September.

I send your Grace herin a Bill founde in a Scottyshe Mans Purse, of suche Things as the Frenshe King sent to the said King of Scotts to make Warre against you: Beseeching you to send Mathewe Hede assone this Messanger cometh to bringe me Tydings from your Grace. Your humble Wife and true Servant,


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A Letter of Cardinal Wolsey's to King Henry, with a Copy of

his Book for the Pope. An Original.



T'hese shall be onely to advertise your Grace that at this presant Tyme I do sende Mr. Tate vnto your Highnes with the Booke bounden and dressed, which ye purpose to send to the Popes Holynes, with a Memorials of such other, as be allso to be sent by him with his autentique Bulles to all other Princes and Universities. And albeit Sr this Booke is right honorable pleasant and fair, yet I assure your Grace, that which Hall hath written (which within 4 Days wolbe parfited) is ferre more excellent and princely: And shall long contynue for your perpetuall Memory, whereof your Grace shall be more plenarlye Informed by the said Mr. Tate. I do send also unto your Highnes the Choyse of certeyne Versis to be written in the Booke to be sent to the Pope of your owne Hande: With the Subscription of your Name to remain in Archivis Ecclie ad perpetuam et Immortalem vestre Magestatis gloriam Luudem et memoriam,

Most humble Chaplain


by your


A Letter of Cardinal Wolsey's to King Henry, about Foreign

News; and concerning Luther's Answer to the King's Book. An Original.


AFTER my most humble and lowly recommendations, these shall be to advertise your Highness, that as yet, our Lord be thanked, there is not commen any Confirmation either from Rome, Venice, Italy, France, or Flanders, of the late Newes, which was sent from the Archeduke to the Lady Margaret : whereof, by many other Letters, I advertised your Grace. So that nowe the said News be generally reputed and taken but as frasks; and the braging avaunts of the Spaniards be so accalmed, that they not only account such Money as they have hitherto layde upon the said News to be thereby Lost, but also they dare not nowe

aventre fyve, foure, or thre for a hundred. Howbeit, Sir, I do not Lytel marvyle that sinnes the seventh Day of the last Month, in the which it was wrytten that the feate against the Venetians should be doon, there be more Letters commen either from France, Rome, Venyse, or Italy. It is bruted in Flanders that Pavy by Dedition should be delivered to the said Venetians hands, which, if it be true, your Grace shall shortly here of the Spaniards total extermination out of Italy,

I forbere, Sir, to dispech your Letters to the Cardinal of Magunce and the Duke George of Saxe : because I have not as yet neyther Luthers original Letters, which were very necessary to be sent to the Popes Holiness, nor also any Copy thereof, which must nede be sent with your Answer to the said Cardinal and Duke. It may be your Pleasure to take Orders that the said Original Letter or Copy thereof may be sent unto me with Diligence. Other News I have none to signify unto your Highness at this present tyme, but as other shall occurr I shall not fail to advertise your Grace of the same accordingly. At your Grace mannor of Hampton Court the fourth Day of August

most humble Chapleyn,

T. Carlis. EBOR. To the Kings most Noble Grace, Defender of the Faith.

by your


A Letter of Cardinal Wolsey's to King Henry, sent with

Letters that the King was to write to the Emperor. An Original.

(Paper-Office.) And forasmuch as at my commyng to your Town of Calais, I suppose I shall be greatly pressed to repair to the Emperors presence, which to do without your Letters written with your owne hand I cannot conveniently do, Therfor I have divised two short Letters, the one to the said Emperor, and the other to my Lady, beseechyng your grace to take the payne to write and sende the same unto me by this berer ; whom I perposely send at this tyme to your grace, surely to bring the same unto me with diligence. And albeit I shall have your said Letters in redyness, yet I shall never the rather advance my Jorney towards hym till such tyme as I shall see opertunite : so that I have takyn some

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