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uno ei tantum Lixa, duabusq; infimæ conditionis Mulierculis, ad ei ministrandum concessis.

Towards the End of the Book comes what follows. ------ Unum, hoc loco, non videtur silentio prætereundum: Quod cum Sixti Pontificis jussu, Regni Scotiæ, atque in primis Reginæ Mariæ Res, in Urbe protegendi munus suscepisset, accidit, ut infælix Regina pridiè, quàm securi in Anglia feriretur, supremas tabulas Gallica Lingua, Manuque propria conficeret. Quibus primo, se Religionis Catholicæ studiosissimam semper fuisse professa est ; deinde cavit, ne ad Filium Principem, si falsam Hæresis, quam animo imbiberat, persuasionem non exuisset, Anglici Regni Hæreditas ullo unquam tempore perveniret ; sed loco sui ad Philippum, Hispaniarum Regein Catholicum pertineret. Hasce Tabulas cum Vincentius CardinaJis accepisset, mira diligentia recognoscendas curavit, ut ad Reginæ ultimam Voluntatem aperiendam, Fidemq; faciendam sufficerent. Nam et cum Literis ab eadem Regina priùs acceptis contulit, et non à se solùm, verùmetiam à Ludovico Audoeno, Anglo, Episcopo Cassanensi, pio et integerrimo Homine, voluit subsignari : Sicq; firmatas, ac tanquam publica Authoritate roboratas, Comiti Olivario. Hispaniarum Regis Oratori, ad ipsumet Regem fideliter transmittendas dedit.

XCV. A Bond of Association, upon Mary Queen of Scotland's

Resigning the Crown in Favour of her Son. An Original,

in the Library of Glasgow. We quhilks has subscrivit the underwritten Bond, understanding that the Queenis Majesty willing nathing mair earnestlie, nor that in her Lifetime her Majesties Dear Son, our Native Prince, be placit and inaugurat in the Kingdoin of this his Native Cuntre and Realm, and be obeyit as King be us, and uthers his Subjects: And being wearit.of the great Pains and Travels taken be her in her Government thereof, hes be her Letters demittit and renderit, and given Power thairby to demit and renunce the said Government of this Realm, Liegis and Subjectis thairof, in Favours of her said Son, our Native Prince: To the effect he may be inaugurat thairin, the Crown Royal put upon his Head, and be obeyit in all Things as King and Native


Prince thairof, as her Hieness Letter past thairupon bears, Thairfore and because it is ane of the maist happy Things that can come to any Pepill or Cuntre, to be governit and rulit by their awn Native King; We, and ilk ane of us, quhilk hes subscrivit thir Pesents, be the Tenor heirof. promitties, binds, and oblissis us, faithfully to convene and assembil our selfs at the Burgh of Sterling, or any other Place to be appointit, to the Effect foresaid; and thair concur, assist and fortify our said Native King and Prince, to the Establishing, Planting and Placing of him in his Kingdom, and Putting of the Crown Royal thairof upon his Head, and in the Fear of our God being instructit and teichit be his and all other Laws, sall giff our Aith of Fidelity and Homage, and lawfull and dutiful Obedience, to be made by us to him during his Graces Lifetime, as it becomes faithfull, Christian, and true Subjects, to do to thair Native King and Prince. And farther, that we sall with all our Strength and Forcis promote, concurre, fortifie and assist, to the Promoteing and Establishing of him in his Kingdom and Government, as becumis faithfull and true Subjects to do thair Prince, and to resist all sick as wald oppon them thairto, or make any Trouble or Impediment to him thairin, and sall do all uther Things, that becomis faithfull and Christian Subjects to do to thair Native King and Prince. In Witness of the quhilk Thing, we haif subscrivit thir Presents with our Handis, at Edinburgh, the Day of- M -, the Year of God 1567 Years.

James Regent. Huntley. Archibald Argyle. Athol.

Mortoun. Mar. Glencairn. Errol. Buchar.
Graham. Alexander Lord Home, William Lord
Ruthven. Lord Sanquhar. Ihon Lord Glamis,
Patrick Lord Lindsey. Michael Lord Carlisle :
With my Hand at the Pen, Alexander Hay, Notarius.
William Lord Bortywick. Lord Innermaith.
Ucheltrie. Sempill. Henry Lord Methue
Lord Cathcart. Patrick Lord Gray. Robert Com.
of Dumferling. James Stuart. Alexander Com.
of Culross. Adam Com. of Cambuskenneth.
Dryburgh. Master of Montrose. Alexander
Bishop of Galoway. Caprington. Blairquhan.
Tullibarden, Comptroller ; with Eighteen more.

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Bond to the king, and to the Earl of Murray, us Regent

during his Infumcy: Registred in the Council- Books on the 5th of April 1569."

Us, and every ane of us underscriv, and sall in all time cuming, like as we do presentlie, reverence, acknowiedge and recognosce the maist Excellent and Mighty Prince James the Sixt, by the Grace of God King of the Scottis, our only Soveraine Lord, and his dearest Uncle, James Earl of Murray, Lord Abernethie, Regent to his Hieness, his Realme, and Leidges thereof, during his Majesties Minority. His Hieness his said Regent, and his Majesties Authority, we sall observe and obey, as becumis dutifull Subjectis, our Landis and Livis in the Defence and Avancement thairof, we sall bestow, and wair. The Skaith, Harm, or Subversion of the samen, we sall never knaw, nor procure by any meanis, direct nor indirect. All former Bandis, for Obedience of any other Authority, subscrivit or made by us in any tymes, by-gaine, contrarious or prejudicial to his Hieness, his said Regent and Authority, we renunce and discharge for evir; Affirming and swearing solempnitlie, upon our Faiths and Honouris, to observe and keep this our Declaration and plane Profession, everie Poynt thairof, he God himself, and as' we will answer at his General Judgement: Whairin gif we failzie, we are content to be comptit Faithless, False, Perjurit and Defamit for ever; besyde the ordinar Pain of the Lawis to be execute upon us, without Favour, as a perpetual Memory of our unnaturall Defection, and inexcusable Untruth. In Witnes whairof, we have subscrivit thir Presents with our Handis as follows, at the Dayes and Tymes particularly under specified.

Huntley. Crafurd. Cassilis. Sanquhar. Saltoun.

James Lord Ogilvie. Laurance Lord Oliphant.
John Mr. Forbes, With Thirty-six more.

xCVII. A Declaration of the Causes moving the Queene of England, to give Aide to the Defence of the People ajjiicted and oppressed

in the Lowe-Countries. Kings and

ALTHOUGH Kinges and Princes, SovePrinces, Sove

raignes, owing their Homage and Service

only unto the Almightie God, the King of ruigns, are to

fall Kings, are in that respect not bound to yield Account of

y yeeld Account, or render the Reasons of their Actions

their Actions to any others, but to God their only to Almighty

uy only Soveraigne Lord : God, the King

Yet (though Ś amongst the most Ancient and Christian of Kings. Monarchies, the same Lorde God having committed to us the Soveraignetie of this Realme of Englande, and other our Dominions, which wee holde immediately of the same Almightie Lorde, and so thereby accountable only to his Divine Majestie) wee are, notwithstanding this our Prerogative at this time, specially moved (for divers Reesons hereafter briefly remembred) to publish, not only to our owne Naturall Loving Subjects, but also to all others our Neighbours, specially to such Princes and States as are our Confederates, or have for their Subjects Cause of Commerce with our Countreis and People, what our Intention is at this time, and upon what just and reasonable Grounds, we are moved to give Aid to our next Neighbours, the Naturall People of the Low-Countreis, being by long Warres, and Persecutions of Strange Nations there, lamentablie afflicted, and in present danger to be brought into a perpetual Servitude. Natural Causes

First, It is to be understoode, (which of the Ancient per

percase is not perfectly knowen to a great continual Traf- qumber of Persons) that there ! fick betwixt the

Time out of Minde, even by the Naturall

Situation of those Low-Countreis, and our People of Eng- Realme of England, one directly opposite land and them

to the other; and by Reason of the ready of the Low Coun

Crossing of the Seas, and Multitude of tries.

large and commodious Havens respectively on both sides, a continual Traffique and Commerce betwixt the People of England, and the Naturall People of these Low-Countries; and so continued in all Ancient Times when the severall Provinces therof, as Flanders, Holland, and Zeland, and other Countries to them adjoining. were ruled and possessed by severall Lordes, and not united


together, as of late Yeeres they have been by Enter-marriages; and at length by Concurrences of Confederat

federations many and sundrie Titles have also been baith

betwixt the reduced to be under the Government of their

Kinges of Eng. their Lordes that succeeded to the Duke

land, and the dome of Burgundie, whereby there hath

Lordes of the been in former Ages many speciall Al

Lowe Countries, liances and Confederations, not only be

and also the Subtwixt the Kinges of England our Proge

jects of both nitours, and the Lordes of the said Countries of Flanders, Holland, Zeland, and

and Countries. their Adherents ; but also betwixt the very Naturall Subjectes of both Countries, as the Prelates, Noblemen, Citizens, Bnrgesses, and other Comminalties of the great Cities and Port Townes of either Coun. The People of trie reciproquelie by speciall Obliga- both 11

a both the Countions and Stipulations under their Seales interchangeablie for Maintenance both of

tries bound by

special ObbigaCommerce and Entercourse of Merchantes; and also of speciall mutuall

tions enterAmitie to be observed betwixt the People

changeablie, for and Inhabitants of both Parties, as well

mutual Favours, Ecclesiasticall, as Secular : And very ex

und Friendly presse Provision in suche Treaties con

n Offices.

Dede teined for mutuall Favours, Affections, and all other Friendly Offices to be used and prosecuted by the People of the one Nation towards the other. By which mutual Bondes, there hath continued perpetuall Unions of the Peoples Hearts together, and so by way of continuall Entercourses, from Age to Age the same mutuall Love hath bene inviolablie kept and exercised, as it had been by the Worke of Nature, and never utterly dissolved ; nor yet for any long Time discontinued, howsoever the Kinges, and the Lordes of the Countries sometimes (though very rarely) have beene at difference by sinister Meanes of some other Princes their Neighbours, enyying the Felicitie of these Two Countries.

And for Maintenance and Testimonie of these natural Unions of the Peoples of these Kingdoms and Countries in perpetuall Amitie, there are extent sundrie Autentique Treaties and Transactions for mutual Treaties Extant Commerce, Entercourse and straight

ht of Ancient Time, Amitie of Ancient Times; As for Example,

s hetwixt the some very Solemnely accorded in the

e Kinges of EngTimes of King Henrie the VIth our Pro

lund, and the genitour, and Philip the lId, Duke of Bur

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