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The Schoolmaster Abroad, by Dr. M. P. Virgil as Translated by Dryden and
Lindo, of the Hague, 55

Conington, 162
The Sun's Corona, by Richard A. Proctor, Volundur: a Scandinavian Legend, 729
B.A. Cantab., 317

Voysey, Mr., and Mr. Purchas, 457
The Temptation of the Reverend Stephen

Holdfast, by Dionysius Diamond, M.D.,
in Two Parts :-

War, Crimean, on the Causes of the, by

F. W. Newman, 1
The Travels and Adventures of a Philo- War, England's, 135

sopher in the Famous Empire of Hulee, What the Chinese really Think of Euro-

peans, by a Native Literate, 395
The Working Man's Political Question, 563 What, then, is the Corona? by Richard A.
Thomas Ingoldsby (Barham), 302

Proctor, B.A. Cantab., 515
Two Solutions, by the Author of Gina's Working Man's, the, Political Question,
Baby, 451


Part 11. 99

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