The Tor hill. By the author of 'Brambletye house'.


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Seite 143 - Merry Margaret As midsummer flower, Gentle as falcon Or hawk of the tower: With solace and gladness, Much mirth and no madness, All good and no badness; So joyously, So maidenly, So womanly Her demeaning In every thing. Far, far passing That I can indite, Or suffice to write Of Merry Margaret As midsummer flower, Gentle as falcon Or hawk of the tower.
Seite 257 - We have in money 3001. and above ; but the certainty of plate and other stuff there as yet we know not, for we have not had opportunity for the same, but shortly we intend (God willing) to proceed to the same ; whereof we shall ascertain your lordship so shortly as we may. This is also to advertise your lordship, that we have found a fair chalice of gold, and divers other parcels of plate, which the abbot had hid secretly from all such commissioners as have been there in times past...
Seite 130 - Now unthrifts riot and run in debt, upon the boldness of these places ; yea, and rich men run thither with poor men's goods; there they build, there they spend, and bid their creditors go whistle them. Men's wives run thither with their husband's plate, and say they dare not abide with their husbands for beating.
Seite 24 - Both of these compositions appear as if (hey had been " newly writ o'er" not long before, or perhaps after, Shakspere's time: we subjoin a stanza of each: — FROM PERCY'S RELIQUES. " 1 read that once in Africa A princely wight did reign, Who had to name Cophetua, As poets they did feign...
Seite 257 - Becket in print; but we could not find any letter that was material, and so we proceeded again to his examination concerning the articles we received from your lordship, in the answers whereof, as we take it, shall appear his...
Seite 61 - ... faith and slavish obedience ; and the roar and dashing of opinions, loosened from their accustomed hold, might be heard like the noise of an angry sea, and has never yet subsided. Germany first broke the spell of misbegotten fear, and gave the watchword ; but England joined the shout, and echoed it back with her island voice from her thousand cliffs and craggy shores in a longer and a louder strain. With that cry the genius of Great Britain rose and threw down the gauntlet to the nations.
Seite 61 - ... louder strain. With that cry, the genius of Great Britain rose, and threw down the gauntlet to the nations. There was a mighty fermentation : the waters were out; public opinion was in a state of projection. Liberty was held out to all to think and speak the truth. Men's brains were busy; their spirits stirring; their hearts full; and their hands not idle. Their eyes were...
Seite 139 - Laureate had bestowed the nickname of the Mad Lutheran, and whose zeal, indeed, seemed to have completely got the better of his wits. Utterly regardless of the viands set before him, he was maintaining with a foaming energy, and a proportionate vehemence of gesticulation that " singing and saying of mass, matins, or evensong, is but roaring, howling, whistling, mumming, conjuring, and juggling; and the playing at the organs a foolish vanity ;*
Seite 129 - Now, look how few sanctuary men there be, whom necessity or misfortune compelleth to go thither : and then see on the other side what a sort there be commonly therein of such, whom wilful unthriftiness hath brought to naught ; what a rabble of thieves, murderers, and malicious heinous traitors...

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