London Magazine: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer..., Band 31

C. Ackers, 1762

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Seite 16 - I believe, an' please your Reverence, said I, that when a soldier gets time to pray, — he prays as heartily as a parson — though not with all his fuss and hypocrisy. — Thou shouldst not have said that, Trim, said my uncle Toby, — for God only knows who is a hypocrite, and who is not : — At the great and general review of us all, Corporal, at the day of judgment, (and not till then)— it will be seen who have done their duties in this world, — and who have not ; and we shall be advanced,...
Seite 16 - ... said my uncle Toby), — he was heartily welcome to it. He made a very low bow (which was meant to your honour), but no answer — for his heart was full — so he went up stairs with the toast. I warrant you, my dear, said I, as I opened the kitchen door, your father will be well again.
Seite 352 - ... to replace to the finking fund the like fum paid out of the fame, to make good the deficiency on the...
Seite 17 - Tis finished already, said the corporal, for I could stay no longer, so wished his honour a good night. Young Le Fevre rose from off the bed, and saw me to the bottom of the stairs ; and as we went down together, told me they had come from Ireland, and were on their route to join the regiment in Flanders. But, alas ! said the corporal, the lieutenant's last day's march is over.
Seite 198 - He probably did not long remain in slavery ; for at the beginning of the civil war he was made a captain in the royal army, and in 1644 attended the queen to France, where he remained till the Restoration. At last, upon suspicion of his being privy to the Popish plot, he was taken up in 1682, and confined in the gate-house, Westminster, where he ended his life, in the sixty-third year of his age.
Seite 352 - APRIL 30. • 1. Upon account, to be paid to the Eaft India company, towards enabling them to defray the expence of a military force in their fettlements, to be maintained by them in lieu of the battalion of his majefty's forces, commanded by Col.
Seite 99 - About ten at night the gentlemen met in the chamber in which the girl, supposed to be disturbed by a spirit, had, with proper caution, been put to bed by several ladies. They sat rather more than an hour...
Seite 198 - He had borne with little temper the teazing of the courtiers and domestics, and had many squabbles with the king's gigantic porter. At last, being provoked by Mr. Crofts, a young gentleman of family, a challenge ensued: and Mr. Crofts coming to the rendezvous armed only with a squirt, the little creature was so enraged, that a real duel ensued ; and the appointment being on horseback, with pistols, to put them more on a level, Jeffery, at the first fire, shot his antagonist dead.
Seite 15 - ... twill be enough to give your honour your death, and bring on your honour's torment in your groin.
Seite 14 - ... and tell him he is heartily welcome to them, and to a dozen more, if they will do him good. Though I am persuaded...

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