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The Queen has appointed (March 17) John Pope, Esq., to be Clerk of the Works and Civil Engineer for the Island of Hong Kong.

Some Scindian Chiefs-in all, with their suite, twelve persong-have arrived in this country as an embassy from the ex-Ameers of Scinde, to endeavour to effect an arrangement with the British Government, to obtain the release of their Princes, and the restoration of their country.

It is understood that the Dutch Government are proposing to establish a line of steamers between Singapore and Batavia to carry the overland mails, and for the conveyance of Dutch passengers.

Dr. Wolff, in a letter from Erzeroom, dated 17th January, says :long as that horrid fellow Abd-ool Samet Khan is at Bokhara, nothing will be of any use. Every Englishman's fate is sealed-he must die. The following persons have been murdered at Bokhara :-1. Lieut. Wyburd, of the Indian navy; 2. Lieut. Colonel Stoddart ; 3. Captain Conolly; 4. One whom they call Freshaw; 5. A German ; 6. Il Cavaliere Naselli ; 7. Five Englishmen, outside Ichaar-Joo; 8. A Turcoman, who came to Bokbara to attempt the escape of Colonel Stoddart; 9. Ephraim, a Jew, from Meshed, who was sent to Bokhara, to make inquiries about Captain Conolly; 10. A Turkish officer. I made the whole journey from Bokhara to Meshed on horseback, with a rupture got at Bokhara, and without a bandage; also from Meshed to Teheran, other 600 miles; and from Teheran to Tabris, 380 miles. At Tabris I was taken ill with a bilious fever, which detained me fifteen days. The Russian consul at Tabris made me a present of a tuckrawan (litter), which conveyed me to Awajick, 160 miles; but from this place to Erzeroom, the mountains covered with snow, and the horrid precipices, prevented the passage of a tuckrawan, and I was obliged to travel 300 miles, under continual agonies, and at night eaten up by lice and fleas. At Hassan Kaleh, great was my joy at finding a tuckrawan, belonging to the Pasha of Erzeroom, which was sent on through the kindness of our good, benevolent, excellent, kind-hearted, and dear Colonel Williams, whose equal is scarcely to be found in this world. At nine miles from Erzeroom, Colonel Williams came himself to meet me. I was in such a distressed state, that I was taken at once to a Turkish bath, and was supplied with fresh clothing, and I was obliged to use mercury five days before I could get rid of the troublesome parasites, and I was then so debilitated that I could not stand upon my legs.”

Dr. Wolff had arrived at Constantinople, as well as an ambassador from the Khan of Bokhara to the Queen of England; but the German Universal Gazette says, that the British ambassador had formally refused to grant any passport to the ambassador from the Khan of Bokhara for England, as the Queen would not receive him at her court.

The Earl of Ellenborough has ordered the making of a sword which he is about to present to Sir C. Napier, G.C.B., Governor of Scinde, as a testimony of the high respect in which he holds the character of that gallant officer. The blade, which is of the finest Damascus steel, is double-edged. The handle and hilt are of gold, wrought with devices and legends. The legends are thus“Edward, Earl of Ellenborough, to Major-General Sir C. J. Napier, Governor of Scinde."--"Meanee-Hydrabad.” The motto of the Major-General also appears in embossed characters, " Ready, aye ready." whole weapon resembles the swords of the Knights Templar. The sheath and belt, &c., are crimson, embroidered in gold.


BIRTHS. Feb. 25. ` At Chelsea, the lady of Major John Ward, late of the Madras army, daughter.

March 10. At Westbourne-terrace, Hyde-park-gardens, the wife of Charles Lyall, Esq., son.

At 8, Leadenliall-street, Mrs. Madden, daughter. 11. At Terlings-park, Herts, the lady of J. T. Rivaz, Esq., Bengal civil service, son.

18. The lady of Edward Peters, Esq., Madras civil service, daughter.


Feb. 27. At St. James's Church, Clerkenwell, Mr. Tracy, of St. Bartholomew's Ilospital, to Fanny Dora Russell, only daughter of the late Captain Outlaw, 3rd regiment of Madras Cavalry.

March 11. At Christ Church, Streatham, Frederick Thomas Patterson, Esq., 87th Royal Irish Fusileers, to Mary, second daughter of Henry Wooler, Esq. (late of Bombay), of Upper Tulse-hill, Brixton, Surrey.

At Moray-place, Edinburgh, Wm. Thompson, Esq., merchant, in China, to Miss Margaret Cuninghame Campbell, youngest daughter of the late Major James Campbell, of Walton-park.

12. At Brighton, Capt. Rawson Johu Crozier, 26th regt. Bombay N.I. (second son of Ř. B. Crozier, Esq., West-hill, Freshwater, Isle of Wight), to Emily Jane, eldest daughter of Jolin Brightman, Esq., Regency-square, Brighton.

13. At St. Giles's, Camberwell, Robert Jaques, Esq., formerly of the Hon. E.I. Co.'s maritime service, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Wm. Pettit, Esq., of Mount Bures-hall, Essex.

14. At Regent-terrace, Edinburgh, Lieut.- Colonel Cavaye, 6th Bombay N.I., to Isabella Jane, eldest daughter of the late Major T. F. Hutchinson, Bengal army.

20. At St. Bride's Churclı, Liverpool, M. Rogers, Esq., late of the Bombay army, to Harriette, second daughter of Mr. Edward Willmer, of Liverpool.


Dec. 30. At the British Consulate, Tabreez, Elizabeth Anna, wife of Ed. ward W. Bonham, Esq., and daughter of Sir H. Floyd, Bart., aged 21.

Jan. 18. At Hastings, Jane, wife of Robert M. Bird, Esq., of Taplow-hill, Bucks, and late of the E.I.Co.'s civil service.

Feb. 1. At the Crescent, St. Helier's, Jersey, Lieut. Col. R. Gordon, late 23rd Light Dragoons, aged 84, deeply lamented by his afflicted family. This venerable officer commanded his regiment throughout the campaign in Egypt under General Sir Ralph Abercromby.

18. At Dunsborough-house, Marianna Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Major G. W. Onslow, of the Indian army, aged 11.

23. At Cheltenham, Elizabeth, widow of Major-General William Comyn, Bengal army, in her 62nd year.

27. Louisa Spilsbury, daughter of the late George Strafford, Esq., of Calcutta, in her 23rd year.

March 1. At Islington, in his 55th year, Mr. Vincent Rice, formerly of the East-India House, eldest son of the late Rev. Bernard Rice, vicar of Alderminster, near Stratford.on-Avon.

2. At his residence in London, John Russel, Esq., aged 56, formerly of Pubna, in Bengal, and of Bengartree House, Leslie, Fife, North Britain.

- At Hersham, Surrey, Colonel Strickland Gough Kingston, H.E.I. Co.'s service, aged 90.

3. At Beaver's-bush, in the county of Hertford, Jane, daughter of the late Robert Dyneley, Esq.

6. At New-street, Covent-garden, aged 64, M. Nugent, Esq., for many years one of the Parliamentary reporters of The Times. The zeal, fidelity, and abi.

lity with which, through more than a quarter of a century, Mr. Nugent devoted his varied talents and acquirements to the service of that journal, most justly secured for him the respect and confidence of its conductors; while in private life his manly, frank, and generous qualities deservedly endeared him to his col. leagues and a numerous acquaintance, by one and all of whom his memory will be long cherished.--[Mr. Nugent was the able and impartial reporter of the Debates at the East-India House published in the Asiatic Journal. A long acquaintance with him enables us to bear testimony to the truth of the aforegoing tribute to his character. -Ed. A.J.]

March 7. At Hanover-terrace, Regent's-park, Emily Jane, second daughter of Henry Young, Esq., of the Bombay civil service, aged 5.

9. At Brighton, George King, Esq., late of the E I. Co.'s Bengal medical establishment, aged 62.

10. At Great Marlow, John Broome, Esq., late of Calcutta, which city he left and returned to Europe in 1807, aged 88.

13. At Hamilton-terrace, St. John's-wood, in her 79th year, Elizabeth, relict of Robert Grant, Bengal civil service.

18. In London, Robert Barlow, Esq., of Holybourn, near Alton, Hants, late of the E. I. Co.'s civil service, Bengal establishment, aged 56.

Lately. At Cadogan-place, Major-General Williain Roome, late of the E.I. Co.'s service.

At Fir-grove, Farnham, Surrey, in the 12th year of his age, George Henry Barlow, eldest son of Robert Barlow, Esg, of the E. J.Co.'s civil service in Bengal.



Fec. 26. Marquis of Bute, China, Brighton; Tanjore, Bengal, Downs; Rockliffe, Ceylon, Downs ; Marchioness of Douro, China, Dover; Henry Curwen, Mauritius, Cork.-27. John Bibby, China, off Dungeness; El China, Downs; Jane Blane, Penang, Downs; Taplin, China, Downs; Etna, Bengal, Downs; Mercury, China, Downs; Robin Grey, Mauritius, Downs ; Persia, China, Isle of Wight; John Dugdale, China, Liverpool.-28. Maid, China; Nelson, Bombay, Downs.-Mar. 1. Washington, Mauritius, Isle of Wight. -3. Circassian, China, Dublin ; United Kingdom, Bombay, Liverpool; Peru, Madras, Liverpool.-6. Thetis, Bengal, Portsmouth ; Orixa, China, Liver. pool.-7. Eleanor, Mauritius, Brighton; Daniel Grant, Bengal, Liverpool.-8. Cookson, Mauritius, Plymouth; Heroine Singapore, Liverpool; Token, Bengal, Dartmouth; Minstrel, Bengal, Portland. – 19. Arabia, Ceylon, Scilly; William Gales, Mauritius, Scilly; Cleopatra, China, Scilly.–22. Montrose, Bombay, Liverpool; Uruguay, China, Liverpool ; Emma, Bengal, Folkstone; Duchess of Buccleugh, China, Falmouth; Roding, Bengal, Falmouth; Mary, Mauritius, Cork. - 24. Europe, Batavia, Dover; Paragon, Bengal, Liverpool; Bilton, Bengal, Downs; Alexander, China, Downs; George, Java, Downs; Dora, Bengal, Downs; Grange, Ceylon, Downs ; Perseverance, Mauritius, Downs; Union, Mauritius, Downs; Robert Stride, Bengal, Margate; Bethoven, Bengal, Liverpool; Zuleika, Bengal, Liverpool; Lawrence, Manilla, Liverpool;

William, Moulmein, Falmouth; Bolivar, Bengal, Bristol; Veronica, Batavia, Portland.-25. Seringapatam and Thomas Sparkes, Bengal, Downs; Fleetwood, Mauritius, Hastings; Cambria, Madras, Hastings; Parsee, Bengal, Downs; George Fife, Bengal. Downs; Isabella Cooper, Bengal, Liverpool; Lord Stanley, Bombay, Liverpool; George Armstrong, Bengal, Downs; Cassiopea, Mauritius, Downs; H.M.S. Dublin, South Sea Islands.

-26. Quentin Leich, Amy Ann, and Roseberry, Bengal, Downs; Alverton, William Metcalfe, Bengal, Portsmouth; British Empire, Bengal, Isle of Wight; Pleiades, Mauritius, Portsmouth; City of London, Mauritius, Falmouth; Woodstock and Derby, Bengal, Liverpool; Guardian, Mauritius, off Margate. -27. Thomas Lorry, New South Wales, off Dartmouth; South Stockton, China, Downs; Amphitrite, Mauritius, Downs; Calder, Singapore, Liverpool.

Asiat.Journ.N.S. VOL.IV.No.24.

4 P


From the Downs.- FEB. 27. Orator, Madras; Grecian, Bombay ; Symmetry, Ceylon.-28. Macedon, Hong Kong.Mar. 2. Kyle, Calcutta, Elizabeth and Caroline, Calcutta; Bangalore, Madras and Bengal; Peruvian, Sydney; Sons of Commerce, Hobart Town ; Carebbean, Mauritius. - 7. Mountstuart Elphinstone, Hobart Town; Universe and Volusia, Aden; Isabella Blyth, Mauritius. - 12. Woodman, Bombay.-14. Orlando, Calcutta ; Lady Clark, Madras and Calcutta. - 18. Persian and Robert Matthews, Sydney.-20. Larkins, Bengal; Pekin, Madras and Bengal; Ann Falcon, Mauritius.-23. Tory, Hobart Town.

From Liverpool. - Fr. 25. Dryad, Singapore : Mars. Batavia and Singa. pore. —27. Rosendale, Port Phillip; William and James, Singapore ; Pandora, China; Colchester, Aden.—Mar. 1. Panthea, Calcutta ; Agricola, Bombay.4. D'Arcy, Hope, and Royal Bride, Aden; Lady Bule, Mauritius; Richard, Cape.-8. Botivar, Bombay; Earl of Chester, Hong Kong; Bidstow, Calcutta; Princess Royal, Calcutta ; Hartland, Bombay; Delhi, Bombay ; Thomas Lee, Bengal.-20. Statesman, Africa. - 25. Hope, Bengal.

From Plymouth.—Mar. 19. Louisa Campbell, New Zealand

From Portsmouth.-Mar. 6. Samarang, Bengal; Mary Bannatyne, China; Larkins, Bengal; Pekin, Madras and Bengal.

From Dundee.- MAR. 19. Libra, Cape.
From Aberdeen. – Mar. 8. Acasta, Cape.

From Clyde. -- Feb. 27. Cashmere, Sydney.- Mar. 5. Roseanna, Aden ; Cheshire, Bengal. – 10. Mogul, Batavia ; Mandarin, Calcutta ; St. George, Mauritius.-12. Countess of Durham, Ceylon.

From Leith.-Mar. U. Royal Shepherdess, Ceylon.
From Swansea. - MAR. 12. Tom Cringle, Cape.
From Newport.- Mar. 6. Avoca and Helvellyn, Singapore.
From Southampton.– Mar. 20. Braganza, (St.) India.

From Bordeaux.- Feb. 28. Portly Reed and Lady Mary, Mauritius.—Mar. 14. Woodlark, Mauritius.


RAMSGATE, March 23.— The John Knor, Cleland, Bombay to London, got on shore on the Goodwin Sands, early this morning, in thick water, and has become a wreck; crew saved.

LIVERPOOL, March 24. — The Trinidad, Manilla and Cape to London, was lost at Cucq, near Etaples, on Sunday night; ship gone to pieces ; crew saved.

Cowes, March 25. -- The Siam, of Newport, Willmot, Calcutta to London, got on shore, March 24, and shortly filled ; cargo discharging; one of the crew drowned.

Downs, MARCH 27.-The South Stockton, from China, arrived ; spoke the Margaret Thompson, and saved the crew of that vessel.

The Forth, and Arab, - the first named sailed from Manilla, April 27, 1814; and the latter sailed from Rio de Janeiro, March 24, 1841, on her passage from London to Van Diemen's Land, - have not since the above dates been heard of.


Per Duke of Cornwall, and Iberia, for Alexandria. —Mrs. Hallett, Mr. Conybeare, Mr. Rinlock, Mr. Sandford, Mr. Young, Miss Grant, Mr. Reid, Mr. Moberly, Mr. Shackleton, Miss Simpson, Mr. Inman, Mr. R. Brown, Capt. Willey, Mr. R. Bell, Mr. Popalani, Dr. Nicholson, Mr. Harris, Dr. Coles, and Mr. Rennie. For Malta.-Miss Barber. For Constantinople. Mary Ann Harliss, and Adelaide Harliss.

Per Great Liverpool, for Malta.—Miss Scott, the Hon. Miss Abercromby, maid servant and man servant, and Mr. and Mrs. Allan. For Alexandria. – Mr. Conyeare, D. Patherick, Esq., and Mr. Pitcairn. For Suez.-Mr. Ryan, and Mr. Grant. For Aden.-L. Josephs, Esq., and Major Dennis. For Cey. lon. — Mr. Davidson, and Mr. Fraser. For Madras. -Mr. Collett, G. C. Ro

binson, Esq., Mr. Pearse, Mr. Meyers, and Mr. Lovekin. For Calcutta. – Mesdames Birkinyoung, Patterson, Snow, and Jackson ; two Misses Cumming; Messrs. Frith, Murray, Currie, Barber, Macaulay, Dickenson, Parnell, Robertson, Patterson, and Snow; Dr. Allan; one servant.– From Gibraltar, for Malta. – Mr. and Mrs. W. Brooks. To embark at Suez, for Ceylon. --Mr. Ryder.

Per Samarang, for Madras and Calcutta. – Mrs. Major Claridge, Capt. and Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Hutchenson, Messrs. W. Thompson, Claridge, Dempster, Bosworth, Milne, Walker, Glover, Heywood, Campbell, Longmore, Hebbert, Hooper, Jellicoe, O'Connell, Clay, Odell, Clark, Rideout, and Rose.

Per Larkins, for Calcutta. — Mrs. Sterndale and three children, Miss Young, Mr. and Mrs. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Ross, Dr. Hale, and two servants.

Per Pekin, for Madras and Calcutta. — Mesdames Welleton and Quin, Messrs. Higgins, A. Vrey, Bowen, Bacons (two), Atlan, Baker, Welleton, Nembhara, Jenkins, Smith, and N A. Elphinstone; Mrs. Lee, steerage.

Per Letitia, for Madras and Calcutta. — Messrs. Baker, Forbes, Grey, and Atkinson.

Per Bangalore, for Madras and Calcutta. -Messrs. Charleton, Ireside, Ham. burgh, Longmore, and Page.

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(vid Marseilles.)
Nov. 13........ Dec. 23........ (per Akbar) 38 Dec. 30 .. 45 Jan. 1......
Dec. 6

Jan. 11...... (per Atalanta) 36 Jan. 17 .. 42 Jan. 19
Jan, 0, 1844 Feb. 11........ per Victoria) 36 Feb. 16 41. Feb. 19
Feb. 6..

March 13 .... (per Berenice) 36 March 19 42 March 21
March 6

April 8 (per Cleopatra) 33 April 14.. 39 April 16.
April 6
May 12

(per Atalanta) 36 May 13*.. 37 May 17* May 6

June 6 ......

(per Victoria 31 June 14.. 39 June 15 .. June 7

July 9........ (per Sesostris) 33 July 16 .. 40 July 17. July 8

Aug. 6 ........ (per Akbar) 29 Aug. 12 .. 35 Aug. 16 Aug. 7

Sept. 7 ...... (per Sesostris, 31 Sept. 16 .. 36 Sept. 18........ Sept. 7

Oct. 12...... (per Cleopatra) 35 Oct. 19 42 Oct. 20 .........
Oct. 7

Nov. 12...... (per Berenice) 36 Nov. 17+ . 41 Nov. 20 ...........
Nov. 7
Dec. 13 .....:

(per Victoria) 36 Dec. 24 .. 47 Dec. 25
Dec. 7
Jan. 11 (per Atalanta) 35 Jan. 17 41 Jan. 19


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A Mail will be made up in London, for Bombay, vid Southampton, at 8 o'clock on the morning of the 3rd, and vià Marseilles on the evening of the 7th Ápril, if not postponed; a Mail will also be made up for Calcutta vid Southampton on the 19th, and viá Marseilles on the 24th.


Date of leaving


Per Steamer to


Arrived in London

vid Marseilles.

Days from

Arrived in London
vid Southampton.


Feb. 1


...... March 8
March 1 ...... Atalanta April 5
Victoria ........

May 5.
May 1.

June 5
May 20

Cleopatra July 4
June 19

Aug. 2. .
July 31. ......... Cleopatra Sept. 11
Aug. 27 ........ Akbar

Oct. 3...
Oct 1.......... Victoria

Nov. 5 ........
Nov. I.......... Atalanta........ Dec. 5.......
Dec. 2 .......... Cleopatra........ Jan. 3.......
Jan. 1, 1845 .... Berenice ........ Feb. 7
Feb. 1 ...

Victoria ........ March 6
Feb. 8 (Calcutta) Precursor ...... March 24 ..

36 March 13.. (per Gr. Liverpool) 41 35 April 9.

..... (per Oriental) 39 34 May 11 . (per Gr. Liverpool) 40 35 June 11...

....(per Oriental) 41 46 July 10. ...(per Gr. Liverpool) 52 44 Aug. 10 (per Lady Mary Wood) 52 42 Sept. 16 ......

(per Oriental)' 47 37 Oct. 7 ... (per Gr. Liverpool) 41 36 Nov. 10 ...... (per Oriental) 41 35 Dec. 10 .. (per Gr. Liverpool) 40 33 Jan. 11. ....... (per Oriental) 41 37 Feb. 17 ...... (per Braganza) 47

March 10........(per Tagus) 44 March 26 ...... (per Oriental) 46

• Per steamer Bentinck.

† Per steamer Hindostan.

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