The London Magazine, Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer, Band 2

C. Ackers, 1733

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Seite 313 - A general history of printing ; from the first invention of it in the city of Mentz, to its propagation and progress thro' most of the kingdoms in Europe: particularly the introduction and success of it here in England.
Seite 330 - An Act for taking away the Court of Wards and Liveries, and Tenures in capite and by Knights Service, and Purveyance, and for settling a Revenue upon His Majesty in lieu thereof...
Seite 417 - Proctor, a very poor beggar- boy ; he came into this country upon the back of a dun cow : it was not a black cow, nor a brindled cow, nor a brown cow ; no, beloved, it was a dun cow. Well, beloved, this poor boy came a begging to this good man's door.
Seite 554 - As to those clamours which have been raised without doors, and which are now so much insisted on, it is very well known by whom and by what methods they were raised, and it is no difficult matter to guess with what views ; but I am very far from taking them to be the sense of the nation, or believing that the sentiments of the generality of the people were thereby expressed . The most part of the people concerned in those clamours did not speak their own sentiments.
Seite 384 - ... and that the danger from the pretender was the more to be feared, because they did not know but he was then breeding his son a Protestant.
Seite 258 - Nor think, in Nature's state they blindly trod; The state of Nature was the reign of God: Self-love and social at her birth began, Union the bond of all things, and of man.
Seite 266 - His majefty went to the , houfe of peers, and gave ' the royal aflent to the following bills, viz. The bill, to continue an aft for allowing the free importation of wheat and wheat-flour, barley, barley -meal, and pulfe, for a further limited time, from any part of Europe.
Seite 96 - "•'"' Houfe of Peers, and gave the royal aflent to the following bills, viz.
Seite 603 - ... charged upon tobacco and wines, all the .papers relating to these duties were submitted to the perusal of the members : the commissioners of the customs and excise were ordered to attend the house, the avenues of which were...
Seite 284 - Sinking-Fund to the Difcharge of thofe Debts, for the Difcharge of which thefe Taxes were intended and given : if fome Part of this Fund therefore continue to be mortgaged off, and other Parts to be applied to the current Service, even in the...

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