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an only child, who became the wife of Edward Phillips of Clonmore House, County Mayo), and Hugh, his third son, who died in India, in the Company's service, and unmarried. Myles, the eldest son of Charles, was married to a daughter of Charles O'Conor, the historian, and died at Coolavin in 1793, leaving issue, Hugh Mac Dermot, his heir, and several other children.Hugh married his cousin, Elizabeth, daughter of Denis O'Conor of Bealinagar, and had issue, Charles, and several other children. Charles married Arabella O'Rourke, of the ancient sept of Brefny, by whom he has a numerous issue; and he now ranks as the lineal representative of the elder line of the Mac Dermot.

To return to Timothy, the second son of Charles Mac Dermot and Eleanor O'Mulloy; his son and heir was Andrew, who left issue, John, his eldest son, and other children-(from one of his younger sons, Owen, descend the Mac Dermots of Cregga).—John married Mary, daughter of Christopher Irwin, of Oran, first cousin to the celebrated Right Honourable Anthony Malone, and fixed his residence at Cootehall, within the Barony of Boyle, in 1747; he had three sons, Edward, John, and a third, who became a General in the American war, and settled in that country. Edward, the eldest son, married Miss O'Connor of Mount Pleasant, grand aunt of the present Countess Dowager of Desart, and their only son suffered death as an insurgent in the rebellion of 1798. John, the second son of John, the elder, married Lucy, the second daughter of Matthew Phibbs (or Phipps, as the name should, perhaps, be more correctly spelt) of Kincrevan, in the County Sligo, by his wife, Rebecca Wynne, daughter of Major Wynne, of the Hazlewood family; Elizabeth, the elder sister, and co-heiress of Lucy, having married the late George Ormsby of Belvoir, in the County Sligo. This John Mac Dermot, and his wife, died of fever, at the Abbey House of Boyle, in 1811, leaving John Wynne Mac Dermot, of Cootehall, their eldest son, heir, and surviving issue; but the extravagance, and imprudence of his father left him little to inherit; he was born in 1789; embraced, at first, a military life; became a Lieutenant in the 36th Regiment, and fought at the memorable engage

ment of Corunna; he afterwards entered the navy as a volunteer, and served at Algiers. He married in 1830, and had issue by his wife, four sons, John Wynne, the eldest; James, Phibbs, and William. John Wynne Mac Dermot may, therefore, be now considered the representative of this, the second line of the sept(a).

The next line, that of the Mac Dermott Roe, is, as before suggested, still represented within the ancient Barony of Moylurg. Conor, the son of Teigue, who was the son of Owen Mac Dermott Roe, the last of this branch, before alluded to as the lineal descendant of Dermott Ruagh, of 1307, and who was himself the patentee of 1608, had issue, Charles Dhu Mac Dermott, whose eldest son, Henry Mac Dermott Roe, of Kilronan, had a Royal confirmation of his estates, on a decree of innocence, of 1667; and his rights therein were afterwards especially saved, in a patent of 1678, to Jeffrey French. He married Mary, daughter of Fitzgerald, of Turlogh, County Mayo, by whom he had issue: 1. Henry (who married a daughter of Manus O'Donnell, of the County Mayo, and had issue an only daughter, that became the wife of Colonel Robert Maguire, of Tempo, in the County Fermanagh, but left no family). 2. John Mac Dermott Roe, styled, "of Kilronan, and of Camagh, in the parish of Kilronan" (who was a barrister, but resided chiefly at Annagh, on the banks of Lough Meelagh; he married Julia, daughter of Ffrench, of Curgurry, County Galway, and died in April, 1777, when his eldest son, Charles, having died in the preceding year without issue, his second son, Thomas Mac Dermott Roe, continued the line, as mentioned hereafter). 3. Thomas Mac Dermott, Roman Catholic Bishop of Ardagh. 4. Matthew Mac Dermott, a physician (who married the daughter of Mac Dermott, of Ballinvilla, by whom he had one son, Charles, who went a physician to Jamaica, and there

(a) This portion of the pedigree has been kindly communicated by the Mulloy family of Oakport, from traditions and vouchers, which their proximity, relationship, and intelligence, gave them peculiar facilities for acquiring.

died, unmarried). 5. Charles Mac Dermott Roe, who married Eleanor, sister of Charles O'Conor, of Bealinagar, by whom he had issue-Reverting to the above-mentioned Thomas Mac Dermott Roe: he, on the death of his elder brother, became the heir of John of Kilronan and Camach; rebuilt the mansion-house of Alderford, on the family estate; married, in 1777, Margaret, daughter of Coote Mulloy, of Hughstown; and died in February, 1823, aged 79,leaving by her two sons, Ffrench and Mulloy Mac Dermott; and two daughters, Margaret and Cecilia, who died unmarried. Ffrench Mac Dermott Roe married Catherine, daughter of Archibald Fraser, Esq., and dying in November, 1827, left by her Thomas, of Alderford House, his eldest son, the present representative of the "Mac Dermott Roe" line; William Ffrench, his second son, now an officer in the 49th Regiment of Foot; and three daughters: of whom Margaret, the eldest, intermarried with the Rev. Richard Swift, a descendant of the celebrated Dean Swift. Mulloy Mac Dermott, the second son of Thomas, married, in 1813, Sarah, daughter of William Lloyd, of Rockville, Esq., and dying, in 1835, left by her four daughters, and one son, Thomas, who, after being called to the bar, married, in June, 1841, the daughter of George Digby, of Drumdaffe, County Roscommon, and died in the following year, leaving no issue him surviving.

The History of the Barony, which was the ancient inheritance of the Mac Dermots, necessarily contains numerous other notices associated with this family, but being also of much local interest, they are there, as it seemed, more properly, set forth.

Contiguous to Alderford House, as before suggested, and on the estate of Mac Dermott Roe, is the thriving little town of Ballyfarnon, the creation, it may be said, of a resident landlord, who only acquired the inheritance within the last twelve years; and which already contains upwards of 40 houses, of which 32 are two stories, and 2 three stories

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