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of the County of Longford,” and containing notices of Longford, Granard, Lanesborough, and St. Johnstown.

37. One volume octavo, so designed, in aid of a “History of the County of Mayo,” and containing notices of Castlebar, Cong, Mayo, Burrishoole, and Lough Conn.

38. One volume octavo, so designed, in aid of a' “ History of the County of Monaghan,” but at present only comprising notices of the general history of the county, with that of the town of Monaghan.

39. One volume octavo, so designed, in aid of a “History of the Queen's County,” and containing notices of the general history of that county, with others of Maryborough, Portarlington, Ballynakill, Dunamase, and Leix Castle.

40. One volume octavo, compilations in aid of a “History of the County of Sligo,” comprising notices for its general history,

, and that of its chief localities.

41. One volume octavo, designed for similar compilations in aid of the “ History of the County of Tyrone,” and containing some few notices of Omagh, Strabane, Dungannon, and Clogher.

42. One volume octavo, compilations in aid of the “ History of the County of Waterford,” comprising very full notices of the City of Waterford, and Manor of St. John, with those of the towns of Dungarvan, Kilmacthomas, and Lismore, and notes of excursions and local observations through the county.

43. Two volumes octavo, compilations in aid of the “ History of the County of Westmeath,” containing notices of many of its leading localities, as Mullingar, Athlone, Multifarnham, Fore, Killare, Tristernagh, Lynn, Usneach, &c.

44. Two volumes octavo, containing very full compilations for a much needed “Corporate, Civil, and Ecclesiastical History of the City of Dublin,” and of its parishes, cathedrals, churches, castle, college, hospitals, and literary institutions, with the associations and records of even its several streets, squares, quays, &c. [These materials would extend through, at least, three volumes.]

45. One volume octavo, entitled “ The Course of the Shannon,” being a very full compilation in aid of a history of this

noble river, its sources and tributaries, from its earliest springs to the town of Carrick, and comprising, thus far, illustrations of its scenery, statistics, and historic associations, with memoirs of the septs and families that have flourished on its banks. This was intended as the first volume of illustrations, that should have followed the river to its mouth.

46. Two volumes octavo, compilations for illustrating the various localities of Ireland, drawn up in an alphabetical arrangement, from “ Abbey feale” to “Any."

47. One volume octavo, compilations to illustrate a tour through the Counties of Dublin, Kildare, Queen's County, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford, and Wicklow.

48. Three volumes octavo, Diocesan Records, in which the ecclesiastical and civil histories, the valuations, visitations, and returns, the rights of ecclesiastical and lay patronage, the state of consistorial registries, the extent and amount of church lands, glebes, and tithes, are stated, with proofs, and classified under the respective dioceses.

49. One volume octavo, being a Digest of all the Funds that, as far as ascertained on extensive searches, have been designed for any species of charitable uses in Ireland, classed under the respective counties, at the localities either charged therewith, or intended to be benefited thereby.

50. One volume octavo, containing collections on the Poor Law in Ireland, its effects and defects, with modes of relieving the poor, according to local resources, and with aid from funds heretofore appropriated for their support.

51. Two volumes quarto, enumerating the various castles, abbeys, antiquities, and other scenes of interest in the several counties of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, alphabetically arranged.

52. Three volumes quarto, compilations to illustrate pedigrees selected from the Indexes, No. 2, as they were desired for legal or literary purposes, for honours, achievements, or rights of descent, and with notes of the authorities for each assertion.

Vol. 1, containing such notices of the families of O'Toole, O'Kelly, Tyrrel, Lynch, O'Melaghlin, O'Donnel, Caulfield, Vernon, &c.

Vol. 2, similar compilations and notices of the families of St. Lawrence, Byrne, Mac Donnell, Hill, Roche, Malone, &c.

Vol. 3, similar compilations and notices of the families of Brabazon, Nugent, Quin, Vesey, O'Donoghue, Byam, Howard, &c.

53. Thirty volumes octavo, similar compilations for illustrating the histories of families, with the authorities, selected as the last, and for the same reasons and object; being, in truth, a continuation of the three former, and as such are they classed and arranged.

Vol. 4, contains similar compilations and notices of the families of De Bathe, Hudson, Johnstone, and Tracy.

Vol. 5, ditto, of the families of Wyse, O'Mahony, and Crawford.

Vol. 6, ditto, of the families of Esmonde, Wellesley, Eustace, Mac Mahon, and Nugent.

Vol. 7, ditto, of the families of O'Fallon, Everard, Vaughan, Hacket, &c.

Vol. 8, ditto, of the family of St. Lawrence exclusively.
Vol. 9, ditto, of the family of Talbot exclusively.
Vol. 10, ditto, of the family of Vernon exclusively.
Vol. 11, ditto, of the family of Barnewall exclusively.
Vol. 12, ditto, of the family of D’Alton exclusively.

Vols. 13 and 14, ditto, of the family of Malone, most fully and exclusively.

Vol. 15, ditto, of the family of Taylor exclusively.

Vol. 16, ditto, of the families of O'Neill, Mac Donnell, Skeffington, O'Hara, Boyd, Adair, Mac Naghton, Mac Awley, Macartney, O'Cahan, Irving, Bisset, Pakenham, Heyland, Vaughan, Upton, &c. [This volume was chiefly compiled in aid of the proposed “History of the County Antrim," ante, No. 12.]

Vols. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22, as yet blank.

Vol. 23, similar compilations, as before mentioned, of the family of Hamilton exclusively.

Vol. 24, ditto, of the family of Fagan exclusively.
Vol. 25, ditto, of the family of Fitz-Patrick exclusively.

Vol. 26, ditto, of the families of Fortescue, Rice, Browne, Bodkin, Brooke, Snow, Mac Mahon, O'Halloran, &c.

Vol. 27, ditto, of the families of Tuite, Barnewall, Taaffe, Preston, Gernon, Netterville, Dowdall, D'Arcey, Plunket, Hill, Aylmer, Delahoyde, Segrave, Ball, Pepper, Bellew, Cheevers, &c.

Vol. 28, ditto, of the families of Burnell, Vernon, Bermingham, Cusack, Dardis, O'Rourke, O'Flaherty, Lloyd, Blake, and Lawder.

Vol. 29, ditto, of the families of King, Molloy, Mac Dermott, Tenison, O'Flanagan, Kennedy, Lacy, Doherty, Costello, Petit, Reynolds, De Courcy, &c.

Vol. 30, ditto, of the families of Daly, Dod, Cogan, Coghlan, Mac Carthy, O'Ferral, &c.

54. One volume folio, History of Ireland during the Reign of Henry the Second.

55. One volume folio, ditto, enlarged.

56, 57, 58, 59, 60, and 61. Octavo volumes of further miscellaneous compilations in aid of Irish Historical Researches.

62. One volume duodecimo, containing collections in aid of Irish antiquarian researches.

63. One volume duodecimo, references for the illustration of family histories, arranged by surnames.

64. One volume octavo, entitled “ Bibliotheca Literaria,” being a dictionary classification of the various subjects of usual literary research, objects of scenery, and natural history, with references under each respectively to passages illustrative thereof in approved authors.

65. Two volumes octavo, Catalogue Raisonné,” of all the works in the College Library, of popular and general interest; classed under the heads of Divinity, Law, Medicine, History, Biography, Politics, Travels, Voyages, Geography, Antiquities, Poetry and Drama, Arts and Sciences, and Natural History.

66. One volume, large folio, comprising a full list of all the outlawries that issued from the King's Bench in Ireland, for treasons, from 1640 to 1698, alphabetically arranged in columns, under

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the respective heads of " Parties' Names,” “Places of Residence," “ Dates of Inquisitions,” and “ Places where held.”

67. Two volumes quarto, Excursions round Clifton and Bath, and in South Wales, made in 1826, and drawn up immediately after for the Press, but never since printed. This work, though of lighter literature, yet embraces, with the scenery, notes of antiquarian and monumental remains.

68. Eight volumes octavo, Notes of other Excursions, Monumental and Antiquarian Researches, in England and Wales.

With sundry other literary unprinted compilations, volumes of excursions through Ireland; volumes of Law Common-place Books and Reports, &c. &c. &c.; comprising in the whole 200 volumes, all of the compiler's own collecting and handwriting; and through the facilities afforded hereby, has he, within the last few years, printed and published, on his own risk, the following Historical Works :

“Essay on the Ancient History, Religion, Learning, Arts and Government of Ireland,” [Of this work, it having been a Prize Essay, to which the full sum proposed, £80, was awarded, with the Gold Medal, the first edition has been embodied in the Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, vol. xvi. part i. 4to. 379 pages.]

• History of Tithes, Church Lands, and other Ecclesiastical Revenues in Ireland.” [Now out of print.]

History of the County of Dublin,” with “Memoirs of the Archbishops of Dublin,” 2 vols. Royal paper. Price £2 28. [Now out of print.]

“History of the County of Dublin,” 1 vol. octavo. 950 pages. Price 12s.

“Memoirs of the Archbishops of Dublin," l vol. octavo. 500

pages. Price 5s.

History of Drogheda, Corporate, Civil, and Ecclesiastical. With a Memoir of the Dublin and Drogheda Railway.” 2 vols. octavo, embellished with 24 engravings and maps on steel. Price £1(a).

(a) Some few remaining copies of these last works can be had at the above prices, on an early application to the Author.

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