Dissident, 2007 - 248 Seiten

A Scathing, Thrill-filled Offering

JM Ferranto's new mystery thriller spews out a scathing social commentary on modern society.

As a college student ten years ago, JM Ferranto laid the groundwork of a grand, deeply personal project; a multi-dimensional, thrill-filled mystery novel that would also serve as a scathing social commentary on modern society

Dissident, is a mystery thriller that deeply explores some of human society's most pressing issues: the abortion debates, the theory of "Nature vs. Nurture", and of life's most critical choices; the ones that send ripples of impact throughout a person's existence. Set in the fictional eastern Pennsylvanian town of Revolution, Ferranto's masterfully-written work follows the trail of Isabella Esposito, and her long, strange journey of self-discovery. After a three-year search for her biological parents, Isabella finds herself facing the barrel of a 9MM handgun and then passes out from a blow to the head. In her unconscious state, every decision that led her to this point plays out in her mind and unravels a riveting, thought-provoking story.

A powerful tale of family, right and wrong, and the choices we make in life, Ferranto's novel is a thought-provoking mystery thriller that tackles a myriad of pressing social issues and bitingly asks: If a child is unwanted at conception, can it ever truly be wanted?


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