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that, and the other way at pleasure, and do what they list; But I hope will observe another rather than an Home-dweller. Were it in my Province I could name One or Two. But any with your Honours Commission will be welcome ; and shall with rejoycing be so to me.

Possibly the condition and danger we are in may draw more than is convenient from me. And, yet, if it may be no otherwise than now it is ; I must pay a tribute to lay my Commission at your Honours Foot.

I bave been ready to serve my Country, and this town, under many disadvantages, dissatisfactions, and discouragements; but may not, and cannot, hold out longer; with the vsage I meet with. I am, Sir, Your Honours most humble Servant




n compliance with the requirements of the By-Laws, Chap-

ter VII., Article 2, the Treasurer respectfully submits his Annual Report, made up to March 31, 1910.

The special funds now held by the Treasurer are twentynine in number. Of these special funds twenty-two were particularly numbered and described in the Treasurer's report for the year ending March 30, 1907. The remaining special funds were numbered and described as follows in the Treasurer's report for the year ending March 31, 1909, namely:

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The Sanford Fund, the income of which was applicable to the general purposes of the Society, has been transferred to, and now forms a part of, the General Fund, and in place thereof is xxvi, the EDMUND FARWELL SLAFTER FUND, being a legacy of one thousand dollars under the will of Rev. Edmund Farwell Slafter, D.D., received by the Treasurer March 7, 1910, the purpose of the Fund being as stated in the will,

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to form a Library Fund, or to be added to a library fund already existing, the income of wbich is to be expended for the increase and enrichment of the Library of said Society.

1 3 Proc., 1. 6–26.


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In accordance with a vote of the Council on December 8, 1909, the Treasurer has

set apart one-fourth of the principal of said bequest and one-fourth of the income earned and accumulated in accordance with the terms of Mr. Sibley's gift ... and that hereafter the entire income from the Centenary Fund be annually added to the principal until the expiration of the term named in Mr. Sibley's bequest, namely, January 22, 2002.

The principal of the John Langdon Sibley Centenary Fund with the accumulated income now amounts to $47,609.30.

The two funds remaining are uhe two special investments referred to in detail in the Treasurer's report for the year ending March 31, 1909, namely:

The BRATTLE STREET CHURCH MODEL FUND of one hundred dollars and the accumulated income which now amounts to $117.11, and which is solely applicable to the care and preservation of the Model of the Brattle Street Church which was received in April, 1887, and which fund is now invested in the Boston Five Cents Savings Bank; and,

The M. A. PARKER FUND, deposited in the Provident Institution for Savings, the original amount of which was one thousand dollars, including the gift of Mr. Thomas Minns, as stated in my last report, the accumulated income on the same being $76.29. The interest on the latter fund is to be used for the purchase of books for the Library, and now appears in the Treasurer's annexed statement as the M. A. Parker Fund, which together with the Church Model Fund is a special investment, and the income received therefrom is not included in the consolidated income.

The only legacy received during the year is that under the will of Edmund Farwell Slafter, D.D., before referred to. The securities held by the Treasurer as investments on account of the above mentioned funds are as follows:

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DUE Chicago & West Michigan R. R. Co. 5% 1921

$14,000.00 Chicago & North Michigan R. R. Co. 5% 1931

1,000.00 Rio Grande Western R. R, Co. 4% 1939

5,000.00 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. 4% 1921

8,000.00 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. 4% 1922

2,000.00 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. 31% 1949

4,000.00 Cincinnati, Dayton & Ironton R. R. 5% 1941

5,000.00 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé R. R. 4% 1995

14,500.00 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé R. R. 4% 1995 " adjustment” 9,000.00 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé R. R. 4% 1995" convertible" 3,000.00 Chicago Jct. & Union Stock Yds. 5% 1915

13,000.00 Oregon Short Line R. R. Co.


10,000.00 United Zinc & Chemical Co.


30,000.00 Oregon Short Line R. R. Co. 4% 1929

10,000.00 Lewiston-Concord Bridge Co. 5% 1924

12,000.00 Boston & Maine R. R. Co.

41% 1944

6,000.00 American Tel. & Tel. Co.


10,000.00 Northern Pacific, & Great Northern R. R. Cos.

4% 1921 "joint" 50,000.00 Kansas City Stock Yards Co.

1913 "convertible" 12,000.00 Long Island R. R. Co.


6,000.00 New York Central & H. R. R. R. Co. 4% 1934

15,000.00 Bangor & Aroostook R. R. Co.


10,000.00 Detroit, Grand Rapids & Western R. R. Co.


2,000.00 Fitchburg R. R. Co.


9,000.00 Kansas City, Clinton, & Springfield R. R. Co.

5% 1925

3,000.00 Lowell, Lawrence & Haverhill Street Railway Co.

5% 1923

2,000.00 West End Street Ry. Co.

4% 1915

6,000.00 Washington Water Power Co.

10,000.00 United Electric Securities


15,000.00 Blackstone Valley Gas & Elec. Co. 4%

10,000.00 Western Tel. & Tel. Co.


5,000.00 Maine Central R. R.


5,000.00 Par value $316,500.00




4% 4%






50 Merchants National Bank, Boston. 50 State National Bank, Boston . 50 National Bank of Commerce, Boston 50 National Union Bank, Boston . 50 Second National Bank, Boston 25 National Shawmut Bank, Boston 35 Boston & Albany R. R. Co. 25 Old Colony R. R. Co. 25 Fitchburg R. R. Co. Pfd. 150 Chicago Jct. Rys. & Union Stock Yards Co. Pfd. 150 American Smelting & Refining Co. Pfd. 158 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé R. R. Co. Pfd. 302 Kansas City Stock Yards Co. 10 Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co.. 6 Boston Real Estate Trust 5 State Street Exchange 3 Pacific Mills 50 Seattle Electric Co. Pfd. 1194 Shares

PAR $5,000.00 5,000.00 5,000.00 5,000.00 5,000.00 2,500,00 3,500.00 2,500.00 2,500.00 15,000.00 15,000.00 15,800.00 30,200.00

1,000.00 6,000.00

500.00 3,000.00

5,000.00 $127,500.00

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The balance sheet follows and shows the present condition of the several accounts:

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