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HE Treasurer reports the amounts of the several funds of

the Society, the accrued income of each as of April 1, 1910, together with such restrictions upon the use of the principal or income as are found in the gift or bequest.


$3,000, the bequest of William Amory, received January 7, 1889.

Voted, January 10, 1889, “ That the income be applied to

the general purposes of the Society; or to such specified
objects as may be directed from time to time.”

2 Proceedings, iv. 236. $3,000, principal.

Accumulated income, $1,735.23
PUBLICATIONS : 6 Collections, x.

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$1,000.00, the gift of a Resident Member, April 14, 1877.

2 Proceedings, 11. 277. 250.00, the gift of the same member, April, 1888.

2 Proceedings, iv. 353. Donor instructed Treasurer that “the income is to be added to the principal until the Annual Meeting in

- the close of the second century from the organization of the Society. All the papers relating to the fund bave been sealed up, and placed with other evidences of property belonging to the Society.”

2 Proceedings, XIII. 66. $4,118.53, present amount of fund.


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APPLETON FUND. $10,000, the gift, November 18, 1854, of Nathan Appleton, William

Appleton, and Nathaniel I. Bowditch, trustees under the will of Samuel Appleton, “ in accordance with what we

believe to have been his wish.” i Proceedings, II. 597. Voted, January 11, 1855, that “the income of the same,

the accounts of which shall be kept separately from the other receipts and expenditures of the Society, be applied for ever exclusively to the procuring, preservation, preparation, and publication of historical papers' being the objects specified in the letter of the Trustees."

1 Proceedings, 11. 600. Notice is to be inserted in each volume that is published at the charge of this fund.

1 Proceedings, 11. 601. $12,203, principal, realized from sale of stocks, March, 1863.

Accumulated income, $6,236.29 PUBLICATIONS: 4 Collections, 111-x; 5 Collections,

1-IV”; 6 Collections, II, V, VIII; 7 Collections, I, IVVI; 1 Proceedings, III-vii, in part.

ERASTUS B. BIGELOW FUND. $1,000, gift of Mrs. Helen Bigelow Merriman, January 31, 1881, “ in

grateful remembrance of his [her father Erastus B. Bigelow] pleasant connection with the Historical Society":

received February 10, 1881. 1 Proceedings, XVIII. 323. The Treasurer, in his report of April, 1893, says, “it is not

proposed to add the income to the principal after the amount reaches the sum of $2,000.” This amount was reached in that year.

2 Proceedings, VIII. 187. $2,000, principal.

Accumulated income, $552.36


ROBERT CHARLES BILLINGS FUND. $10,000, gift of the surviving executors, Thomas Minns and Joseph S.

Kendall, of the will of Robert Charles Billings; received

April 16, 1903. 2 Proceedings, XVII, 235; XVIII. 276. Voted, That “ the income only to be used for publications."

2 Proceedings, xvii. 235. $10,000, principal.

Accumulated income, $2,428.09
PUBLICATION : 2 Proceedings, XIX.
11 to 4 Collections, II., cost paid out of General Account ; ? V.-VII.; 81,
II.; and 4 the other part from the same source.


$100, deposit book in the Boston Five Cents Savings Bank; received, April, 1887, with the Model for its “care and preservation.”

1 Proceedings, xv. 264; 3 Proceedings, 1. 13, 417. $100, principal.

Accumulated income, $117.11

BUILDING ACCOUNT. $72,990.32, value of the Society's real estate as it stands on the

Treasurer's books. 2 Proceedings, xx, 225.

$10,062.01, bequest of Mellen Chamberlain ; received, $5,520 on

December 16, 1903, $4,442.53 in May, 1906, and
$99.48 in June: to defray the cost of publishing

bis "History of Chelsea." $971.25, balance after publication.

261.08, sales.
$1,232.33, amount to be funded “as a perpetual memorial of the

interest which our honored associate took in the
work of the Society."

3 Proceedings, 1. 13.
Voted, June 11, 1908: “that the annual interest upon

the deposit be permitted to accumulate and com-
pound until such time as it shall be reasonably cer-
tain that substantially the entire amount which is
likely to be received from the sale of the History
has been already paid into the Treasury, and that
then the sum with its interest accumulations be in-
vested as a part of the General Fund of the Society,
or applied to such other purposes as the Society or
its Council may

direct." 3 Proceedings, 1. 509.

Accumulated income, $58.67


Dowse FUND.
$10,000, gift, April 9, 1857, by George Livermore and Eben. Dale,

executors of the will of Thomas Dowse, who say in
their letter of that date “ That the Library which is
now transferred to the Historical Society may be for-
ever preserved and used in accordance with the views
of the donor, and the votes of the Society at the time
the gift was accepted, the executors, in accordance with

[APRIL, the trust imposed upon them by the will of Mr. Dowse, have decided to appropriate the sum of ten thousand dollars, as “the Dowse Fund of the Massachusetts Historical Society': the principal to be forever intact, and the income to be used for the purposes above named.”

1 Proceedings, III. 172.
Voted, August 5, 1856, “ that the said donation (of books]

is gratefully accepted by the Society upon the terms
prescribed by the liberal and enlightened donor," upon
the single condition that they shall be preserved forever
in a room by themselves, only to be used in said room."

1 Proceedings, 11. 108; 2 Proceedings, VIII. 334.
Income each year placed to the credit of the General

Account in accordance with what was understood to be

the wish of the executors.
$10,000, principal. Balance of income to General Account, $594.60

Ellis FUND.

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quest in

$30,000.00, bequest of Dr. George E. Ellis, received December 20,

1895: “My wish and expectation are that the be

money will yield sufficient annual income to insure, maintain, and repair the property."

2 Proceedings, x. 1, 149, 404. 1,663.66, added from sale of personal property.

2 Proceedings, XVII. 219.
$31,663.66, principal. Balance of income to General Account,

$25,000, from sale of the home property, is invested in the Society's

real estate.

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$3,000, gift by Vrylena, widow of Richard Frothingham, March 23,

1 Proceedings, xx. 174.
Voted : “so to employ the interest of said fund, by accumu-

lation for a time or otherwise, under the direction and
discretion of the Council as to them shall seem best for the

welfare of the Society.” 1 Proceedings, xx. 175.
$3,000, principal.

Accumulated income, $2,676.06
PUBLICATIONS : 6 Collections, vi, VII; Catalogue of the

Cabinet (1885).


1. $2,000.00, gift of William Minot, and William Minot, Jr., ex

ecutors of the Will of Miss Mary Prince Townsend from her residuary estate given to them in trust, June 13, 1861.

1 Proceedings, v. 203. 2. $2,000.00, bequest of Henry Harris, received July, 1867.

1 Proceedings, x. 39. 3. $1,000.00, legacy of George Bemis, received March, 1879.

1 Proceedings, xvII. 69. $100.00, gift of Ralph Waldo Emerson, received April, 1881.

1 Proceedings, xix. 292. 5. $1,000.00, legacy of Williams Latham, received May, 1884.

2 Proceedings, 11. 74. 6. $900.00, bequest of George Dexter, received June, 1884.

337.56, sale of subscription rights. $1,237.56

2 Proceedings, 11. 74; xvi. 133. 7. $1,000.00, legacy of E. R. Hoar, received February, 1895.

2 Proceedings, x. 129. $100.00, gift of Horace Davis, received April, 1904.

2 Proceedings, xviii. 264. 9. $100.00, gift of Edward D. Harris, received March, 1905.

2 Proceedings, xix. 208. 10. $4500.00, thirty commutation fees at $150 each.

3 Proceedings, 1. 9 Voted, June 13, 1907, that the Treasurer repay “to

said members from the General Fund a propor, tional amount of the sums received from them, they being credited with annual interest and being debited with the regular annual fee from the date when the commutation fees were severally paid.”

3 Proceedings, 1. 97. Amount repaid by the Treasurer from the income $674.75.

3 Proceedings, 1. 422 11. $29,955.17, withdrawn from sale of the Tremont Street estate.

2 Proceedings, xv. 33. 731.70, from Boston Medical Library for party wall. $30,686.87

2 Proceedings, xvi. 133. 397.00, spent for permanent improvements and credited to the Building Account on March 31, 1906.

3 Proceedings, 1. 10. $30,289.87

2 Proceedings, xx. 211.

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