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(APRIL, $100.00, from sale of bond March, 1888.

2 Proceedings, ax. 212. $1,000.00, bequest of John Elliot Sanford, received in 1908.

Proceedings, xlii. 242.
$44,427.43, principal.

Balance of income to General Account, $2,717,52
Income had paid for the portrait of George Liver.

more, painted by Carroll Beckwith, New York,
1904, $1,538.80.

2 Proceedings, xix. 83-86, 216, 224.
PUBLICATION: 2 Proceedings, vii.

$3,000, the bequest of Abbott Lawrence (H. U. 1849), received

June 14, 1894.
The will requires that the income shall be expended in pub-
lishing the Collections and Proceedings of the Society.

2 Proceedings, ix. 96.
$3,000, principal.

Accumulated income, $1087.06
PUBLICATION : 2 Proceedings, XVII,

$3,000, the bequest of Hon. John Lowell (H. U. 1843), received

September 13, 1897. 2 Proceedings, XII. 180.
Voted, That the income thereof “be applied to such pur-
poses as the Council may from time to time authorize."

2 Proceedings, xn. 1.
$3,000, principal

Accumulated income, $365,73
PUBLICATION : 2 Proceedings, XX.

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$2,000, gift, October 15, 1855, by David Sears, by deed of trust,

accepted by the Society November 8, 1855, “ the same,
with its accumulations and income, again so invest, and
keep invested, to establish and constitute a permanent
fund ... the annual income of said fund to be added
to the principal annually, between the months of July
and January, to form a new capital of said fund; . . .
it being understood, that, in any year before said annual
income is so invested, said Historical Society, and its
successors may, under a recorded vote, draw forth and
receive said past year's income, to be expended in such

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objects as to them may seem desirable. . . . further,
whenever, in aid of other means, to purchase or provide
for desirable objects, appurtenant to the library or halls of
the Society; either for embellishments or alterations, or
for paintings, including portraits of distinguished citizens
and deceased members; or for works of art, &c., – then,
and in either of these cases, the said Trustees may, under
a recorded vote of authority of the Society, draw out and
receive the whole, or any part, of said accumulations of
said fund, to be expended by them in either or any of the
above-named purposes. Provided always, that in no
case whatever shall the original trust-sum be encroached
upon or diminished.”

1 Proceedings, III. 45-47.
$500, gift, December 26, 1866, by Mr. Sears.

by Nathaniel Thayer.

1 Proceedings, x. 10.
Voted, June 14, 1877 : “to add ... the annual income

thereof until the principal and accumulated interest, to-
gether with any gifts or legacies to the Society for that
purpose, shall amount to the sum of $10,000; and that
thereafter the Society will annually appropriate the
income of said fund in the manner presented in the Dec-
laration of Trust of the late Hon. David Sears, dated,
October 15, 1855, and accepted by the Society on Nov
vember 8, 1855.

1 Proceedings, xv. 305. $7,000, accumulated income added October 12, 1882. The amount

over this, $157.87, was appropriated toward the publi-
cation of the “ Trumbull Papers.”

1 Proceedings, xix. 386,
Vote taken annually at the May Meeting to retain the in-

come in the treasury.
$10,000, principal, by vote. Accumulated income, $5,271.57

The Income paid for several marble pedestals for busts,
at a cost of $617.

2 Proceedings, XVII. 224.
PUBLICATIONS: 5 Collections,' ix, x; 6 Collections, iv,

IX; 7 Collections, II, III.

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M. A. PARKER FUND. $1,000, deposit book of Miss Maria Antoinette Parker, February 1,

1821, and gifts by Thomas Minns, $800, October, 1906,

and $124.29, March 27, 1908. VIII, cost contributed by Robert C. Winthrop, Jr. - 1 Proceedings, XIX. 356.


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Request of donor that the “ interest on this gift is to be used for the purchase of books for the Library.”

3 Proceedings, 1. 418. $1,000, principal.

Accumulated income, $76.29


$20,000, gift by George Peabody, January 1, 1867, in bonds

" which bonds, or their proceeds, shall be held by them as a permanent trust-fund, of which the income shall be appropriated to the publication and illustration of the Proceedings and Memoirs, and to the preservation of

their Historical Portraits." 1 Proceedings, IX. 438. $22,123, net proceeds of the sale of bonds, February 4, 1874.

1 Proceedings, XIII. 275.

Accumulated income, $4,318.58 PUBLICATIONS: 1 Proceedings, I, II, IX-XX, and Index ;

2 Proceedings, 1-VI, VII, XI-XVI, and Index.


$5,000, the bequest of Stephen Salisbury (H. U. 1856), received April 11, 1907.

3 Proceedings, 1. 1, 418. $5,000, principal. Balance of income to General Account, $299.17


85,000, the bequest by James Savage received, by vote, June 12, 1873. His will says:

" of the income whereof no use shall be made except for the increase of said Society's library, at the discretion of said Society's Standing Committee, who shall annually make report of their doings herein."

1 Proceedings, XIII. 50. $1,000, added by change of investment in 1887.

2 Proceedings, 11. 285; iv. 111. $6,000, principal.

Accumulated income, $527.96

CHARLOTTE A. L. SIBLEY FUND. $22,509.48, the bequest of Mrs. Sibley, received in two instalments,

August 5, 1903, and April 18, 1904. Her will says:

1 1x, x, cost paid out of General Account.

“Without any restrictions, to be used and appropriated for the purposes of its [the Society's) incorporation, in such manner as it shall deem expedient.'

2 Proceedings, 11. 169; xvi. 22, $22,509.48, principal. Balance of income to General Account,



$161,169.33, the bequest of John Langdon Sibley, received in two in

stalments, August 5, 1903, and April 18, 1904. His will

says: "the income thereof to be applied to the publication of Biographical Sketches of the graduates of Harvard University, written in the same general manner as the sketches already published by me, and in continuance thereof. If any income then remain, the same shall be applied first to the purchase of printed books, pamphlets, or manuscripts, the same being composed by graduates of Harvard University, or relating to such graduates; and next to the general

purposes of the Society." After setting apart the Sibley Centenary Fund, in accord

ance with a vote of the Council on December 8, 1909, as given below, the income of the remaining threefourths will be applied in accordance with the purposes named above.

2 Proceedings, 11. 169. $121.077.00, principal.

Accumulated income, $22,707.27


$44,921.51, part of Mr. Sibley's bequest.

Vote of the Council, December 8, 1909, authorized the

Treasurer to “set apart" this sum, “one-fourth of the principal of said bequest and one-fourth of the income earned and accumulated in accordance with the terms of Mr. Sibley's gift ... and that hereafter the entire income from the Centenary Fund be annually added to the principal until the expiration of the term named in

Mr. Sibley's bequest, namely, January 22, 2002. $47,609.30, present amount of the fund.



$1,000, legacy of Edmund Farwell Slafter received March 7, 1910.

See ante, 520.

His will says: “to form a Library Fund, or to be added
to a library fund already existing, the income of which is
to be expended for the increase and enrichment of the

Library of said Society.”
$1,000, principal.


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$5,000, the bequest of Rev. Robert C. Waterston, received April

21, 1900, a compromise, as the result of a legal question,
as to the $10,000 bequest mentioned in Proceedings

, 2d
series, viii. 172. His will says: “to accompany the col-
lection of Autograph Letters, Papers and Documents .
the income thereof to be appropriated to the printing and
publishing of a complete catalogue of said Autograph
papers, with proper description thereof and the printing
in whole or in part of such papers as may be deemed de-
sirable, also to the arrangement for their more convenient
use and safe keeping, also for the purchase from time
to time of any autograph letters and papers of literary or
historical interest or value.

These letters and papers to
be added to the above named collection, and the whole to
be known and named as the Waterston Collection."

2 Proceedings, viii. 172.
$5,000, principal.

Accumulated income, $1,200.92
PUBLICATION : Catalogue of the Waterston Library, issued

in February, 1906.



$10,000, the bequest of Rev. Robert C. Waterston, received April
21, 1900. His will says:

6 the income thereof to be
used in the printing and publishing of any important or
interesting Autograph, original Manuscripts, Letters or
Documents which may be in possession of said Society,

.. and the volumes thus printed to be designated in the volume as published by said Fund, and copies of such volumes, as far as considered desirable by the Standing Committee, to be sent to other Historical Societies or Public Libraries.”

2 Proceedings, viii. 172. $10,000, principal.

Accumulated income, $4,750.75

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