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But none of these came to pass with me in the way that Satan predicted they would.

But, on the other hand, every promise that God sent to me stood fast. The first word that ever came to me from him was, “ Believe that I am in you, and you in me;" and that moment everlasting light shone into my soul, to shew me where I was; and there it is to this day.

The next was, “ He that overcometh shall inherit all things.” God did enable me to overcome in that dreadful temptation; and I believe to this day that God hath called me that I might receive the reward of eternal inheritance."

The next was, “ Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." And at that time righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost, filled my heart.

Being once much concerned in my mind about the state of many poor quiet people who did not run to the same excess of riot as many do, I asked the Lord what would become of them, and he faid, “ Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

Being at another time brought into bondage by disputing with an old Arminian, and being fadly toffed in my mind between free will and free grace, and some passages of scripture which seem to favour both, the Lord spoke to me thus, “ Do not the scriptures say that no man can come to me except the Father draw him?" I answered, I



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know they say so. Then it came again, saying, “ If you can find a place where it says that a man can come without being drawn, then you may prove the Bible lies ;” and away went all my confusion and bondage, and sweet tranquillity followed. From that moment Arminianism kicked the beam, nor did it ever stagger me afterwards ; and I am at a point that none but the devil is the author of that system.

When I carried coals, a person came into the neighbourhood, and took a rooin for an Oxford Blue to preach in. A voice told me that that room was opened for me. When the man came to speak his mouth was stopped, and I was invited to spcak there, which I afterwards did for some ye.irş.

One Sunday morning, going out to hear a mis nister that was to preach out of doors, a voice came to me saying, “ You must preach out of doors to-day;" and it told me what text I was to Speak from allo; and the minister that was expected disappointed the people, for he came not ; so they constrained me to speak, which I did all that summer, and the summer following.

Being once in great distress and want, these words were spoken to my heart, “ I know thy tribulation, and poverty; but thou art rich.” And I believe, with my whole heart, that the Lord did take notice of my poverty and sufferings, by his ķind appearance for me afterwards in providence ;


and that the Lord is the portion of my soul I have no doubt, for he hath redeemed me; and “ the ransom of a man's life is his riches.” Prov. xiii, 8, When he sent me to London he told me to “prophely upon the thick boughs.” And surely none could be more opposed than I have been, by almost every diffenting minister and congregation; besides the oppositions that I have met with from falle-hearted friends, from worldlings, from devils, heretics, and hypocrites. And still the boughs are thick, and thick they will be as long as it pleases God to speak by me.

When I had that disturbance in the church, which you know of, God told me, by his Spirit, that he would avenge his own elect. And no finall number have got that vengeance lodged in their conscience to this day; besides the many that went out of the world in less than two years after God had discovered the bane of their hearts.

Soon after this, when I was wondering at their hardness of heart, and hearing of their continual calumny, he fpoke these words to me, “ When they shall cease to deal treacherously thou shalt deal treacherously with them.” This passage shewed me that they were to fill up their measure this way, and to go on reproaching me till they were weary of it; and that some would then defire to come back again; and that others, in their distress, when the judgments of God overtook


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them, would come to me for my counsel and my prayers; and, further, that I should be a favour of death unto death to them in my ministry, and a witness against them in the day of judgment: the former has come to pass already, and so will the latter.

When Europe appeared in such confufion under the influence of that fpirit of rebellion which the devil, by the instrumentality of Tom Paine, poured out upon men, I had long begged of God to shew me what part of his word contained this perilous time, and he told me it was “the hour of temptation,” as is related in a fermon lately published by me. And it was explained to me as being the same trial as came upon the Jews in the days of Jeremiah ; and that it was sent to try the obedience of professors, and the loyalty of the nations; and I soon perceived that no class of men in this nation were more easily taken, nor more effectually bound in these bonds of iniquity, than the hypocrites in Zion, and impostors in the ministry; and the calamity of both will come suddenly upon them. Thus my dear fister may see that what God speaks and applies comes to pass. But all the fearful predictions which came to me from Satan, in the days of my trouble, fell to the ground. And, as Satan can apply scripture, so can he also work by dreams. All the fearful and miserable dreams which he tormented me with, such as dying by suicide, being thrown into


wells, and down unfathomable precipices, and being burnt alive, and of coming to the worst of ends, and dying innumerable deaths ; have none of them, as yet, come to pass; nor do I believe they ever will; whereas the dreams which came from God all came to pass. One which I had in my distress was, I was climbing up the outside of a most spacious fine building, but many ene. mies opposed me; but I gained the height in spite of them all... .

Another was a most furious attack of a dreadful and formidable monster to devour me; but, though he made several attempts, yet he could not come near me by several feet. I wondered at this, and, looking up, faw a beautiful man smiling at me, and holding a chain in his hand, which chain was round the body of the beast, just as a monkey is chained. And I believe the Saviour holds the devil in chains to this day; so that he cannot destroy God's people, though he often tries.

I had another dream, which was that of two innumerable armies drawn up to engage on a very high and spacious plain. I was there to watch their motions, and to bear tidings; and, as soon as they began to engage, off I set over the plain and down into a narrow road, through a low and hollow field: the cannon and muskets roaring as I ran, I thought they might kill me ; but, looking towards the plain, I saw a very high


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