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Adelor J. Petit.....

.92 La Salle Street, Chicago

Recommended by W. T. Alden and Carl R. Latham.

Frank J. Quinn......

...Old Library Bldg., Peoria

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George F. Rearick....

...511 The Temple, Danville

Recommended by R. Allen Stephens and John F. Voigt. Carey W. Rhodes....

125 Monroe Street, Chicago

Recommended by Abraham Meyer and Alfred S. Austrian. Henry S. Robbins..

.Home Insurance Bldg., Chicago

Recommended by John C. Richberg and John F. Voigt.

John A. Rose......

.444 North Clark Street, Chicago Recommended by Frank L. Kreite and Frederick A. Brown. John C. Scully......

...427 Masonic Bldg., Peoria

Recommended by W. L. Ellwood and John F. Voigt.

Jno. J. Sherlock....

.1608 Fisher Bldg., Chicago

Recommended by Frederick A. Brown and John F. Voigt. Truman R. Snell.......


Recommended by James H. Matheny and Geo. T. Page. Charles B. Stafford...... 1602 Majestic Theatre Bldg., Chicago Recommended by Joseph B. David and W. M. McEwen. James P. St. Cerney..

.Arcade Bldg., Pekin Recommended by Frank J. Wilkins and William R. Curran. John Stelk...... .728, 99 Washington Street, Chicago Recommended by Frederick A. Brown and John F. Voigt. Redmond D. Stephens... ..1620 Corn Exchange Bank Bldg., Chicago Recommended by Frank H. Scott and John E. MacLeish, Harry C. Stuttle.....

. Litchfield

Recommended by Amos Miller and Paul McWilliams. A. E. Taff...... .486 Swearingen Bldg., Canton Recommended by Frederick M. Grant and C. E. Chiperfield. Bradford F. Thompson..


Recommended by Leslie D. Puterbaugh and W. W. Wright. Hiram E. Todd...... ..539 Woolner Bldg., Peoria Recommended by Robert H. Lovett and J. W. Maple.

James W. Tracey.....


Recommended by Winslow Evans and George J. Jochem. Charles Troup..... .401-6 Bridgett Bldg., Danville Recommended by J. B. Mann and John F. Voigt.

John W. Tweed.......

Broadway, Sparta

Recommended by John F. Voigt and Frank R. Reid. John F. Tyrrell......

....1411, 59 Clark Street, Chicago Recommended by F. R. Reid and W. M. McEwen.

Robert P. Vail.....

.422 Powers Bldg., Decatur

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John E. Wall.......

...Mercantile Bldg., Quincy

Recommended by S. A. Hubbard and C. B. McCrory. John E. W. Wayman....

Criminal Court Bldg., Chicago

Recommended by John F. Voigt and R. Allen Stephens.

Frank L. Wean....

434 Monadnock Block, Chicago

Recommended by Frederick A. Brown and John F. Voigt. Jos. A. Weil.................... .415, 19 Woolner Bldg., Peoria Recommended by Geo. T. Page and W. L. Ellwood. W. W. Wright, Jr......

Recommended by J. H. Pennick and W. W. Wright, Sr. L. O. Whitnel......

Recommended by A. K. Vickers and John F. Voigt.


E. St. Louis

THE CHAIRMAN: The next report is of the Committee on Law Reform, by Charles H. Hamill. Is Mr. Hamill here? (No response.)

The next report will be that of the Committee on Organization by Mr. Curran.

To the Illinois State Bar Association:

The duty assigned to this Committee, by the last Annual Meeting of this Association, is to make an effort to secure the formation of Local Bar Associations in each County of the State, where such organizations do not now exist, and to secure the active affiliation of all of the local Associations organized, and to be organized, so they will work in harmony with the State Association.

There are now organized in the State of Illinois, Local Bar Associations in 50 counties, the County of Cook has four local Associations, making a total of 54 local Associations, which are in harmony with and most of them affiliated with this Association.

Your Committee has extended invitations by correspondence to leading members of the profession in the remaining fifty-two counties of the State asking them to take steps to organize local Bar Associations in each of those counties, and to become affiliated with the State Association. In many of those counties Associations are now being organized. The names and officers of such organizations as are completed before the Annual Report is printed will be incorporated in the report for 1909; the committee have confidence that in the near future the organization of local Associations will be completed in all of the remaining counties of the State.

The committee have also corresponded with the officers of each of

the fifty-four local Associations requesting them to appoint delegates to this State Association meeting and inviting such of them as have not already become affiliated with the State Association to do so; the response has been generally favorable and a large number of delegates are in attendance at this meeting representing various of the local Associations. Respectfully submitted, .

Peoria, Ill., June 25, 1909.



Committee on Organization.

THE CHAIRMAN: The Association is in receipt of the following telegram:

"Illinois State Bar Association,

Peoria, Illinois.

Please accept fraternal greetings, our compliments and best wishes in your deliberations. Iowa State Bar Association, James W. Ballinger, President."

By the permission of the Association I will ask the Secretary to return our fraternal greetings to this Association, in the name of our President.

The next report will be the Report of the Special Committee to promote the reforms proposed by the Committee on Law Reform of 1908, by Nathan William MacChesney, Chairman.

The report is as follows:

GENTLEMEN: Your Special Committee to Promote the Reforms Proposed by the Committee on Law Reform of 1908 begs leave to submit the following report:

Your committee met during the first week of the legislature and discussed the various matters which have been formulated by the Committee on Law Reform for 1908 and endorsed by the Association at its Annual Meeting in Chicago. See proceedings, Illinois State Bar Association, 1908, I-162-165. These matters were then assigned to the different members of the committee and after further conference some of the bills necessary to carry into effect the recommendations were drafted and introduced in the legislature under the direction of and with the support of your committee. The matters which were so acted upon were as follows:

1. The Jury System.

A bill was drafted to so amend the jury system law that in the

drawing of jurors the selection should be made from a list comprising the names of all the men qualified for jury service in each precinct in the county and all jurors should be drawn from a box and no juror selected or summoned by an open venire, the intention being to practically extend the jury system in Cook County throughout the State. The bill failed to pass.

2. Code of Professional Ethics.

The committee drafted a bill providing that the oath of admission as given in the Code of Professional Ethics adopted by the American Bar Association be enacted into the Statute law in this State as the oath to be taken by the members of the Bar hereafter to be admitted to practice their profession in the State of Illinois. The oath is as follows:

I Do Solemnly Swear:

I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Illinois:

I will maintain the respect due to Courts of Justice and judicial officers;

I will not counsel or maintain any suit or proceeding which shall appear to me to be unjust, nor any defense except such as I believe to be honestly debatable under the law of the land;

I will employ for the purpose of maintaining the causes confided to me such means only as are consistent with truth and honor, and will never seek to mislead the Judge or jury by any artifice or false statement of fact or law;

I will maintain the confidence and preserve inviolate the secrets of my client, and will accept no compensation in connection with his business except from him or with his knowledge and approval;

I will abstain from all offensive personality, and advance no fact prejudicial to the honor or reputation of a party or witness, unless required by the justice of the cause with which I am charged;

I will never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed, or delay any man's cause for lucre or malice. So Help Me God.

This bill was introduced by Senator Billings as Senate Bill No. 75 (1909) but was defeated in the Senate by the lawyers there on the express ground that it was not a reasonable oath to be required under present conditions. Your committee regrets that this matter did not receive more favorable consideration as it believes that there is nothing contained in the oath to which any man who expects to observe the ethics of the profession should object.

3. Salaries of Clerks of the Supreme and Appellate Courts:

Bills were introduced providing that the offices of the Supreme and Appellate Court clerks should be put upon a salary basis and abolishing the fee system. The salary for the Supreme Court clerk and for the

clerk of the Appellate Court of the first district to be $6,000 a year and the salary of the clerks of the Appellate courts of the other districts to be an amount bearing the same relation to the salaries of the judges in those districts as the salary recommended does to that of the salaries in the first district. The committee believed that such a salary would be adequate compensation and that the time had arrived when sound public sentiment demanded the absolute abolition of the fee system in all offices connected in any way with the administration of justice at least where the receipts of such offices are sufficient to justify a salary which is fairly remunerative for the work done. The bill with reference to the Supreme Court clerk however was fought vigorously both at the legislature and in the press by the present clerk of the Supreme Court and both of the bills failed of passage.

4. Taxation.

Your committee urged before the legislature the passage of a bill providing for the appointment of an expert representative commission for the revision of the laws of the State of Illinois on taxation. The bill was passed and has been signed by the Governor and it is believed that a properly appointed commission can be of great service to the State.

5. Legislative Reference Bureau.

Your committee urged before the legislature the establishment of a complete legislative reference bureau in order that adequate information may be at hand with reference to contemplated legislation and that there might be careful and expert revision as to the form of bills introduced. A bill covering this matter was introduced by Senator Jones known as Senate No. 5 (1909) which passed the Senate but failed to pass the House. Your committee, following the instructions of the Association, used its influence to prevent any legislation though it might have been constitutional which was intended to take the place of Section 120 which had been held unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on the ground that it was of much greater importance to reduce the work of the Supreme Court than to secure any review, however desirable it might be in particular


As chairman I desire to thank the members of the committee, Messrs. Curran, Scott, Benjamin, Lindley, Arnold, Horner and Dougherty, for their consideration of the matters referred to the committee for action and for their work in connection therewith.

Respectfully submitted,


MR. GREGORY: Mr. President, I move that a committee of five be appointed by the President of the Association to prepare and present to the Supreme Court a suitable memorial upon the

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