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The Association convened in annual meeting at the Creve Coeur Club, Peoria, Illinois, at ten o'clock in the morning, June 24, 1909, and was called to order by E. P. Williams, President.

THE PRESIDENT: The hour has now arrived for opening the session of the Thirty-third Annual Meeting of the Illinois State Bar Association. The Secretary will make an announcement at the request of the County Judges' Association.

MR. VOIGT: I am requested to announce that the Association of County Judges will meet in the Court House, about two blocks up the street from this building. County Judges that are here I think are expected to meet there with that Association this morning. It is understood that the County Judges' Association and this Association will have a joint meeting for the hearing of the annual address by Mr. Oliver H. Dean, tomorrow morning at ten o'clock.

THE PRESIDENT: Gentlemen, it is due to you to say that I ought to present you a better address than I do, but circumstances beyond my control prevent it. Such as it is I will ask my partner, Mr. Walsh, with your permission, to read to you. (The Address will be found in Part II.)

MR. DAVID: I move that John T. Richards, of Chicago, Judge Irwin, of Peoria, John Gillan, of Watseka, Frank R. Reid, of Aurora and George Barr, of Joliet, be elected a com

mittee of five on nomination of officers for this Association, and that they report tomorrow morning at ten o'clock.

The motion was seconded, and was discussed at length by Messrs. David, Gregory, Rogers, Marshall, Herrington, Matheny, Weissenbach, Page, Kremer, Worthington, Cratty and Kales. MR. WEISSENBACH: I move this entire matter be laid upon the table.

MR. ROGERS: I second the motion.

THE PRESIDENT: All in favor of the motion will say, aye. Opposed, no.

The motion was lost.

MR. DAVID: Now, Mr. President, I withdraw my motion. THE PRESIDENT: Mr. David wishes to withdraw his motion, and I think there will be no objection to his doing so.

MR. GREGORY: I renew my motion then, Mr. President, that the Chair appoint a committee of five to recommend candidates for officers for the ensuing year, and report at the session. tomorrow morning.

The motion was seconded, and was carried.

MR. MCROBERTS: Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, the local bar has provided a steamboat excursion for tonight at 7:30 o'clock, the boat leaves the dock at the foot of this, Liberty street. A special lot of tickets has been sent to the officers of the County Judges Convention for distribution, but if you are not a County Judge and desire to go you can get your tickets


MR. VOIGT: Everyone is requested to register in the adjoining room and secure tickets for the banquet. All members and all applicants for membership are entitled to complimentary tickets; others will pay two and a half dollars each. The ladies are also requested to register as there will be an automobile. ride at three o'clock from the National Hotel for them.

A recess was then taken until 2 o'clock P. M.


The Association reconvened at two o'clock P. M.

THE PRESIDENT: The Association will now come to order. The first business on the program is the report of the Secretary and Treasurer.


Inasmuch as the Treasurer's report covers about forty pages of closely typewritten matter, with your permission I will not read it, but give you merely the totals:

Total receipts for the past year, including balance on hand at the end of last year, is ....


The total expenditures, including the expenses of holding the last meeting and including nearly all of the expenses attending this meeting up to this time.

Leaving a balance on hand of..



This does not include about $200 that has been received by the Treasurer since this report was made up two days ago.

Report presented as follows:



FROM JUNE 22, 1908, TO JUNE 24, 1909.



The members of the Association who were admitted in January, 1896, and prior meetings pay dues by the calendar year, ending December 31st; the members who were admitted at the July meeting, 1896, and subsequent meetings pay by the year, ending June 30th.

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