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31 Illinois State Register for 500 copies of Report of Committee on Law Reform 500 Copies Report of Committee on Organization . .

32 Illinois State Register, to apply on bill for editing 1908 Report (total amount of bill $883.50) for printing, binding and wrapping above Report.




Wm. Checkley, P. M. stamps for correspondence... 34 John F. Voigt, express and incidentals as per attached bill 35 Illinois Central R. R. Co. freight on books from Illinois State Register




36 American Express Company (including bill of Adams Express Co.) for delivering 1908 Report to membership at 17c per volume as per contract....

37 American Express Co. for forwarding 1908 Reports as per attached itemized accounts......



38 Illinois State Register Co. to apply on bill for editing, printing, binding, wrapping 1908 Report...


39 Wm. Checkley P. M. stamps for correspondence.
392 S. D. Childs & Co. for stationery for Committee on Law
Reform as per attached bill. . . .



40 Gazette Printing Co. for envelopes as per attached bill.




Wm. Checkley, P. M. stamps for correspondence... ... ... ... ... 42 John F. Voigt, carfare from Mattoon to Chicago and return to attend meeting of Committee on Law Reform and Expenses as per statement.......

43 Expense of John F. Voigt in attending the meeting of the Executive Committee at Galesburg, February 20th, 1909 44 Illinois State Register, balance on bill for printing 1908 Report to Illinois State Register...........

45 Wm. Checkley, P. M. stamps to send out first announcements to members of I. S. B. A.

46 John F. Voigt, salary as Secretary and Treasurer for half year ending December 31, 1908.





47 Wm. Checkley, P. M. for stamps for sending announcements 48 Wm. Checkley, P. M. for stamps for sending out bills for dues and correspondence.....

150.00 5.00


49 Wm. N. Gemmill for excess of check of $5.00 in payment
of one year's dues of $3.00 remitted.....
50 S. S. Anderson for R. R. transportation as member of
Grievance Committee and hotel, expense in attending
meeting held in Chicago, March 19, 1909...




51 Gazette Printing Co. for bill rendered; March, service, $21.00; to 2M 6-1/2 B. J. Bond Envps, $9.00; to 3M Bond Envelopes, $13.50......

52 Wm. Checkley, P. M. stamps for sending out article to newspapers and for correspondence....




American Express Company, express on books to James
H. Matheney, Springfield....




Wm. Checkley, P. M. stamps for sending out letters to prospective members and correspondence..... Wm. Checkley, P. M. stamps for sending circulars to increase membership and for correspondence..... 56 Millard R. Powers, traveling expenses in attendance before General Assembly in the endeavor to secure the passage of a new incorporation-law, Apr. 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26, 27, 1909. Railroad and sleeper, $79.80; hotel and



meals, $17.55


57 Wm. Checkley, P. M. stamps for sending out circulars to increase membership and correspondence..


58 John F. Voigt, salary as Secretary and Treasurer for half year ending June 30, 1900..


59 Mattoon Gazette Printing Co., 500 press sheets, $4.50; 500 2-color circular letter, $4.50; rubber stamp and pad, .75; 3M membership cards, $7.50; 1M letterheads, $4.50; 1M w color circular letter, $6.50; 1M w color cir. letter, d.f, $6.50. . .



Wm. Checkley, P. M. stamps for correspondence and send-
ing out announcements ..


Wm. Checkley, stamps for correspondence and sending out



62 Wm. Checkley, P. M. stamps for sending out letter to prospects and correspondence..


[blocks in formation]



DEAR SIR:-In answer to your inquiry, would say that at the close of business on this date, there is on deposit in The First National Bank of Mattoon to the credit of John F. Voigt, Secretary and Treasurer of The Illinois State Bar Association, the sum of One Thousand Six Hundred Eighty-six Dollars and Thirty-eight Cents ($1,686.38).

Yours truly,





Mattoon, Illinois, June 24, 1909.

To the Illinois State Bar Association:

Your Secretary begs leave to submit herewith his annual report for the past year. The Secretary's work combined with that of the Treasurer has, during the past year as well as former ones, covered a wide field as the proceedings of the annual meeting for 1908 have been published and distributed, the moneys collected and disbursed, the reports of deaths received, recorded and reported to the necrologist, changes of addresses and resignations received and recorded; the Secretary's share in the various and numerous arrangements for the annual meeting, receptions, banquet, etc., attended to; and many thousands of letters written to various attorneys in the State, placing before them the work the Association is doing, enumerating the advantages of co-operation and organization, and suggesting and urging membership.

The 1908 report as in former years has been distributed to all the members of the State Bar Association and also to a number of universities, libraries and to the Associations of other states. We have received reports from many of the Bar Associations of other states, including the voluminous and valua

ble report of the American Bar Association. Many of the members of the Association have given valuable co-operation to the Secretary and other officers of the Association and to the various. committees on the many matters of importance that come within the province of the work that the Association is attempting to accomplish. The reports of the several committees will show the results of this work.

We now have eleven hundred forty active members of the Association, and eighty honorary members. In addition, there are one hundred thirty applications for membership. It is, as every member realizes, highly important that the Association should grow in numbers until every active, reputable lawyer in the State shall be enrolled in its membership and assist in its work. Your Secretary would respectfully urge that this matter have the serious consideration of the Association at this time and that some feasible plan of organized effort throughout every County in the State to this end be adopted and put into immediate operation.

The proceedings of the annual meeting for the year 1908 which have been prepared by your Secretary and published under the direction of the Executive Committee were printed and bound in fifteen hundred fifty cloth volumes and twenty paper back volumes, and distributed as noted above.

A cursory glance at some of the reports of the Association of other states reveals the fact that they are largely working along the same lines as is our own. At the last annual meeting of the Ohio State Bar Association, Bourke Cochran of New York delivered an able and eloquent address on "The Law's Delays"; Attorney General W. S. Hadley addressed the Bar Association of New Mexico on "The Laws of Business and the Laws of Man"; the subject of the address to the Michigan State Bar Association by Peter S. Grosscup of Chicago, was "The Corporation Problem not so much an Economic as a Hunan Problem"; that of William Magie before the State Bar Association of New Jersey was on "The Life and Services of the Late Cortland Parker." The proceedings of the Louisiana Bar

Association for last year took place in the Supreme Court room of the Cabildo Building at New Orleans, where the Association listened to an address by Carrolton Hunt. The 25th annual session of the Georgia Bar Association convened at the Wigwam, Indian Springs, Georgia, on the 28th day of May, where an address was given by J. H. Lumpkin on "Substance and Shadow in the Law"; while the State Bar Association of Virginia which convened at Hot Springs in August, 1908, was honored by an address on "The Administration of Justice, its Speeding and Cheapening," by William H. Taft. The State Association of Maryland was addressed by Richard Evelyn Byrd, Henry L. D. Sanford, and Albert C. Ritchie, and a paper by L. Allison Wilmer on "The Unwritten Law.' The South Dakota Bar Association met at Pierre in January of the present year where addresses were given by Charles S. Whiting on "The Code of Ethics" and W. S. Pattee of Minneapolis on "The Ethical Basis of Jurisprudence." The New York State Bar Association which met in the meeting room of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York in January, 1908, were addressed by the President, Joseph H. Choate, on "Progress at the Second Hague. Conference," and by the Right Honorable James Bryce on "The Methods and Conditions of Legislation." The American Bar Association held its thirty-first annual meeting at Seattle, Washington, on the 25th to the 28th of August, 1908, and were ably addressed by its President who is also a distinguished member of our own Association, Jacob M. Dickinson of Chicago, also by George Turner of Spokane on "The Acquisition of the Northwest Territory," Cornelius M. Hanford on "National Progression and the Increasing Responsibilities of our National Judiciary," Edgar H. Farrar of New Orleans on "The Extension of the Admiralty Jurisdiction by Judicial Interpretation," and by Fredtrick Bousman of Seattle, Washington, on the question "Are Our Laws Responsible for the Increase of Violent Crime?"

Your Secretary has been fortunate enough to secure from the Secretary of the American Bar Association eighteen hun

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