The Dramatic Works of John O'Keeffe, Band 1

author, 1798
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Seite 183 - Amo, amas, I love a lass, As a cedar tall and slender; Sweet cowslip's grace is her nom'tive case, And she's of the feminine gender, Rorum corum, sunt divorum, harum scarum, Divo!
Seite 282 - I'd never grieve, To toil, a hedger or a ditcher, If that, when I came home at eve I might enjoy my friend and pitcher.
Seite 388 - With a good deal of very good wine in it; A song is good, when a body can sing, And to finish, we must begin it, A table is good, when spread with good cheer, And good company sitting round it; When a good way off, we are not very near, And for sorrow the devil confound it.
Seite 3 - TIS ftrange that authors, who fo rarely find Their pray'rs can move an audience to be kind, Still fend, with piteous tone and look forlorn, The Prologue forth to deprecate your...
Seite 144 - A wiH scheme of my father's, to think of an alliance with this mad family ; yes, Don Scipio's brain is certainly touched beyond cure, his daughter, my cara sposa of Italy, don't suit my idea of what a wife should be — no, the lovely novice, this poor relation of Dame Isabel, has caught my heart. I'm told to-morrow she's to be immured in a convent ; what if I ask Dame Isabel, if — but she, and indeed Don Scipio...
Seite 123 - Spado. [Who had been listening, advances'] So, then, our old gentleman is' father to Victoria, my young banker, Alphonso's mistress, and the other is Fernando, his dreaded rival — this is the first time they ever saw each other too He has a servant too, and his name Pedrillo — a thought strikes me, if I could...
Seite 183 - Ihey trip the bees dip, Honey sip, like choice flip, And their hybla forget. When girls like you pass us, I saddle Pegasus, And ride up Parnassus To Helicon's stream ; Even that is a puddle Where others may muddle ; My nose let me fuddle In bowls of your cream.
Seite 274 - I am not wicked . F. Luke. Eh ! how, child ? what, an't I your priest, and don't I know what wickedness is ? Dar. Well, sir, to be sure I've been a young rake, as a body may say, but now I'm going to take a wife to myself. F. Luke. [To Darby.] Get away. — I beg your worship's pardon.
Seite 183 - I'll love my lad, — He's such a charming fellow. The last fair-day on Gander Green, The youth he danc'd so well, O ; So spruce a lad was never seen As my sweet charming fellow. The fair was over, night was come, The lad was somewhat mellow ; Says he, my dear, 111 see you home, — I thank 'd the charming fellow.
Seite 290 - I'll run all the way, if that will do — " that you're in good health, as I am at this present writing. I tell you what, friend, — though you think yiturself a great officer, you don't make me walk out of a window ; and this comes to let you know I'll have Norah in spite of you — I'll be damned if I don't— and moreover than that, meet me in the Elm Grove, at seven in the evening...

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