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THE Author regrets that an inconfiderate disposal of the Copy Right of his Pieces, called The Son In Law, The AGREE ABLE SURPRISE, The Young QUAKER, The DEAD ALIVE, and PEIPING Tom; to the late Manager of the Hay-Market Theatre, prevents their appearance in this Collection*.

However, should those of his compositions, which he is here enabled to give to the Public, afford any gratification in the reading, it is derived from the kindness of MR. HARRIS, (Proprietor of the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden) in permitting the AUTHOR to Print them; the Copy Right of most of them, he also having purchased.

Had they been fold to a Bookseller, and consequently then Published, the Author would, by the laws respecting literary property, have had a right to print them at the expiration of fourteen years, a term now long elapsed.

To vi

To that Gentleman, for this signal instance of generosity, as well as for many other acts of friendship, the Author, thus Publickly returns his most sincere · and grateful thanks.

Teddington, Middlesex,

June, 1798.




His Royal Highness the Prince of

Wales His Royal Highness the Duke of York His Royal Highness the Duke of



Her Moft Serene Highness the Margravine of

Nathaniel Atcheson, Esq. F. A. S.
Miles Peter Andrews, Esq. M. P. for Bewdly,

Mrs. Abingdon
Mr. Angelo
F. Dugdale Astley, Esq. Everley, Wilts
Mr. Attwood
Mr. Adams, 10 copies


F. Aickin, Esq. Gower-street
Mr. A
Mrs. Allen, Errol House, Scotland
Lee Allen, Esq. Errol House, Scotland


Sir George Beaumont, Bart. L. L. D. Dunmow,

Sir Charles Burdett, Bart. Acomb, Yorkshire
Francis John Browne, Esq. M. P. for the county

of Dorset, Frampton, Dorsetshire
Miss Benson
M. H. Beach, Esq. M. P. for Cirencester, Wil-

liamstrip-park, Gloucestershire
Mr. Bannister, Jun. Gower-street
Dr. Charles Burney
Mr. Blandford, Surgeon, Wincanton, Somerset,

Mrs. Boone, Berkeley-Square

Boone, Esq. Berkeley Square
Mr. Broderip, Haymarket

Babbs, Esq.
Samuel Birch, Esq. Cornhill
Luke Birch, Esq. Jun.
Mr. Brandon
Robert Byrne, Esq. Cabinteely, Ireland
Captain Henry Bunbury
Mr. Barker, Bookseller, 6 copies
Thomas Brand, Esq. Solo-square


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Captain Burnell
Charles Bishop, Esq. Russell Place
The Reverend Mr. Burnett, Berkhamstead, Herts
Captain Edward Barlow
Mr. Bellamy, Bookfeller, 2 copies, King-street,

R. H. A. Bennet, Esq.

c. The Right Honorable the Earl of Chesterfield,

2 copies
His Excellency Earl Camden, Dublin Castle
Francis Conft, Esq. Barrister at Law
Richard Cumberland, Esq.
Robert Calvert, Esq.
Charles Calvert, Esq.
Mr. James Clarke
James Cawdell, Esq. Manager of the Sunderland

Lieutenant A. Congalton, R. N.
Mrs. Carey
Mr. James Champ, Chichester
Edward H. Cruttenden, Esq.
James Cobb, Esq. East India House
Mr. Thomas Creser
G. Colman, Esq.
Mr. John Carpenter, Wincanton, Somersetshire
L. Concannon, Esq.
Mr. Cross
Mr. Jos, Clark, Hull

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