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William Isaac Fletcher

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Seite 23 - SECOND SERIES. — Institutions and Economics. — $4.00. I-II. Methods of Historical Study. By HB ADAMS. III. The Past and Present of Political Economy. By RT ELY. 35 cents. IV. Samuel Adams, the Man of the Town Meeting, By JAMES K. HOSMER. 35 cents. V-VI. Taxation in the United States. By HENRY CARTER ADAMS. 50 cents. VII.
Seite 63 - Received with favor at the outset, it has gone on increasing in circulation and in influence, until its power is felt and acknowledged in the highest departments of intellectual activity, and its leadership is recognized in the great work of liberalizing and educating the popular mind. Making neither sensational appeals nor flaring announcements, we may now refer to its course in the past as a...
Seite 82 - The Library Journal was established in 1876 by the cooperative efforts of the leading librarians on both sides of the Atlantic. Its chief object is to be a practical help to the every-day administration of both large and small libraries, and to effect a saving by enabling library work to be done in the best way, at the lowest cost. The Journal especially meets the needs of the smaller libraries, offering them the costly experience and practical advice of the largest. In refraining from doing imperfectly...
Seite 23 - Town and County Government in the English Colonies of North America.
Seite 82 - WEEKLY, which now so thoroughly covers that ground, aimed more directly to meet the wants of readers and students. Its plan is to present each month a full survey of current literature, by means of brief reviews and notices, sketches of authors, lists of books of the month, etc. The reviews and book-notices are confined to the best books of the day, and are quoted only from recognized literary journals. Their selection...
Seite 63 - ... among other Journals, presenting an epitome of all that best deserves attention in the world of thought and action. The greatest exponent of radicalism in England. Its Editors and Contributors have ever been noted as leaders of progress, and have formed a school of advanced thinkers, _ which may justly be cited as the most powerful factor of bnn in tFe British Empire and elsewhere.

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