The Reports of Sir Edward Coke, Knt. [1572-1617]: In English, in Thirteen Parts Complete; with References to All the Ancient and Modern Books of the Law, Band 3

J. Rivington, 1777

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Seite xxii - ... to our lord the king ; and that they be attached by their bodies, if they may be found, and brought before the king and his council, there to answer to the cases aforesaid, or that process be made against them, by Prcemunire facias, in manner as it is ordained in other Statutes of Provisors...
Seite xviii - ... the elections were first granted by the king's progenitors upon a certain form and condition, as to demand licence of the king to choose, and after the election to have his royal assent, and not in other manner; which conditions not kept, the thing ought by reason to resort to its first nature.
Seite xxix - ... spiritual and temporal of the same, to keep it from the annoyance as well of the see of Rome, as from the authority of other foreign potentates, attempting the diminution or violation thereof, as often, and from time to time, as any...
Seite xxxiv - ... heretofore been or may lawfully be exercised or used for the visitation of the ecclesiastical state and persons, and for reformation, order and correction of the same and of all manner of errors, heresies, schisms, abuses, offences, contempts and enormities, shall for ever, by authority of this present' Parliament, be united and annexed to the imperial crown of this realm...
Seite xxix - Church, both with honour and possessions; and the laws temporal, for trial of property of lands and goods, and for the conservation of the people of this realm in unity and peace...
Seite 16 - It was resolved, if a man leases sheep or other stock of cattle, or any other personal goods for any time, and the lessee covenants for him and his assigns at the end of the time to deliver the like cattle or goods as good as the things letten were, or such price for them ; and the lessee assigns the sheep over, this covenant shall not bind the assignee, for it is but a personal contract, and wants such privity as is between the lessor and lessee and his assigns of the land in respect of the reversion.
Seite 16 - But although the covenant be for him and his assigns, yet if the thing to be done be merely collateral to the land, and doth not touch or concern the thing demised in any sort, there the assignee shall not be charged.
Seite xxii - ... and they which bring within the realm, or them receive, or make thereof notification or any other execution whatsoever, within the same realm, or without...
Seite 126 - And it was obferved, that Job, who was the mirror of patience, as appears by his words, became quodammodo impatient when libels were made of him ; and therefore it appears of what force they are to provoke impatience and contention.
Seite vi - ... and informations of all and every the things above mentioned, done, committed, or perpetrated within the limits of their...

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