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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, August 25, 1908.

The Executive Committee respectfully reports that under the last clause of Article IV of the Constitution providing for the election of members by the Executive Committee between meetings when nominated by a majority of the Vice-President and Local Council, 376 new members were elected. For convenience the list has been printed and is appended to this report.

(See List of Members Elected.)

Your committee further reports that, in accordance with Bylaw XII, appropriations were made for the use of committees for the year 1907-1908 upon their application not exceeding the following amounts:

$250 to Committee on Commercial Law.

$500 to Committee on Patent, Trade-Mark and Copyright Law.

$300 to Committee on Insurance Law.

$750 to Committee on Uniform State Laws.

$200 to Committee on Taxation.

$600 to Committee on Code of Professional Ethics.

$250 to Committee on Proposed Copyright Bill.
$250 to Section of Legal Education.

Total appropriations $3100.

It was resolved by the Executive Committee that the entire amount of any appropriations made by the Executive Committee to the Committee on Uniform State Laws or to the Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws shall be turned over by the Treasurer of the American Bar Association to the Treas

urer of the Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws to be disbursed by the Treasurer of said Conference.

It was resolved by the Executive Committee that a charge of five dollars for dinner tickets be made to each member and delegate attending the annual dinner.

The Executive Committee, after consideration, reports unfavorably upon each of the four resolutions offered by H. S. Mecartney, of Illinois, and referred to this committee (see report of 1907, pages 105, 107 and 110).

The substance of these resolutions is as follows:

1. Providing for amending the Constitution by vote taken by mail.

2. Providing for the appointment of a committee to formulate a plan for reorganization of the Association.

3. Providing for the establishment of an office of the Association in the City of St. Louis.

4. Increasing the dues from five dollars to ten dollars per


The Executive Committee accepted the very generous offer of General Thomas H. Hubbard to provide the funds for printing Sharswood's Essay on Legal Ethics and distributing the same to the members of the American Bar Association. This essay has been printed and bound in a manner similar to the American Bar Association reports and designated as Volume XXXII.

The Executive Committee voted to recommend to the Association for adoption the two following amendments of the Bylaws:

1. Amend By-law VI, 1st clause, so as to read: All papers read before the Association shall be lodged with the Secretary. The Annual Address of the President and such reports of committees, papers and proceedings at the Annual Meeting, shall be printed as the Committee on Publications shall order.

2. Add to By-law III the following clause: All resolutions. except those of a formal character shall be referred by the Chair on presentation, without debate, to an appropriate committee; and no resolution which is not favorably reported by the com

mittee to which it is referred, or adopted by the Association, shall be published in the proceedings of the meeting.

The Executive Committee also recommends to the Association the passage of the following resolution:

Resolved, That all special committees failing to report at the present session shall stand discharged unless continued by special vote of the Association.







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