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ciu,. BOOK II.—Continued. Page

176. The cardinals of Santa Croce and of Cyprus

come to Arras to attend the convention . 1

177. Louis de Luxembourg, count of St. Pol,

espouset Joan of Bar, countess of Mario and

of Soissons . . . . ib.

178. The French are defeated near to Rethel by the

bastard de Humieres . . .2

179. Ambassadors from the king of England arrive

at Arras to attend the convention . ib.

180. Ambassadors from France arrive at Arras to

attend this convention . 3

181. Sir John de Mello, a knight of Spain, and the

lord de Chnrfemy, combat each other in the

presence of the duke of Burgundy at Arras 4

182. The French and Burgundians are on very

amicable terms in Arras . .6

183. The rardinal of Winchester comes to Arras to

attend the convention . ... to.

184. During the meeting of the convention at Arras,

La Hire and Poton overrun and forage the

country of the duke of Burgundy . 7

185. The kings of Arragon and Navarre are defeated,

and made prisoners, before Gaicta, by the

army of the duke of Milan . . ib.

186. The cardinal of Winchester and the whole of

the English embassy leave Arras. Other

ambassadors arrive there . . .8

187. A peace is concluded between Charles king of

France and the duke of Burgundv in the city

of Arras . ib.

vS8. The English lay siege to the town of St. Dents,

which in the end surrenders to them by capi-

ta la lion . . . .18

1;9. Isabella, queen of France, dies in the city of

Paris . . . . .19

193. Tbe cardinals, and the ambassadors from the

council, leave Arras. The duke of Burgundy

appoints different officers to the towns and

fortresses that had been conceded to him by

tbe peace . . . ib.

191. In consequence of the peace of Arras, the duke

of Burgundy sends some of his council and

heralds to the king of England, to remonstrate

and explain the causes of the peace ho had

concluded with the king of France . 20

192. The populace of Amiens rise agninst the levy-

ing of some taxes which were intended to bo

laid on them . . • .21

193. Tbe French overrun and pillage the country of

the duke of Burgundy after the peace of Arras.

The marshal de Rieux takes many towns

and castles from the English in Normandy 23

194 The English suspect the Burgundies who arc

waging war with them against the king of

France: they no longer converse or keep

company with them. Other matters briefly

spoken of . . . .24

195. King Henry scuds letters to the Hollanders to

draw them to his party. A copy of these

letters . . . .25

196. The duke of Burgundy determines to make

war on the English . . . 2ti

197. The duke of Burgundy, by the advice of his

privy counsellors, resolves to make an attempt

to conquer Calais . . .27

198. The city of Paris is reduced to the obedience of

Charles king of Franco . . 28

199. Arthur count de Richemont, constable of

France, makes war on the heir of Commercy 30

200. The bishop of Liege and the Liegeois destroy

Bousseuvrc, and other forts that had made

war against them . . .31

201. The town and castle of Orchimont arc destroyed

by Everard de la Marche . . 32

202. The English make excursions from Calais toward

Boulogne and Gravelines. La Hire conquers

Gisors, and loses it Boon afterwards . ib,

203. The men of Ghent, and the Flemings, make

great preparations for tho siege of Calais . 33

204. Sir John de Croy, bailiff of Hainault, in con-

junction with other captains, attack the

English and arc discomfited by them . 34

205. The Flemings march to the siege of Calais, and

march back again . . .35

206. Sir Florimont de Brimeu, seneschal of Pon-

thicu, conquers the town of Crotoy . 42

207. Humphry duke of Glocester arrives at Calais

with a large armament. He enters Flanders,

Artois, and other territories of the duke of

Burgundy, and does much damage to them . 43

208. The Flemings again take up arms, after their from Calais to their towns . . 44

209. La Hireconquersthe town and castle of Soissous.

Other matters . . • .45

210. The duchess of Bedford, sister to the count de

St. Pol, re-marries ot her own free will. The

king of Sicily negotiates with the duke of

Burgundy for his liberty. The English

recover the town of Pontoiso . . 46

211. James I. king of Scotland is murdered in his

bedehamber during the night by his uncle

the earl of Athol. Other matters . 47

212. La Hire, Poton, with many other French cap-

tains, are near taking Rouen. They are

attacked and defeated by the English, who

surprise them in their quarters . . 45

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