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An * asterisk prefixed to either date denotes uncertainty.

An explanation is introduced of such abridgments as seem to require it.

Where the titles are distinctly quoted they are not repeated here.

ADDISON, Joseph, born 1672, died 1719. Camp. Campaign, a Poem.
A KENSIDE, Mark, 1721-1770. Pl. Im. Pleasures of Imagination.
ALEYN, Charles, 1600—1640. H. VII. Henry VII.
ARBUTHNOT, Dr. John, 1675—1735.
ARMSTRONG, Dr. John, 1709-1779. A. P. H. Art of Preserving Health.
BAILEY, Philip James, 1816, living. Fest. Festus.
BAILLIE, Joanna, 1764-1851. D. M. De Montfort, a l'ragedy.--

Ethw. Ethwald, Tragedy.
BALFE, Michael Willian 1808- living.
BARBAULD, Anda Letitia, 1743–1325.
BARHAM, Richard, (pseud. Thomas Ingoldsby), 1788–1845. Ingold.

Ingoldsby Legends. BARLOW, Joel, (American), 1755--1812. Col. The Columbiad, a Poem. BARNARD, Lady Anne, 1750—1825. A. R. G. Auld Robin Gray. BARON, Robert, *1630–1680. BARRETT, Elizabeth (Mrs. Browning), 1805–1861. BARTON, Bernard, 1784–1849. BASTARD, Thomas, *1560-1618. BAYLY, Thomas Haynes, 1797–1839. BEATTIE, Dr. James, 1735-1803. Min. Minstrel. BECKINGHAM, Charles, 1699-1730. BEAUMONT, Francis (and FLETCHER), 1585—1616. Capt. Captain, a

Comedy. Four P. Four Plays in One.-H. M. Fort. Honest Man's
Fortune, a Tragi-Comedy.--Loy. Sub. Loyal Subject, a Tragi-Comedy.

-Sp. Cu. Spanish Curate, a Comedy.
BEAUMONT, Sir John, 1582—1628.
BENJAMIN, Park, (American), 1809-living.
BICKERSTAFF, Isaac, *1735–1805.
BISHOP, 1731–1795.
BLACKMORE, Sir Richard, *1650-1729.




BLAIR, Robert, 1699-1746. Gra. Grave, a Poem.
BLOOMFIELD, Rob. 1766-1823. F.B. Farmer's Boy.-R.T. Rural Tales,
Bowles, Williain Lisle, 1762-1850.
BOWRING Sir John, 1792-living.
BRATHWAITE, Richard, 1588-1673. S. A. The Smoking Age.
BROME, Richard, *1600—1652. Nov. Novella, a Comedy.
BROOKE, Henry, 1706–1783. Earl of 11'. Earl of Il'estmoreland.
BROOKE, Lord (Fulke Greville), 1554-1628. Ala. Alaham, a Tragedy.
Brown, Tom, *1650-1704.
BROWNE, Dr. John, 1715-1766. Athel. Athelstan, a Tragedy.
BROWNE, William, 1590—1645. Past. Britannia's Pastorals.
BROWNING, Mrs. See BARRETT, Elizabeth.
BRYANT, William Cullen, (American), 1797 --living.
BUCKINGHAM, John Sheffield, Duke of, 1619–1720.
BUCKINGHAM, Villiers, Duke of, 1627–1688.
BULWER, Sir Edward Lytton (Lord Lytton), 1805–living.
BUNYAN, John, 1628–1688.
BURNS, Robert, 1759-1796. Cot. Sat. N. Cotter's Saturday Night.

Ilenp. Husb. Henpeck'd Ilusband.
BUTLER, Samuel, 1612—1680. Hu. Hludibras.-M. T. Miscellaneous

Thoughts. BYROM, John, 1691--1763. BYRON, George Gordon, Lord, 1788-1824. B. Ab. Bride of Abydos.

Ch. H. Childe Harold.Cors. Corsair. - Doge V. Doge of Venice.D. J. Don Juan.- Eng. B. English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. Sard. Sardanapalus.- Cor. Siege of Corinth. --Vis. J. Vision of Judy.

ment. CAMPBELL, Thomas, 1777-1814. P. H. Pleasures of Hope. CANNING, George, 1770—1827. CAREw, Lady Elizabeth, temp. James I. Mar. Varmion, the Fair

Queen of Jewry, a Tragedy. CAREW, Thomas, 1589-1639. CAREY, Henry, *1690—1743. Chron. Chrononhotonthologus. CARTWRIGHT, William, 1611–1643. Siege. The Siege, or Love's Con

vert, a Tragi-comedy. Cary, Henry Francis, 1772–1814. CAWTHORN, James, 1719-1761. CHAPMAN, George, 1557–1634. C. and P. Cæsar and Pompey, a Tragedy. CHATTERTON, Thomas, 1752-1770. CHAUCER, Geoffrey, 1328-1400. C. T. Canterbury Tales. CHURCHILL, Charles, 1731–1764. Ap. Apology.-Cand. Candidate.-

Farew. Farewell.--Ni. Night.Ros. Rosciad. CIBBER, Colley, 1671–1757. Dou. Gal. Double Gallant, a Comedy. CLARE, John, 1793–1864. CLARK, Willis Gaylord, (American), 1810--1841. CLEVELAND, John, 1613 – 1659. COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor, 1772–1834. Anct. Mar. Ancient Mariner. Collins, William, *1720-1756. COLMAN, George, 1733-1794,



COLMAN, George, (the younger), 1762-1836. B. G. Broad Grins.

P. I. Poetical Vagaries.

Colton, C. C., *1790—1832.

COMBE, George, 1788–1858.

CONGREVE, William, 1672–1729. Mo. Br. Mourning Bride, a Tragedy.

Cook, Eliza, 1817-living.

CORBET, Bishop, Richard, 1582--1635.

COTTON, Charles, 1630–1687.

COTTON, Nathaniel, 1707–1788. l'is. Visions, in l'erse.

COWLEY, Abraham, 1618–1667. David. Davideis, an Historical Poem.

COWPER, William, 1731–1800. Cono. Conversation.- Exp. Exposiu.

lation. --Pr. Er. Progress of Error.-Ret. Retirement.-T. T. Table

Talk - Raven. Tale of the Raven.— Ta. Task.-Tiroc. Tirocinium.

CRABBE, George, 1754–1832. Bo. Borough, a Poem.--Strug. Consc.

Struggles of Conscience. - Ta. H. Tales of the Hall.

CRASHAW, Richard, *1600–*1630. Steps. Steps to the Temple.

CREECH, Thomas, 1659-1701.

CROLY, George, 1785–1864. Peric, and Asp. Pericles and Aspasia.

CROWNE, John, *1610_*1703. Amb. States. Ambitious Statesman. --

Dar. Darius, a Tragedy.

CUMBERLAND, Richard, 1732-1811.

CUNNINGHAM, Allan, 1784-1812. Menander.

DANA, Richard Henry (American), 1787-living.

DABORNE, Robert, 1590—1660.

DANIEL, Samuel, 1562-1619. E. of South. Earl of Southampton. -

Phil. Philotas, a Tragedy.

DARCY, James, 1700-1762. Love and Ambition.

DARWIN, Erasmus, 1731–1802.

DAVENANT, Sir William, 1605–1668. Distr. Distresses, a Tragi-


DAVIES, Sir John. 1569–1626.

Dawes, Rufus (American), 1803-living.

Defoe, Daniel, 1661–1731. T. B. Eny. True Born Englishman.

DEKKER, Thomas, *1580—*1639. Honest Wh. Honest Whore, a

Comedy.-Old For. Old Fortunatus, a Comedy.

DENHAM, Sir John, 1615-1668.

DENNIS, John, 1657–1734.

DE VERE, Sir Aubrey, 1814-living.

Dibdin, Charles, 1745-1814.

DINNIES, Mrs. Anna Peyre, (American), *1805—living.

DODDRIDGE, Philip, 1702–1751.

DODSLEY, Robert, 1703—1764.

DONNE, John, 1573–1631.


Dow, Alexander, *1740_*1799. Sethona.

DRAKE, Joseph Rodman, (American), 1795--1820.

DRAYTON, Michael, 1563--1631.

DRUMMOND, William, of Hawthornden, 1385--16 19.

DRYDEN, John, 1631-1700. Ab. Absalom and Achitophel, a Poein.

- Auren. Aurengzebe, a Tragedy. --Cym. and Iph. Cymon and Iphi.

genia, from Boccacio. Don. Seb. Don Sebastian, a Tragedy. -

D. Guise. Duke of Guise, a Tragedy.-- Ind. Emp. Indian Emperor, a

Tragi-Comedy.Mar. à la M. Marriage à la Mode, a Comedy. -

Ed. Edipus, a Tragedy.--Pal. and Ar. Palemon and Arcite.

Pyth. Phil. Pythagorean Philosophy, a Poem.-Riv. Rival Ladies.-

Span. F. Spanish Friar, a Tragi-Comedy.

DUNCOMBE, William, 1689–1769. Jun. Brut. Lucius Junius Brutus,

a Tragedy.

DYER, John, 1700-1758.

DYER, Sir Edward, *1540_*1610.

ELLIOTT, Ebenezer, 1781–1849.

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo, (American), 1803-living.

ETHEREGE, Sir George, *1636–*1694.

FAIRFAX, Edmund, *1570–1632.

FALCONER, William, 1730-1769. Sh. Shipwreck, a Poem.

FANE, Sir Francis, * 1650—*1715. Sacrifice, a Tragedy.

FANSHAW, Sir Richard, 1608—1666.

FARQUHAR, George, 1678--1707.

FENTON, Elijah, 1683–1730.

FIELDING, Henry, 1707-1754. T. Thu. Tom Thumb, a Burlesque.

FLATMAN, Thomas, 1633–1672.

FLETCHER, Giles, 1588-1623.

FLETCHER, John, 1576–1625.

FLETCHER, Phineas, 1584–1650.

Foote, Samuel, 1722–1777.

Fox, Charles James, 1749–1806.

Ford, John, 1586—*1640. Love's Sacr. Lore's Sacrifice, a Tragedy.

FRANCIS, Philip (translator of Horace), *1710–1773.

FRANCKLIN, Dr. Thomas, 1721-1784.

FRANKLIN, Dr. Benjamin, 1705–1790. Poor R. Poor Richard.

FREEMAN, Sir Ralph, *1620_*1660. Imper. Imperial, a Tragedy.

FROWDE, Philip, *1670—1738. Sa. Fall of Saguntum, a Tragedy.-

Phil. Philotas, a Tragedy.

GARRICK, David, 1716—1779.

GARTH, Sir Samuel, * 1665–1719.

GASCOIGNE, George, *1537—1577.

Gay, John, 1688–1732. Shep. and Philos. Shepherd and Philosopher.

GIFFORD, Richard, 1725—1807. Contempt. Contemplation, a Poem.

GIFFORD, William, 1756-1826.

GLANVILLE, Joseph, 1636–1680.

GLOVER, Richard, 1712–1785. Leon. Leonidas.

GOODRICH, Samuel Griswold (Peter Parley), 1793— living.

GOFFE, Thomas, 1592–1629. Cupid's Whirliyig.

GOLDSMITH, Oliver, 1728-1774. Des. V. Deserted Village.- Ep. 10

Sis. Epilogue to the Sisters, a Comedy.- Retal. Retaliation. She

Stoops. She Stoops to Conquer.-- Trav. Traveller. - V. W. Vicar of




GOYERSAL, Robert, 1600–1646. Lodov Sporza, Duke of Milan.
GOULD, Hannah Flagg, (American), *1798— living.
GRAHAME, James, 1765–1811. Sab. Sabbath, a Poem.
GRAVES, Richard, 1715–1804.
GRAY, Thomas, 1716-1771. El. Elegy in a Country Churchyard.
GREEN, Matthew, 1697—1737.
GREENE, Robert, 1550—1592.
GREVILLE, Sir Fulke. See BROOKE, Lord.
HABINGTON, William, 1605-1645. Queen of. Ar. Queen of Arragon,

a Tragedy.
HALE, Sarah Josepha, (American), 1795— living.
HALHED, Nathaniel Brassey, 1751–1830.
HALLECK, Fitz-Greene, (American), 1795—living. Bozzaris. Marco

Bozzaris. Hall, John, 1627–1656. HALL, Louisa Jane, (American), 1802—living. HAMMOND, Anthony, 1668–1738. HARRINGTON, Sir John, 1561-1612. HASTINGS, Lady Flora, 1806-1839. HAVARD, William, 1710—1778. K. C. 1. King Charles the First, a

Tragedy.- Reg. Regulus, a Tragedy. -Scanderbeg. HAYNES, Joseph, 1650–1701. Fa. M. Fatal Mistake. HAYLEY, William, 1745-1820. HAYWOOD (or HEYWOOD), Eliza, 1693–1756. F. Cap. Fair Captives,

a Tragedy. HEATH, Robert, *1600—*1660. Clar. Clarastella, a Poem. HEBER, Bishop Reginald, 1783–1826. HEMANS, Felicia Dorothea, 1794-1835. HEMINGS, William, 1630–1687, Jews' T. Jews' Tragedy. HERBERT, George, 1593–1632. Temp. Temple. HERBERT, Hon. William, 1778–1847. HERBERT of CHERBURY, Lord, 1581–1648. HERRICK, Robert, 1591-1674, Am. O. Amatory Odes.- Aph. Apho

risms.– Hesp. llesperides. HERVEY, Eleanor Louisa (Mrs. Kibble), 1811-living. HERVEY, T. K., 1804–1859. HOUGHTON, Lord. See MILNES, Monckton. HEYWOOD, John, *1500—1565. HEYWOOD. Thomas, *1570—1659. Roy. King. Royal King, a Tragi

HIGGONS, Bevil, 1670–1735. Gen. Conq. Generous Conqueror, a

HILL, Aaron, 1685-1750.
HILLHOUSE, James A. (American), 1789–1841.
HOFFMAN, Charles Fenno, (American), 1806-living.
HOGG, James, 1772—1835.
HOLMES, Oliver Wendell, (American), 1809-living.

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