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The army and Otway had as little congenial between them-He served in Flanders, but, versatile and facile, he soon became disgusted, and at length resolved to write for the Players—How well he succeeded, is impressed upon every heart.

Imprudence, however, is said to have left him never above want, and sometimes, it is reported, had plunged him into all its severities. We hear continually an idle reproach upon the ingratitude of an age which can suffer the indigence of Genius. But it should be considered that, for the most part, such dilemmas are voluntary inflictions, and that he has slender claims upon the sympathy of men, whom calamity cannot make wise, and whom pride prevents from soliciting relief.

Otway died in 1685; but, it is hoped, the wretched fate said to have attended him is ficti. tious Nothing, however, can with any certainty be advanced respecting his end.

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Few of the Professors of Literature offer so striking an example as Otway of the sublime

pre-eminence, and indiscreet abasement of

His productions are as follow:


Caius Marius,
Don Carlos,

Titus and Berenice, Soldier's Fortune,
Cheats of Scapin,

Venice Preserved,
Friendship in Fashion, Atheist.

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Printed for I.Bell British Library Strand, London, March 1.1 79

the reflections of treachery to a friend, agonize him with compunction and hurry him to despair.

Belvidera, unhappy, duteous, tender, and virtuous, claims our full commiseration, and claims it alone.


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