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LITTLE CROSBY TO WIT.—The Court Baron of William Blundell

Esq, of his Manor of Little Crosby in the County of
Lancaster held there in presence of Edward Stockley
Steward of the said Court on Tuesday the 21st day of
October in the 10th year of the reign of our Lord

Charles King of England &c. A.D. 1634. SUITORS OF THE SAID COURT.-Richard Lord Viscount Mollyneux of Mariburgh Robert Blundell of Inceblundell Esq. John More Esq. Laurence Richardson yeoman Edmund Raphson yeoman Richard Reighnold yeoman.

Appeared :- Robert Morcroft John Barton Edward Rothwell John Longrowe Richard Garthes John Rysse Richard Starky Richard Ainsworth William Arnold Edward Rysse Nicholas Williamson alias Davie James Nicholson alias Davie William Norres Bryan Lea Thomas Poole Thomas Blundell Richard Almond Richard Bryanson Richard Tyrer William Arnold by - Blundell John Bushell Humphrey Griffith William Banes John Pendleton William Smith Thomas Rudgwoth Nicholas Blundell.

Inquisition taken there to enquire for the Lord of the said Manor on the oath of Edward Burghe Lawrence Richardson William Worrall William Stock John Reighnold Henry Williamson Thomas Marrowe Richard Marrowe Peter Rydinge John Mercer Richard Rydinge Thomas Blanchard John Thomasson William Johnson and William Weedall Jurors who say and present on their oath in manner and form as follows in these English words namely :-That Robert Blundell Esqe oweing sute and service to this

Court hath this day made Defalt in appearance. In S. d. mercy


- - - - 1 0 Item that Richard Reynald is right heire to a Close of

Land lying within this Mannor called the Mosse-ffield

conteyning One Acre and one Rood Land of Land. Item that Sir Cuthbert Halsall hath alienated and sould

his Lande within this Mannor to Robert Blundell Esqe

Item that John Molyneux Gentleman hath not made his

heymt betwixt the Graner hoes and the Lordes hoes S. d.

of this Mannor. In mercy - - - - - 3 4 Item that Edward Rysse hath teathered his horses contrary

to the order of this towne and contrary to the Lordes

Information. In mercy - - - - - - o 6 Item that John Rysse hath leathered where he hath mowne

contrary to the custom of this Mannor. In mercy - 0 3 Item that the said John Rysse hath teathred upon ground

whereunto he had no right. In mercy - - - 0 3 Item that John Longroe hath mowed a p'cell of grownd

whereunto he had no right. In mercy - - - 0 4 Item that the said John Longroe hath tethered upon the

stubble, contrary to Order. In mercy - - - 0 3 Item that Katheren Arnold hath committed wast upon the

Moss. In mercy - - - - - - - 2 O Item that William Kitchin and Thomas Barnes alias Jack

son hath brokened the Pownd or Fold within this

Mannor. In mercy each of them 6/8. Total - - 13 4 Item that Nicholas Davie hath neglected to performe half

a day work with a cart and half a daie work with a

spade in the heigh wayes. In mercy - - - 10 Item that Edward Rothwell hath neglected half a day work

with a spade in the heighway. In mercy - · · 0 3 Item that Widow Tarlton hath gotten grasse contrary to

the Order of this towne. In mercy - - - o 6 Item that John Rysse hath cowraked and impayred the

heigh way. In mercy - - - - - - 0 6 Item that William Garstange hath made a marle hole

in and upon the Bann butt lying in the towne field
and not filled up the same according to a former order

of this Court. In mercy - - - - - 3 4 Item that Edward Rysse hath trespassed to William Stocke

in plowing some part of the Land of the said William
in the town ffield and taken the Proffittes thereof.

In mercy - - - - - - - - 0 4 Item that Thomas Poole hath ditched wrongfullie between

him and William Johnson. In mercy - - - 2 0 Item that William Norres hath not sett a gate at the end

of the Ffyve Rood Land according to a former Order
of this Court - -

- - 2 O

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Item that John Bushell and Richard Tyrer have suffered

their howses to go to decay. Each of them in mercy S. d. 6/8; in all - - - - - - - - 13 4

And it is ordered by the Jurors aforesd with the consent of the steward in manner and form as follows in these English words namely :Imprimis that Richard Bryanson doe amend the breach

which he hath made upon Morehowses Greene before s. d.

Martinmas next under penalty - - - - 3 4 Item that no person or persons inhabiting or dwelling

within this mannor or havinge howses of habitation
within the same shall take or receive into any there
howses any married persons having Chyld or children
except they first give sufficient securitie to the use of
the towne to save the inhabitants therein harmless
from all loss damage hurt and hindrances which may
come unto them or any of them by reason of the

same taking or receiving under penalty each of them 20 0 Item that Richard Garthes do make his ffence sufficient

betwixt him and John Reynould at Marrowes Lane
end before the first day of November next under

penalty - - - - - - - - - 6 8 Item that the said Richard Garthes doe make his ffence

sufficient betwixt him and Peter Rydinge in the
aforesaid Close before the twenty fisth day of March

next under penalty - - - - - - - 6 8 Item that no man that hath any part Land shall sett awaie

any gates to any person or persons except that they
which have other part Land with them do ffirst refuse

to take the same under penalty - - - - 3 4 Item that Thomas Robertson and Richard Tyrer do well

and sufficiently amend their Mosse pitte which they
have made at Dobb Lane before Michalmas next
under penalty each of them . .


And the undermentioned having been elected to office for the year following have been sworn :

Bailiff-Richard Garthes - - - - - sworn
Burleymen-Hugh farrer William Stocke Thomas /

Blundell Humphrey Griffith -} sworn
Field Wardens—John Reynold Thomas Marrowl...

John Bushell Bryan Lea


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Affeerers—Thomas Marrow Richard Marrow Wil-la

liam Weddall John Pendleton -} Mosswardens-Edward Brough William Johnson - sworn Surveyors of highways—Edward Rothwell Thomas)

Poole - - - - -
Surveyors of the Richard Rydinge

Copps (John Robertson
Ushers of the Court | Edward Brough - -

aforesaid (William Stocke -


Examined by me
Edmund Stockley

Steward of the said Court.



FOR A.D. 1628. LITTLE CROSBY TO WIT.—Court of William Blundell Esq. of

his manor or lordship of Little Crosby aforesaid held
there on the 2nd day of April in the 4th year of the
reign of our lord Charles by the grace of God King of
England Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the
Faith &c. 1628 before Edward Stockley gent. Steward
of the said Court.

Richard Molyneux Knt. & Bart. essoin by James Davie.
Edward More ess. by John Reighnold.
John Reignold yeoman ess. by John Walley.
Robert Blundell, Esq.

Edward Raphson yeom.
Laurence Richardson.

Robert Morecrofte.
Richard Marrowe.

Thomas Marrowe.

John Ryse sen.
John Reignold.
Thomas Rothwell.
John Longrowe.
Richard Garthes.
Ralph Starkey.
Henry Williamson.
Peter Stocke.
Thomas Burghe.
Edward Ryse.
Hugh ffarrer.
Symon Worrall.

William Norres.

Thomas Blundell.
Peter Ryding.
Thomas Tyrer.
John Walley for Blundell's Howse.
Thomas Blanchard.
Humphrey Griffith.
John Ryse jun.
William Banes.
William Widall.
Richard Ainsworth.
William Arnold.
Nicholas Williamson alias Davie essoin by William Widall.
James Nicholson alias Davy.

Joanna Pendleton widow.
Thomas Poole.
Thomas Almond.
William Johnsonne.
Richard Bryanson.
John Roberteson als. Thomasson.
John Bushell.
Margery Ley wid. by Bryan Ley son.
Margaret Mercer wid.
Alice Poole wid.

Henry Banes.

Appeared. Inquisition taken there to enquire for the lord of the manor or lordship aforesaid on the oath of William Norres Thomas Rothwell Richard Marrow John Ryse sen. Richard Ainsworth Peter Stocke Thomas Burghe Edward Ryse Hugh ffarrer Thomas Blundell William Widall Peter Ryding William Johnson Richard Bryanson John Roberteson alias Thomson and John Ryse jun. sworn Who say and present upon their oath in manner and form as follows in these English words namely :

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