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Imprimis that Robert Blundell, Esq. Edmund Raphson

Symon Worrall and Alice Poole wid. Do owe suite
and service to this Court and this day have made s. d.

Defalt. In mercy each of them 12d.; in all - - 4 0 Item that Edmund Raphson hath alienated and sould his

land in this towne unto Robert Blundell Esq. Item that Edward Denton hath built three bayes of build

ing upon the Lordes wast. In mercy - - - 6 8 · Item that Thomas Robertson hath built one bay of house

ing upon the Lordes wast. In mercy - - - 2 6 Item that Margrett Mercer wid. hath built three bayes of

howseing one side wheirof standeth on the Lordes

waste. In mercy - - - - - - - 3 4 Item that it appeareth by good proof that the ffarmers of

the Grange in the Northend Lane heirtofore made
the ffence betwixt the Grange hoase and the More-
howse and that Richard Molyneux gent. ffarmer

theirof ought to make the same.
Item that it is lykewise found by good proofe that when

Richard Blundell Esq., Lord of this mannor now
deceased Did in his lyfetyme emprove a part of the
commons in this lordship called the Marsh and de-
vyded the same amongst the tenantes and charterers
in little Crosbie: Did leave sufficient wayes and
entries as well to those now emproved closes as also
to all ancient closes lying thirabouts One part of the
said Marsh was allotted to Nicholas Reignold then
tenant to M' More of the Bancke hall at the nearer
end wheirof (lying to the south) betwixt the same
portion and another portion allotted to Thomas Ryse
deceased was an entry sett out of ffower yards broad
and so to go downe betwixt the East side of the said
portion allotted to Nicholas Reignold and an ancient
close of grownd belonging to the tenant of Thomas
Burghe of the same bredth for the occupacion of an
ancient close then in the tenure of William Johnson
deceased called the Auld Hey But the said Nicholes
Reignold did not enclose his said portion from the
said entry as others did butt did pasture and occupie
altogether during his lyfe and after his decease Hugh
Reignold his sonne enclosed the said entrie together
within his said portion and left at the further end of
the said close a gate both for his own occupacion
thereof and for William Johnson to passe throughe
to his close and wold not enclose his parte from that

entrie neither but occupied all during his lyffe and
since his sonne John Reignold hath occuppied both
with soweinge and pasturing the entrie which was
sett forth at the emprovinge and also the way which
was allowed for William Johnson his occupacion both
in moweinge the same and delving ridging soddes
upon it and carrieing them away And that the said
Richard Blundell, Esq., was soe carefull that Reigh-
nold shold be sure to have his full portion that he
entreated Thomas Ryse aforesaid to lett him have
from his portion fower of his striddes to make the
way of at the south end of Reignolds portion which
he willingly agreed unto. And further that the Lord
of this manor hath wrong done unto him by the en-
closures and occupyers of the said Reignolds portion
and in danger to loose part of his inheritance if it be
not looked into.

Item that John Ryse tethered three horses in the Towne S. d.

Field contrary to a former order. In mercy - - o 6 Item that Henry Williamson did the like. In mercy .o Item that James Ryse trespassed in eating other menes

grasse in the towne field with two horses contrary to

a former order. In mercy - - - - - 0 0 Item that John Ryse did the like with one horse. In mercy o 3 Item that Richard Marrowe did the like. In mercy · · 0 3 Item that Nicholas ffazakerley did the like. In mercy - 6 Item that John Shepheard trespassed in turning his mare

loose into the towne field in the Barlowes tyme. In

mercy - - - - - - - - - 0 3 Item that Nicholas Williamson alias Davie neglected to

performe his service to the high waies with a cart.

In mercy - - - - - - - - o 12 Item that Margerie Tarlton neglected to performe her ser

vice to the high waies with a spade. In mercy 0 6 Item that the said Margerie Tarlton trespassed in getting

and grooning of grasse contrary to an order. In mercy o 6 Item that the said Margery trespassed in taking the lordes

wood out of his hedges in the towne meadowe. In

mercy - - - - - - - - - 0 4 Item that Symon Worrall broke the pinfolde. In mercy - 6 8

Item that William Banes rescowed and tooke a horse from

Richard Bryanson being going to the pownd with s. d.

him. In mercy - - - - - - - 3 4 Item that Richard Garthes Thomas Blundell William

Johnson and William Arnold delved flawe turves in
theire mosse closes and theirby committed waste.

In mercy each of them 6d. ; in all - - - - 2 0 Item That Thomas Blanchard putt more cattle in the Sea

field than his parte did extend unto. In mercy - 0 6 Item that Ellen Griffith suffred her children to tresspass in

taking of turves contrary to an order. In mercy - I 6 Item that Jenètt Atherton wid. trespassed in taking of

turffe. In mercy - - - - - - - 1 1 Item that Margery Abbey...had trespassed in

taking of turffe. In mercy - - - - - 1 0 Ilem that John Bushell took wood or hedging forth of the

weayre in Alt to the great hurt of the countrey. In

mercy - - . . - - - - - 1 0 Item that Katheren Arnold and Symon Worrall have not

evened the place wheare they have gotten turves.
In mercy each of them 6d. ; in all - - - - 1 0

And it is ordered by the jurors with the consent of the Steward as follows in these English words, namely :Imprimis that whosoever shall lead turffe within this lord

ship muck stone or any other thing at unseasonable
tymes therby to impayre the heigh wayes having
warning geven them by the Surveyor to geve over S. d.

shall for every tyme so offending forfait to the lord - 0 12 Item that Edward Ryse and Nicholas Williamson alias

Davie shall scowre and make a sufficient ffleame
either of them anendst theire owne grownd after the
Lane syde to avoid and cary away the water from the
Towns end past the barne of the said Nicholas Wil-
liamson alias Davie or the place where the said barne
now stands and before the feast of St. James next
and so keep the same sufficiently scoured being
warned by the Burleymen upon paine to forfait to the
Lord for every tyme offending -

- - - 0 Item that the occupyers of the six buttes in the towne

field shall every one of them at the west end of their
butte make a sufficient cartway at the suiht of the
surveyor and John Ryse by filling up the hoales and

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whelches and keeping open the fleame before May-
day next and so repaire the same from tyme to tyme
as need shall require upon warning geven by the
Burleymen upon paine to forfeite to the Lori for

every defalt - - - - - - - Item that the occupyers of the heighfield parte shall

scoure and fleame all along after theire field end suf-
ficiently to cary away the water which falleth above
the Dobbe Lane unto the Poolefield and so to fform
a Poole And lykewyse scowre all the fleame on the
other syde of the Dobbe Lane that the water may
passe by \Im Widowes down to the mosse and lyke-
wyse to breik up the small Lane All which is to be
done beforz St. James Day next and so to be kept
sufficiently done from tyme to tyme as need shall
require being warned by the Burley men upon paine

to forfaite to the Lord for every default - - Item that a Reame or gutter shall be made from the South

syde of Thomas Burghes crost through Henry "lil-
liamson's meadow and through all the Dowke until it
come anendst the gutter end that goeth through the
Cow hey every man that hath grownd thire to make
through his owne And that Richard Garthes shall
amend his Platt sufficiently that the water may passe
under it without stoppe And also scowre his ditch
sufficiently that the water may easily passe so farr as
belongeth to the said water course All which is to be
done before the xxvth day of March next and thence
forward to be sufficiently kept from tyme to tyme
being warned by the Burleymen upon paine for every

default - - - - - - - - Item that whosoever within this Lordship shall be knowne

to lay either clothes or yarne to dry or bleach upon
any mans grasse ditche pasture or meadow (except
upon his owne) without lycense shall forfeit to the
Lord for every tyme so offending 3d, and to the party

grieved 3d.
Item that the tenantes of the plowland shall be ready with

Cartes and spades upon warning geven by the Lord
or his officers to amend at the Sandy Coppse to de.
fend and keep the said grownde from the sand upon
paine to forfaite upon every default of a carte. -

and for every default of a spade - - - Item that whereas there is an order formerly made that no

man shall dryve his Cattle to water forth of the towne

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gate but upon his owne grownde it is now agreed that the said former order shall be of no force or

strength hereafter.
Officers elected to supervise in the year following :-

Bailiff-William Arnold first sworn.
Burleymen--Thomas Marrow for Symone Worrall)

James Nicholason alias Davie sworn

Bryan Lea and William Johnson)
Fieldwardens-Peter Stocke Henry Williamson)

John Mercer and John Ryse Jun.."
Affeerers-James Ryse John Reignold William),

Norres Henry Banes - - -
MosswardensRichard Ainsworth and William la

amsworn Widall - - - - Surveyors of King's highways — Richard Marrow

sworn and Thomas Blundell - - -S" Surveyors of the Sandy Coppes—William Norres, first

Richard Bryanson - - -S sworn
Ushers of the Court, William Norres Thomas )

Brugh - - -
Examined by me
Edward Stockley

Steward of the said Court.

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