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(tower). No. 6 is very common. No. 7 has no other example, except No. 12 from the same walls, where also is found a similar cross to No. 6 (No. 13).

No. 8 is not uncommon in other parts of England, as also No. 9, which appears to be a badly-cut example of No. 4.

No. 10 is similar to No. 5.

No. 11 is the cross, differenced, and might occur at any date.

Nos. 12 and 13 have been already referred to; they nearly coincide with Nos. 6 and 7.

No. 14—i}4 inches, finely cut—is not an uncommon mark.

No. 15—2 inches, finely cut—is simply Burscough No. 1, or Bidston Hall No. 4, or Stonyhurst No. 8—differenced with a line, as in Stonyhurst No. 29, where the line is again crossed.

No. 16, a re-worked stone, is similar to Birkenhead Nos. 44, 78, 85, Thornton No. 14, Lydiate Nos. 9 and 10, Chester Cathedral No. 44, Stonyhurst and Mitton No. 16? and is found on the exterior of St. Mary's Church.

No. 17 is found at Chester Cathedral No. 4, Eastham No. 91, up to the XVI. century; Shotwick No. 12, and Backford No. 6.

No. 18 agrees with Chester Cathedral No. 5, dated 11891272.

So far as I am able to judge, none of the above are Roman marks.

St. Mary's-on-the-hill, Chester (3).—Unfortunately I have omitted to include these in the plates. They are found on very good masonry of the end of the fifteenth century—the St. Andrew's cross, 2*6 inches; an extended form of the unfinished hour-elass, 4 inches; and a Gothic form of the letter ^Q 1 and 2% inches. There is also a well-preserved example of the cross on the exterior of the church, similar to that found on the city walls (No. 16).

Sefton Church (86).—Collected by Mr. William E. Gregson and Mr. Cox. All the marks are small in size. The very curious marks, Nos. 3 and 18, are unusual forms, as well as Nos. 19 to 22.

Lydiate: St. Catherine's Chapel (12).—Copied by Mr. Cox; from i}4 to 2}i inches.

Lydiate Hall (4).—Copied by Mr. Cox; size \% and 2 inches.

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