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No. 176. Childwalland Walton.

1519. Decree of the Official of the Bishop of Chester, dissolving the Marriage of Letitia Norres, of Childwall parish, with Roger Crosse, of the parish of Walton, for want of consent, their parents having compulsorily espoused them when children.

Dated the 12th day of December, 1519.

[Partly frayed away].

No. 177. Barton-on-Irwell.

1521. John Bothe, Rector of Barton upon Yrwyll, to Laurence Asshow, gent. Bond in forty pounds, payable at Pentecost. Dated 8th day of May, 13 Henry VIII [1521]. Condition: The said John Bothe, before the Feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr next, to grant a lease to the said Laurence Asshow of the Tithe of Holme in Barton, in the co. of Lane, which John Paslow, Abbot of Whalley, granted to Sir John Bothe, knt., father of the above bounden John Bothe, for certain years yet to come; and to keep the said Laurence harmless in the enjoyment of the same, and to pay to the said Laurence seven marks before the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist next ensuing, and also all such sums of money as the said Laurence has paid and laid out for the use of the said John. [In English.] Signature of Jno. Both.

No. 178. Liverpool, cVv.

1530. Grant from John Crosse, clerk, Rector of Mulso, co. Bucks, to Sir Ewins Quykk, clerk, Geo. Goldwell and William Dowse, of all his lands, tenements, meadows, feedings, pastures, woods, &c., which were formerly held by John Crosse, his grandfather, in Lyverpole, Kyrkdale, Darby, Wartre, Holand, Heley, Knowseley, Wolton Magna, Wolton Parva, and Wigan, in the county of Lancaster, which came to him by inheritance after the death of Roger Crosse, his brother: Except all those messuages, lands, &c., which John Mordaunt, junr, and Edmund ffeteplace, esqTM, Roger Hoggeson, and Henry Holyweil, held by his feoffment in Coppull, in co. Lane, also a tenement in Heth Charnok, in the same county, as per charter dated 24th June, 20 Henry VIII, for the fulfilment of his last Will and Testament. Attorns Humphrey Crosse, clerk,1 and Richard Dowse, husbandman, to deliver seisin.

1 Priest of the chantry of St. Katherine's, Liverpool.

Dated the 12th day of October, 22 Henry VIII


Small round seal of red wax: a stork proper.

No. 179. Liverpool.

'533- James Crosse, gent., brother and heir of John Crosse, clerk, deceased, William Westby, and James Wynstanley, to Roger Breres, George Garstan, yeoman, Blanche, wife of Roger Breres, and Margaret, wife of George Garstan, sisters of said John Crosse: Bond in four hundred marks, payable on St. John Baptist's day next. Dated 4th April, 24 Henry VIII [1533].

Condition: To keep and perform the Award of Laurence Ireland and Laurence Asshow on behalf of James Crosse, and of Thomas Bulkeley, clerke, parson of Brynhill, and of Robert Swansey, on behalf of Roger and George, concerning the messuages, lands, &c., which belonged to John Crosse, Richard Crosse, and John Crosse, clerk, son and heir of Richard, all deceased: The Award to be made with the assent of Henry Farington and Roger Asshowe.

Signature of James Crosse.

No. 180. Liverpool.

1532/3. James Wynstanley, Laurence Ireland, and Laurence Asshowe, complainants, against Roger Breres, and Blanche, his wife, and George Garstan, and Margaret, his wife, defendants.

Final Concord concerning 16 messuages, 200 acres of land, 10 of meadow, 300 of pasture, 20 of wood, 300 of heath and furze, and 10 shillings rent in Lyverpole, Magna Wolton, [West] Darby, Wartre, Everton, Coppul, Guilborn, Heth Charnok, and Kirkdale, lately held by Edward Crosse, William Dowse, and Johanna, late wife of William Crosse deceased, for their lives, being the heritage of the aforesaid Blanche and Margaret: And for this Fine and Release the said Laurence, James, and Laurence gave to Roger, Blanche, George, and Margaret, one hundred pounds.

Dated at Lancaster, Monday, 5th week of Lent, 25 Henry VIII [1532-3].

No. 181. Liverpool.

1534. Deed Poll, whereby James Crosse, citizen and goldsmith of London, acknowledges the receipt, from Roger Asshawe, of the co. of Lancaster, Esq., of £9 6s. 8d., in full satisfaction of one hundred marks sterling in accordance with an Indenture of Covenants made on the marriage of John Crosse, son and heir of the said James, with A lice,"daughter of the said Roger, as per Indenture dated nth October, 25 Henry VIII.

Dated the 17th day of November, 26 Henry VIII [1534]. Signed p me James Crosse.

No. 182. Liverpool: Crosse Hall,

1538. Grant from Johanna Crosse, widow, relict of William Crosse, brother and heir of John Crosse, clerk, deceased, to James Anderton, gen', and Christopher Hogh, gen', of that capital messuage, called Crosse Hall, with lands and tenements adjoining, in Lyverpole; also all the lands, &c, which she had in the fields of Lyverpole, and Walton near Lyverpole, for the term of her life, on condition that the said James and Christopher shall before Easter next, re-convey the said capital messuage to her for life.

Dated 1st March, 29 Henry VIII [1538].

No. 183. Liverpool.

1538. Grant by James Anderton, Christopher Hogh, Thomas Banastrc, chaplain, and Thomas, son of Rich. Banastre, Esq., to Johanna Crosse, widow of William Crosse, brother and heir of John Crosse, clerk, deceased, of the capital messuage called Crosse Hall, in Lyverpole, and lands in the ftelds of Lyverpole and Walton, which they hold by the feoffment of the said Johanna Crosse, for her life. They attorn Thomas Walbank and Thomas Ball to deliver seisin.

Dated 14th day of April, 29 Henry VIII [1538].

No. 184. Liverpool, &>c.

1538. Roger Ashowc, esq., and Laurence Asshowe, gent., complainants, against James Crosse, defendant.

Final Concord at Lancaster, concerning 25 messuages, 300 acres of land, 40 of meadow, 200 of pasture, 10 of wood, 300 of heath and furze, 100 of turbary, and 10s rent, in Lyverpole, Everton, Magna Wolton, Parva Wolton, [West] Derby, Coppull, Heth Chernok, Wygan, and Golbourn. For this concession and fine the said Roger and Laurence paid to the said James one hundred pounds sterling.

No. 184*.
Counterpart of No. 184.

No. 185. Heath Charnork.

1538. James Crosse, citizen and goldsmith of London, to Roger

Asshawe, of Heth Charnok, in co. Lane.

Bond in three hundred pounds sterling, payable at Christmas: If not paid, to be subject to Statute Staple.

Dated 19th day of November, 30 Henry VIII [1538J.

[No condition.] Signature: p me Jamyes Crosse.

Three seals of red wax: on one a Tudor rose beneath a royal crown; another shows the Crosse crest, a stork proper; the third is an impression of an antique gem.

No. 186. Liverpool.

1539. The rent of Lyfipole due at the Annuciacion last past

payed by Rob't Mosse vnto Laur' Asshowe, xxth day of Aprill Anno tricesio Henr' octaui.

In p'ms of John Edmndson xs

IP for the Mylne xis viiid vnde Dno Regi
et sic recepi - - - iijd

IP Robt Mosse for betenhey xs

IP Thos Dowse iiijs ixd

Idm Thomas for Wod'hey iijs

Vx' Henr' Colne for hyr pt of the howse

IP John Barker for his part xxjd

Margaret Crosseby for hyr howse - - - ijd

Vx' Edwarde Shirelakers xv"1

John Valentine xvjd

Elsabeth Barker xv"1

Vx' Brodeheyde ijs vjd

Robt Asspes for ffysshe yords - - - - xvjd

Elsabeth Dike ijs vjd

Sni, xlijs iijd

IP payed by the said Robt to the said

Laur' the arrerage of Michaelmas rent

left due in the tyme of James Crosse - xijs

Whereof the said Laur' delyuP to the said

Robt for the burde of Thos. Crosse due

afor Andrews day last iijs

And the residue of the said xiis is in the
hands of the said Laur' to pay to the
said James.
Md DelyuP by the said Laur' to the said
RobP for the burde of the said Thomas
Scole hyr and Capp syth Andrews day

last xs

If delifiP to the said Robt for his labor - ij»
Et remanet Clare xxixs V1

Md receyued from Robt Mosse by the
hands of Wittm Dowse at ManchesP
payed to the hands of my brothr Laur'
the XXVth day of Octobr A° tricesio pmo
Henr' octaui of the Michaelmas Rents

of Lyflpole due last past v.

[On paper, side frayed.]

No. 187. London.

1545. Nicholas Mighell, of London, beer-brewer, to James Crosse, citizen and goldsmith, of London: Quitclaim of all actions and demands, by reason of a bond of the said James. [No particulars given.]

Dated 4th day of December, 37 Henry VIII [1545].
Signature: p me Nychlis Shygell.

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