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REPORT. 1891.

During the year 1891, two non-resident life members, twenty-seven resident members, and thirty-two non-resident members, in all sixty-one, have joined the Society. During the same period, two non-resident life-members, one resident member, five non-resident members, and one honorary member have died, while six resident and five nonresident members have resigned, and one resident member has become non-resident, involving a loss of twenty-one members in all.

Among the members who have died are—His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, a Vice-President, and Life Member since 1857; Sir Richard Owen, K.C.B., F.R.S , an Honorary Member, full of years and honours; Mr. John George Woodhouse, a Life Member since 1S55; Colonel Ilumberston, a Member for forty years; the able proprietor of the Manchester Courier, Sir Thos. Sowlcr; and a well-known Lancashire antiquary, who contributed several valuable papers to the Society's Transactions, the Reverend Thomas Ellison Gibson, formerly Priest at Lydiate, whose funeral there was attended by the Secretary and Assistant-Secretary on behalf of the Society, on the 29th day of January.

Among the Subscribing Members who have joined this year it is especially pleasing to announce the Library of the British Museum, the National Library of Ireland, and the Library of Stonyhurst College.

During the year there have been revivals of two old customs: one, the opening of the Autumn Session with an Address, this year given by a VicePresident of the Society, Mr. John Panl Rylands, F.S.A., after which there was an exhibition of "curios," the property of the Society and of others, arranged by Mr. Charles Potter, the Curator, with great success. The other, the revival of the "Annual Excursion," which took place on Saturday, June 20th, under the able guidance of Mr. James Bromley and Mr. John Hargreaves, who conducted a party of members and their friends, some forty in number, to Stonyhurst College, Mytton Church, Little Mytton Hall, and the Church 'and Abbey of Whalley, printed copies of a carefully-prepared account of which, from the pen of Mr. Bromley, were distributed among the party en route. Over the interesting buildings at Stonyhurst the visitors were taken with great courtesy by the Rector of the College and Father John Gerard, S.J.; while at Mytton Church the Vicar, though in very indifferent health, carefully pointed out the various objects of interest in his care. Mr. Hicks, of Little Mytton Hall, and Colonel Hargreaves, of Whalley Abbey, though absent from home, had left directions that every facility for seeing their respective properties should be given to the Society; and at Whalley Church, the Vicar's representative efficiently "lionized" the party. Excellent meals were proZ

vided at Mytton and Whalley, and throughout the day everything was done, both by conductors and hosts, which could conduce to the comfort and entertainment of the party, to whom the " Excursion " seems to have given a great deai of pleasure.

During the year, ten papers have been read, all of them directly bearing on the history or antiquities of Lancashire or Cheshire, to fairly numerous audiences.









Mrs. Alfred Fletcher.

J. G. Brown.

Rev. John Watson.

R. II. Day.

R. J. Richardson.

Edmund Cook.

George Fletcher.

A. C. Grylls.

Walter Holland.

Giles Shaw.

L. O. Hess.

Mrs. Park-Yates.

Rev. E. F. Letts.

Stonyhurst College Library.

F. Dalley.

British Museum Library.

National Library of Ireland.

Walter Russell.

James Roscoe.

Egerton Castle.

Col. C. S. Mainwaring.

I.t.-Col. 11. J. Robinson.

Miss E. D. Woodhouse.

George Wynne.

T. H. Hope.

Rev. F. Sanders.

Henry Bell.

J. D. Fox.

W. A. Thomas.

Major J. W. R. Parker.

G. W. Rigg.


8. "Masons' Marks at Birkenhead and Burscough Priories, and Ormskirk Church." W. Harry Rylands, F S.A.

2. "Two Court Rolls of the Manor of Little Crosby."

Augustine Watts, M.A.

"Some Notes on Spellow House." John Thompson,

"Recent Roman ' Finds' at Chester" Edward W. Cox.

"Overchurch Runic Stone." Rev. Wilfrid Dallow.

"Notes on Ancient Buildings at Overchurch." Edward W. Cox.


Mar. 5. "Richard, and Viscount Molyneux."

T. Algernon Karle. R. D. Radcliffe, M.A., F.S.A.

,, 19. "Ordsall Hall, Salford." R. D. Radcliffe, M. A., F.S.A.

Nov. 5. Address by J. Paul Rylands, F.S.A , a Vice-President of the Society.

,, 19. "History of the Pilkington Family, from A. D. 1066 to 1600." Part I.

Dec. 3. Ditto ditto. Part II.

Lt.-Col, John Pilkington.

,, 17. "Some Antiquities of Macclesfield." J. F. A. Lynch.

REPORT. 1892.

During the year 1892 twelve Resident and six Non-Resident Members have joined ihe Society, while eight Members have died, and eight have resigned.

Amongst those removed by death are Mr. J. Harris Gibson, who died on the 2nd May. He first joined the Society in 1S75, was at one time its Curator, and for many years he was a constant exhibitor of rare coins, curios, and works of art at its meeting-;. On the 14th of January Mr. Edward Whitley died, who, though only a Member for four years, was for a long period one of Liverpool's most respected citizens, and for twelve years one cf the Parliamentary representatives of the city. Having been forty-one years a Member, the Rev. John Whitley, Rector of Newton-in-Makerfield and Honorary Canon of Liverpool, died July 41I1. On the 11th of the same month Lord Winmarleigh passed away, at the palriarchial age of 92 years and 3 months, in the forty-third year of his Life Membership, a man of whom Lnncashire, and indeed England, may be justly proud, one of a race fast dying out, alas !" Alultis Hie bonisJUbilis occidit."

During the year Committees consisting of Members of the Society and others have been formed to cooperate with a Committee of the Liverpool City Council in placing tablets on the birthplaces of eminent inhabitants, and with leading townspeople of liirkenhead to conserve and repair the ruins of Uirkenhead Priory, which sorely need such care. A Committee, to co-operate with one consisting of Members of the Chester Archceological Society, for the purposes both Societies have at heart, was named, and has worked with good results

Ten meetings of the Society were held during the Session, and as many papers read on subjects connected with the history or archeology of the Counties of Lancaster and Chester.

The largest and best illustrated volume of Transactions which the Society has put forth, being that for the year 1890, was issued to Members in the month of August.

On 23rd of June the Annual Excursion took place, obligingly and ably conducted by Messrs. Jame; Bromley and John llargreaves. At Lancaster the party—which, owing to unfavourable weather, numbered only forty-one — was met by Mr. W. O. Roper, Town Clerk of Lancaster, who showed them over the Church of St. Mary and the Castle, and afterwards explained the objects of interest at Heysham, proving himself, as a cicerone, facile princeps.


Jan. 28. George Grierson.

., II. William F. Price. Feb. 25. Wm. Hesketh Lever.

„ 25. Geo. James Lyell.

,, 25. Edwin A. Beazley. Mar. 10. Jas. Darcy Lever.

„ 24. C. F. B. Wilson. Nov. 3. C. E. K. Radclyffe.

,, 3. T. Herbert Cockbain.


3. MissG. A. L. Trill. 3. Warrington Museum. 3. Detroit Public Library. 3. Joseph Ii. Morgan. 3. Philip J. Worsley. 3. Wm. Leemar.. 3. Rev. Fred Smith. 1. Chappie Gill. 15. Rev. J. Wright Williams.

[merged small][table]


'An Account of Wallasey, by Mr. Robinson, Schoolmaster there in 1720; with further remarks on the ancient Parish."

W. C. Ashby Pritt.

'Notes on Records and Churchwardens' Accounts of the Parish of Liverpool." Henry Poet, F.S.A., Churchwarden.

'The Meols (Cheshire) Shore, in its Geological and Archceological aspects." Charles Potter.

'Liverpool in the great Civil War; from unpublished Letters and Papers of Colonel John Jloote, Governor of the Town for the Parliament." Part I.

Ditto. Ditto. Part II.

George Grazebrook, F.S.A.

'An old Racing Stable at Wallasey." Arthur Cox.

'Traces of ancient British occupation on the coasts of Lancashire, Cheshire, and >'orth Wales." Edward W. Cox.

'Place Names in the Hundred of Wirral." W. Fergusson Irvine. 'Disclaimers at the Heralds' Visitations." J. Paul Ryiands, F.S.A. 'Monastic Houses in Lancashire." Rev. J. Gilbert 11olan, O.S.B


Aberdeen Lodge, 131
Actacon, 100
Adams, 20
Aethelmund, 316, 317
Affecrers, 104
Agincourt, 64

Agricultural And Mrchanical Implrmrnts
Found On Thr Mkols Shorr, 734244

— augur, 241 ; axe, iron, 241; blacksmith's

pincers, 240; blacksmith's tongs, 241 ; cooper's
tool, 241, 242; fork, 234; hammer head; iron
bell, 239 ; iron fleam, 230.; mallet, 242; mullcr,
242; ploughshares, 238; spade, 2:54, 237;
weeding spud, 239 ; wooden needle, 239

Alcocke T., 77

Aldcroft Kcv. Charles, 9

Aldridge C, 184

Alehouses, 106

Altcar, 268

Amber M., 145, 146

Ambrose J,, 264

Amercements, i1 1

Anselm St., 203

Apparel, 106

Appleton, 77

Arab Tribe Mark, 129

Armorial Hearings, 63, ft), 72

Arrowe, 287

Arson T., 41

Ascalon, 142

Ashton Colonel, 258

Luke, 38

Aspul, 76
Aughton, 183, 193

Church, 139

Augustine St.. 202, 205
Aurelius Lucius, 98, 101

Baalbec, 178

Backford Church, 189, 192, 319

Ball — 45

James, 14 K

W., 78

Bank Hall, 272

Bardney, 212

Barlow T., 78

Barnston, 209, 301

Barton Richard and F., 246

W., 264

Bayeux tapestry, 9B

Beauclerck Kev. C. S., 139, 142, 190, 197.
Bebington, 187, iS8, 190, 191, 192, 196, 197, 198,

Bell W. , 268
Benedict St., 213
Benedictines, 205, 206, 221
Benolte J'., 65
Bennett J., 78
Benson, 91
Bernard St., 217
Bickerstaflf Chantry, 18a
Biddan stone, 316, 318
Bidston, 2, 41, 47, 283. 284, 293 ; church, 191 ; hall,

139, 190; manor, 14 ; moss, 16, 295
Binham, 209
Birch Colonel, 272 Dr., 150

Pird IL, 32, 49

Jos., 10, 38

Birkenhead, 157, 158, 175, 184, 187, 189, 197, 280,

301 : priory, 15, 203, 305, 319
Birket, 284, 302
Blackburn Nunnery, 204
Black Combe, 45
Btundel) Col., 112
■ Koben, 113, 116, It3, 262

Richard, 118, 119

Blunt J., 254

Bolton, 76, 214, 2C0

Booth Sir G , 20

BootleT., 268

Boswonh W., 185

Brawlers, 103

Brechin, 135, 144, 153

Bretherton, 77

Brettargh Nehemiah. 263, 268

Bridgeman O., 274

Hriggs L., 76

Brimstage, 288; hall, 193

Bristol, 38, 41

British Kings, 318

Bromborough, 78, 187, 192, 295, 302; pool, 299;

well, 192
Bromley James, 123, 175, 180, 182
Broomhail, 75
Brown C., 12

— 1., .85

Robert, 77

Richard, 77

Browne Prof., 315, 316
Broxton7 284

Bucks visitation, 75
Bunbury C, 2, 10, 12, 38, 47

Burscough, 144, 156, 157, 158, 172, 175, 179, 180,
it,7, 198, 204; priory, 219, 222, 224; bells, 181
Burton, 290; church, 192
Bussel W. and A.. 206
By land, 216
Bye-laws, 107, i11.
Byron Lord, 261
liyrth Dr., 24

Colder, 215

Cambridge, 212

Campbell's Chamber, 150

Campbell Rev. A., 11

Canons regular of St. Augustine, 205, 220

Canterbury Cathedral, 154, 158

Capenhurst, 290, 291

Carlet, 287

Carlisle, 181

Carmelite, 205

Carnesdale, 299

Cam, 296

Cartmel, 36, 204, 221, 222, 224 ; priory, 219, 231

Cary Walt.. 75

Caryll Sir T., 248

Castle Rushen, 249

Chalmers, 135, 152, 153, 167

Chaloncr T., 75

Chambres W., 24, 40

Charnock T.. 13

Chartres Cathedral, 171, 178

Chatsworth, 155

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