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The following field names occur in the Tithe Maps of the Parish of Wallasey, omitting all such as Old Field, New Hey, Town Field, &c.


39 42 Cop Field.49

58 Rush hey.

59 The Hooks. 152 Hand Staff.

155 174 Salt hey field.

156 Salt Croft.

169 Salty field.

171-2 Saltway Meadow.

287 Salt Hey croft.

163 Locker Hey.

175 Kettle well garden.

176 Wallacre and Poplady. 194-5 Crook Hey.50

198-9 Stanish Hey.

200 Flook Hey.

203 Tar Hey.

232-6 Marled Hey.

238-9 Crushes, or Cushes Meadow.

244 Moor Hey.

246 Intake.5*

253a Delph Hey.53

Do. Little Brook Hey.

255 Gorsey field.

49 Cop—a hedge bank.

50 The Near C.H. and Far C.H. of Robinson, and Tun C.H. and Na. C.H. of Note 20.

51 I.e., an "intake " from the common.

52 From its proximity to the quarry.

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Breck Hey.
Hill's Croft.
Hampson's Yard.53
Pye's Yard.54
Sandy Hey.

Sand field.

Braddy field hey.55

Sparrow croft.

Rye Grass field.

Rye field.

Flagfield, or Endridge.56


Stoney Rake.

Three-Nook Cake.57

Black butt hey.

Black butts.

Stock up butt hey.

Fearmy Flat.




Meadow Spot.

Foss's Hey.

Wynny Hey.

Stone bark.

Mill hey.

Long Ditch hey.

Red Lound hey.

Farther do.

Lower Loons.59

53 A corruption of Urmston.

54 The "Rathborn's Yard" of Robinson.

55 From " Bradow," to spread, or cover with manure Leigh's Chcs. Gloss.

56 From the fencing of flags set on end.

57 From its triangular shape.

58 Probably from the nature of the soil.

59 These " Loons," or " Lounds," appear to be strips of land in one field, let to different people. The name occurs in the other townships.

357 a to k Loons in Braddy field.

364 a to g| Lounds in Town fidd 374 a to dj

366 a to e Do. in Wallasey do.

392 a to d Do. in Liscard do.



60 From their position on the top of the river bank,

61 From the fence of flags set on end.


The following field-names mentioned by Robinson I have not identified :—Cross Acre Hey, Liscard; Liscard Longways, The Moss; Watts Cabin Hey, Wallasey—probably that field south of Claremount School through which the field-path runs; and Kirby Sytch, mentioned as " Cerbesitch Hay," containing 2 acres 1 perch, in a terrier of Liscard of about the middle of the last century, in which are also mentioned Hamstock Meadow, Nar Hay, Hippocar, Hartecor, Craftelance, and Bansecor. Randscoff Hey was bought by the School, with money left by Mr. William Meoles.

The following are quoted by Mr. Hance, in Trans. Hist. Soc. of Lanc and Chesh., vol. xxxv, from Harl. MS. 2039:—In Liscard—Sneyker

65 "The Hooks" are the points or hooks of land between the creeks which branched from the Pool.

66 "Sitch," or "sytch ": a ditch, dry in summer and wet in winter.

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