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SEC. 6th. That in order to hold the possessory rights to a location or claim hereafter made, the owner or owners shall sink a shaft no less than ten (10) feet deep, within (90) ninety days from the date on location notice, on the vein or lode.

SEC. 7th. That all notices of location shall be recorded within (90) days from the date of location. Claims located prior to the passage of this rule will be subjected to the above conditions.

SEC. 8th. That in estimating the value of improvements under U. S. Laws viz: one hundred dollars ($100.) per annum on each mining claim, labor shall be estimated at ($4.00) four dollars per day, and the material, powder, fuse, tools etc, shall be estimated at their value as fixed by current prices in the district at the time the said material is used.


SEC. 1st All controversies arising between miners in Los Cerrillos mining district in regard to mining claims situated in said district, shall be referred to a miners meeting to be called by the Recorder of said district, by first posting in four conspicuous places within the district, notices in writing stating the objects of the meeting at least three days before the day set for the meeting.



SEC 1st. The annual election for a Recorder for Los Cerrillos mining district shall be held on the first Monday in September of each

SEC. 2nd The Recorder shall be elected by ballot. The candidate recieving the plurality of ballots cast by the miners owning claims, or mining in the district for (20) twenty days last past in Los Cerrillos mining district shall be declared elected by the chairman of the meeting.

SEC. 3rd The Recorder shall hold his office until his successor is elected and qualified.


SEC. 1st It shall be the duty of the Recorder to faithfully record in a book or books kept for that purpose all notices of locations, deeds of transfer, and the minutes of all meetings ets. in good legible handwriting and in a neat and proper manner.

SEC. 2nd. It shall be his duty to call all meetings when requested to do so by any five persons interested in Los Cirrillos mining district and the miners present at said meeting shall select a chairman for said meeting.

SEC. 3rd It shall be the duty of the Recorder to keep safe and secure the books and records of Los Cerrillos mining district in his office, and he shall not be allowed to let any person take them therefrom; but shall keep them open for the inspection of any person at all reasonable hours.

SEC. 4th The Recorder shall receive, for recording each claim or deed of transfer, the sum of $2-two dollars- but he shall not be compelled to file or record until he is paid his fees. He shall record said location notices or deeds of transfer, in the order in which they are presented to him, and shall write of the back of the said notices and deeds of transfer the words "Filed for Record," together with the day and date of the same; and it shall be his duty to have the location notices and deeds of transfer filed and recorded in the office of the Probate Clerk of Santa Fé County N. M., at his own expense. It shall be the duty of the Recorder to furnish a Certified Copy of said notice of location and deeds of transfer, when applied to at the same rate as allowed to the Clerk of Santa Fé County.

SEC. 5th It shall be the duty of the Recorder to have the Rules and Regulations of Los Cerrillos Mining district published in "Los Cerrillos Prospector" once a month and pay for the same out of the fees of his office SEC. 6th. These Rules and Regulations shall be in force and take effect from and after their passage.




At a meeting of the Miners of Tennessee Gulch held at "Percival and Taners" cabin on the said Gulch towit

SEC 1st Resolved, That a miner may hold one hundred yards square by location

SECN 2d Resolved, That any miner may hold two claims of one hundred yards each by purchase, provided, said claims shall be represented when considered workable

SECN 3d Resolved; That any miner shall represent each claim at least every ten day's

SECN 4′′ Resolved That any company working either of their claims shall be considered working the whole

SECN 5th Resolved, That after the 10th day of June, no claim on Tennessee Gulch shall be considered workable until the 10th day of Nov next

Filed & Recorded 2,15 p m 4th August 1862


[blocks in formation]



At a miner's meeting held in John Day's District the 25th day of June, A. D. 1862, the following laws and regulations were passed to govern said district (interlined) "except such articles as have been amended, which

amended articles are inserted in place of the original." These laws and regulations to take effect from date of their passage.

This district shall be known as John Day's District, the limits of which shall be as follows: commencing at the mouth of Cañon creek, and running south to the head of Cañon, including all of its branches and tributaries; thence east to the head of Bissel creek, including all of its branches and tributaries; thence north to the middle fork of John Day's river; thence west to the place of beginning; and shall be governed by the following laws, to wit:

ARTICLE 1st. Each person mining in this district shall be entitled to two claims by location-one in a ravine, hill, gulch, creek, or flat, as the case may be, and one in the river-, and one by purchase. Every claim located or purchased shall be represented. ARTICLE 2nd. Claims in Canon creek shall be seventy-five feet up and down, and from bank to bank-present occupants or owners

to have choice of ground, and to have until 10 o'clock Monday, the 7th instant, to make such selection.

ARTICLE 3rd. Bank claims shall be seventy-five feet face, and running back to center of hill.

ARTICLE 4th. A creek claim shall be considered workable from the 1st of June until the 1st of November, except Cañon creek, which shall not be deemed workable until the 20th of July.

ARTICLE 5th. A ravine claim shall be one hundred and fifty feet in length by one hundred in width, running up or down the ravine. Gulch and creek claims to have the same limits or boundaries except Cañon creek.

ARTICLE 6th. A hill claim shall be one hundred and fifty feet face, and extend back to center of hill.

ARTICLE 7th. Quartz claims shall consist of one hundred feet on the vein or lead, with all its widths, depths, and angles. The discoverers to hold fifty feet each extra.

ARTICLE 8th. No claim shall be deemed forfeited from the 1st day of November until the 20th of June, A. D. 1863.

ARTICLE 9th. Any person or persons making discoveries of new mines within the limits of this district on any unprospected creek or gulch shall be entitled to one extra claim each.

ARTICLE 10th. All persons holding claims within this district shall be required to do one day's work in every seven, or the same shall be deemed forfeited. This law to take effect from and after its passage.

ARTICLE 11th. All notices on claims now located shall be renewed within three days after the passage of this law, or they shall be deemed forfeited.

ARTICLE 12th. All difficulties between miners shall be decided if possible by a miner's meeting or by arbitration.

ARTICLE 13th. Any person or persons locating water privileges for the purpose of conveying water from one point to another within the limits of the district shall declare their intention of doing so by a notice posted in some conspicuous place, and have the line of said ditch surveyed, and shall commence actual labor thereon within seven days after the location of said water privilege, or the same shall be deemed forfeited.

ARTICLE 14th. Chinese or Tartars are hereby prohibited from working these mines under any and all circumstances.
ARTICLE 15th. Any person or persons shall have the privilege of a drain race through any claim or claims.

ARTICLE 16th. The first claims or claim located shall have the first right to the water running in any gulch or stream.

ARTICLE 17th. Any person taking the water from its natural channel shall, when required, be compelled to leave at least one sluice head of water running therein.

ARTICLE 18th. Thirty square inches of running water shall constitute a sluice head.

ARTICLE 19th. No person disabled by sickness or absent in any of the Indian wars shall be deemed to have forfeited his claim by reason of such sickness or service.

ARTICLE 20th. All claims shall be distinctly marked by notices at the ends of bounds thereof, and no more ground shall be deemed claimed than is specified in the notice, which notice shall be in the name of the claimant.

ARTICLE 21st. All claims purchased shall be represented according to law.

ARTICLE 22nd. When two or more claims join each other and are worked by companies [they] may, if they see fit, work any portion thereof without forfeiting the rest.

ARTICLE 23rd. No hill or bank claim shall be allowed to tail off or sluice into the river during the working season thereof to tho detriment of miners working the same.

ARTICLE 24th. All persons who may hereafter locate claims in this district shall have seven days from date of location in which to record their claims.

ARTICLE 25th. All persons now holding claims in this district shall have seven days to record the same from July 5th, 1862, the date of the passage of this resolution.

ARTICLE 26th. All persons bona fide holders of claims at this time, July 5th, 1862, who are absent on business shall have twenty days in which to record their claims, provided their partners come before the recorder and make oath that their partners are so absent, and that it is their intention to return to report themselves in person to the recorder; and the recorder is empowered to administer an oath.

ARTICLE 27th. All claims not workable for want of water, or that cannot be worked save to the detriment of river claims, as specified in the by laws of this district, shall not be forfeited, provided the said claims be recorded. All laws in conflict with this are hereby repealed.

ARTICLE 28th. The fees for recording shall be fifty cents for each claim and twenty-five cents for each bill of sale. ARTICLE 29th. The recorder shall act as secretary at all meetings of the miners of this district. The recorder shall hold his office until July 4th, A. D. 1863.


The following note appears here:

GEO. WOODMAN, Recorder. JOHN DAY'S DISTRICT, July 8th, 1862.

"The above written laws are, as they now, at this date, are, July 8th, 1862, the amendments to old law being inserted”. (Signed)

Immediately after the above note appears the following:

GEO. WOODMAN, Recorder.

"The following are the articles as passed at the meeting June 25th, 1862, which were amended July 4th and 5th, 1862, and do not appear in the before written laws":

ARTICLE 2nd of old law. The limits of each claim shall be one hundred and fifty feet in length by one hundred in width, running up or down the creek, stream, or gulch, except Cañon creek, which shall have the same bounds as river claims.

ARTICLE 3rd. A river claim shall extend from bank to bank, and all bars therein shall be considered river claims. ARTICLE 10th. A bank claim shall be one hundred and fifty feet in length, running up or down creek or river, and extend back one hundred feet from rim rock.

ARTICLE 22nd. A hill claim shall be one hundred and fifty feet face, and extend back to center of hill.

"A correct copy from the original."


GEO. WOODMAN, Recorder.


Motion made and carried, that all owners of river claims shall have till the 20th of August to commence work, and all claimants above the Dalles trail crossing shall meet the recorder in person-or a representative of each company-at the said crossing, on Monday at eight o'clock A. M., and proceed up and define and mark the boundaries of the claim; and on Wednesday morning, at same [time or place] go down the creek and mark the claims below.

Motion made that bank claims shall extend back three hundred feet from the river bank.
Amended so as to read "and present owners shall have their choice of ground."

Accepted by mover and then carried.

On motion, quartz claims were exempted from being worked till 1st of July, A. D. 1863.
On motion, article 6th of present law was stricken out.

Motion carried, that the recorder be allowed to appoint a deputy for a day or two at a time.
E. H. HOWARD, Chairman.

(Signed) GEO. WOODMAN, Secretary.


At a meeting of the miners of John Day's District, held on Town Flat August 20th, 1862, Mr. Bledsoe was chosen chairman.

Motion was made that a base line be established across Cañon creek at the trail, at right angles with the creek bottom. Carried.

On motion, Mr. Bledsoe, Mr. Spar, and Dr. Williams were chosen to locate the base line.

Motion, that we affirm the decision of the Supreme Court of California, that priority of occupation gives priority of location in boundaries. Lost.

Motion, that at the point where a vacancy occurs, if on the west side of the creek (Cañon), if the full claims fall short the vacancy at that point shall be the loser. Carried.

Motion, that the Lone Star company be exempted from working their claims in the river till the completion of their ditch.

Amendment offered, that all claims in Cañon creek be laid over till another year, to be worked according to law, to which an

Amendment was offered, and accepted by the mover of the amendment, that no claim shall in Cañon creek be forfeited for lack of work till the time of working next year,

Which amendments were accepted as a part of the original motion and carried.
Meeting then adjourned.

(Signed) GEO. WOODMAN, Secretary.

JOS. II. BLEDSOE, Chairman.


At a regular called meeting of the miners of John Day's District for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of framing a new set of laws to govern this district Dr. Owsley was elected chairman and J. W. Thompson secretary.

On motion, there was a committee elected to frame a set of laws of the following persons,


Adams, Grey, A. J. Dallas, and Zimmerman, to report at one o'clock Wednesday December 31st, 1862. CANON CITY, December 31st, 1862.

The miners of John Day's District met to hear the report of their committee. Committee reported a set of laws for their adoption or rejection. Said laws were passed by sections, and adopted by striking out article 15th and substituting another, with an alteration in article 4th.

On motion adjourned.

(Signed) J. W. THOMPSON, Secretary.



ARTICLE 1st. This district shall be known as John Day's District (mining), and shall hereafter be considered to contain all the territory embraced within the following bounds: beginning at a point on John Day's river on a straight line with the dividing ridge

lying on the west side of Cañon creek; thence following said ridge to dividing ridge separating the waters of the Malheur from those of John Day's; thence following said ridge in an easterly direction to the summit of the main ridge adjoining and east of Bissel creek; thence down said ridge to John Day's river; thence down said river to place of beginning.

ARTICLE 2nd. There shall be a recorder elected, who shall hold the office for one year from the date of his election, or until his successor be elected, whose duty it shall be to keep a record of all miners' meetings held in this district; to record all claims when requested by the claimants in a book to be kept for that purpose; and to call miners' meetings by posting notices in three public places in the district when seven or more miners of the district shall present him with a petition stating the object of the meeting; provided, that in the absence of the recorder the above named number of miners shall not be disqualified to call a meeting.

ARTICLE 3rd. All claims located in this district after the passage of these laws shall be of the following size, viz.: A creek claim shall be seventy-five feet running with the stream, and extending from highwater mark to highwater mark; A bank claim shall be seventy-five feet running with the stream, and extending back three hundred feet from creek claims; A tunneling or shafting claim shall be seventy-five feet front, extending to center of hill; A surface claim shall be one hundred feet by one hundred and fifty; A gulch claim shall be one hundred and fifty feet running with the gulch, and fifty feet in width on each side of channel.

ARTICLE 4th. No person or persons shall be allowed to hold more than two full claims within the bounds of this district by location; nor shall they consist of more than parcels of ground the sum of the area of which shall not exceed two full claims; provided, nothing in this article shall be so construed as to prevent miners from associating in companies to carry on mining operations-such companies holding no more than two claims to each member-one of which must be of one class of claims, and the other one of another class of claims.


ARTICLE 5th. That each guleh, bank, or surface claim shall be worked within five days after date of location if water can be ARTICLE 6th. That each person or company holding tunneling or shafting claims, in order to hold the same shall be required to perform work to the amount of two days' work in each week. Work done on any part of a company claim secures the title to the whole of it.

ARTICLE 7th. All persons holding claims in Cañon creek are exempted from working the same until the 15th of June next. ARTICLE 8th. All work done preparatory to working claims, such as procuring sluice boxes or other machinery, digging tail or drain races, or cutting ditches for the purpose of bringing water upon said claims, shall be considered as work done upon said claim or claims. ARTICLE 9th. Any person or persons claiming more ground or claims than the laws of this district entitle them to forfeit all their right and title to any claim whatsoever, and any and all claims of such person or persons are hereby declared subject to relocation. ARTICLE 10th. Any or all claims now located or that may be located and worked can be laid over at any time, not to exceed six months, by the person or persons holding the same appearing before the recorder of the district with two or more disinterested persons who shall certify over their own signatures that the said claim or claims cannot be worked to advantage, and by having the same recorded according to the law of the district, and by paying a fee of fifty cents cach; provided that each claimant shall sign the record in person or by a legal representative, stating at same time that said claim is held by location or by purchase.

ARTICLE 11th. All persons may hold any number of claims by purchase, provided they are represented according to the provisions of the foregoing laws; provided, such claims shall be shown to be bona fide purchases.

ARTICLE 12th. Claims shall be forfeited when parties holding them shall have neglected to fulfill the requirements of the preceding articles, or have neglected working them for five days after water can be procured, unless prevented by sickness or other legal cause.

ARTICLE 13th. Any person or persons' bank, hill, gulch, or surface claims shall not be allowed to run their tailings upon river or creek claims to the injury of the parties while working said river or creek claims.

ARTICLE 14th. The holders of a claim or claims shall have the right to the same without any hindrance from later claimants. Subsequent locators shall not be allowed to dam up the water so as to turn it back on the prior claim, nor to run tailings, nor to erect any obstructions to the detriment of the prior claimants.

ARTICLE 15th. From and after this date parties owning claims in a creek, ravine, or gulch shall be entitled to cut a tail or drain race through any ground below them. Such tail race shall be cut through the lowest point in the center of said creek or gulch, and any or all dirt that comes out of the aforesaid race shall be deposited on the bank. Any objection, if such should [be] made, shall be left to the decision of four referees, and in case of disagreement they to choose an umpire.

ARTICLE 16th. It shall be the duty of the recorder to place on record all claims brought to him for that purpose when such claim shall not interfere with or affect the rights and interests of prior locators, recording the same in order of their date, for which service he shall receive the sum of fifty cents for each claim recorded, and fifty cents for recording transfers, bills of sale, [and] deeds of and to any mining property. It shall also be the duty of the recorder to keep his book open at all times to the inspection of the public. He shall have power to appoint a deputy to act in his stead, for whose official acts he shall be responsible.

ARTICLE 17th. The limits of this district shall not be changed without the consent of a regularly called mass meeting of the miners of this district.

ARTICLE 18th. No miners' meeting held outside of Cañon City for the purpose of making laws to govern any portion of the district, or to amend these laws in any manner, shall be considered as legal.

ARTICLE 19th. No Asiactic shall be allowed to mine in this district.

ARTICLE 20th. These laws may be altered or amended by a two-thirds' vote of those present owning claims in the district at any time ten days' notice shall have been given by posting notices in three public places in the district. ARTICLE 21st. All mining laws of this district made previous to the foregoing are hereby repealed.




ARTICLE 1. The boundaries on Blue Cañon District shall be as follows: commencing near the bank of the main Powder River, at the mouth of Elk Creek, and running thence in a direct line to the summit of the divide between Elk Creek and Blue Cañon; thence along said divide to the line of Union District; thence along said line to the line of the River District; thence down said line to the place of beginning.

ARTICLE 2. Any and all persons shall be eligible to hold claims in this district by complying with the by-laws, except the Chinese or Tartars, and all others of the Asiatic race.

ARTICLE 3. All persons hereafter locating claims shall not hold more than one hundred and fifty feet square, and in the creek or gulch claims the present center of the creek shall be the center of the claim.

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ARTICLE 4. All persons locating claims shall set up a good, substantial post at the corner of each claim, and post a notice on each set of claims in a conspicuous place, describing in a plain and definite manner the metes and bounds of said claim, with the name of each party interested in the same.

ARTICLE 5. Each and every person shall be entitled to hold one claim by pre-emption, and there shall be no restriction in the number of claims held by purchase; provided such purchase is made in a legal and bona fide manner: and all transfers hereafter made shall be recorded in the recorder's books, and it shall be his duty to inquire into the validity of the sale before such record shall be made.

ARTICLE 6. All claims, whether held by purchase or pre-emption, shall be represented by one full day's work in every seven, unless prevented by physical inability to do so; provided a permanent sluice-head of water of thirty inches, with a pressure of three inches of water, can be had; and each and every absentee shall be allowed 10 days' grace to re-occupy his claim after water can be obtained. ARTICLE 7. All persons who find it necessary to cut a tail race to their claims, shall have the privilege of cutting the same through any claim owned by other parties adjoining them.

ARTICLE 8. When two or more claims join together [and] are worked by companies, such companies can work any portion of such claims as they may deem expedient, and not forfeit the rest.

ARTICLE 9. Any person or persons taking water from its natural channel, shall when required leave a sufficient quantity to work the mines therein; provided said mines were discovered prior to the legal locating of such ditch, and the miners along said channel shall be the judges of the amount required.

ARTICLE 10. No person shall interpose any objection to having his claims measured by the recorder when other parties require. ARTICLE 11. All claims not workable according to the provisions of article 6th of these by-laws shall be recorded and numbered, and a certificate of said record posted on such claim or set of claims.

ARTICLE 12. No notice of a miners' meeting shall be considered lawful unless signed by the recorder or his deputy, authorized by at least 12 miners, who shall sign their names to a request for such a meeting.

ARTICLE 13. All disputes arising in regard to mining shall be left to arbitration, each party to choose one disinterested man, and they to choose an umpire: the three shall then sit upon the case, and their decision shall be final, subject to an appeal to the court only. ARTICLE 14. It shall be the duty of the recorder to keep a book of records, with the number of each claim recorded, from one to an unlimited number; and he shall go on to each claim when required, and record and number said claim so as to correspond with the number in his books. Said recorder shall be allowed one dollar for each claim that he records as a compensation for his services. Passed July 21st, 1862.


I. H. ROORK, Pres.


1. Resolved that all mining claims in Blue Cañon District shall be held until the 1st of April, A. D. 1864 free from the necessity of working the same; and all laws to the contrary are hereby suspended in their action for the period herein mentioned.

2. Resolved that all claims which shall be laid over according to the first resolution of this meeting, shall be marked as laid by in the recorder's books, and that all claims not so marked shall be considered as abandoned.

3. Resolved that the recorder be allowed 50 cents for each claim laid by according to the provisions of the second resolution. ELI STEWART, Pres.



1. Resolved that the mining claims of Blue Cañon District be and the same are hereby laid over, and not required to be worked or represented until the 1st day of next May.

And inasmuch as there are a good many claims in Blue Cañon District that will not pay sufficient to justify the paying of 25 cents per inch for water, therefore be it further

Resolved that no claim shall be considered abandoned or forfeited or jumpable until water can be obtained to work the same as low as 12 cents per inch.

On motion of Mr. Foster [it was resolved that the claims of persons wishing to lay the same by should be recorded.]


On motion of Dr. Gordon 50 cents was allowed the recorder for recording each claim.

The motion of Mr. Foster that these resolutions shall take effect from and after this date was carried.

On motion of Mr. Foster it was

Resolved that all laws conflicting with the resolutions of this meeting are hereby repealed and suspended in their action until tho first day of May, A. D. 1865.

Meeting adjourned.

AUBURN, Sept. 14th, 1864.


A. C. LORING, Pres.



1. Resolved by the miners of Blue Cañon District in miners' meeting assembled, the same being duly called by the recorder of the district, that hereafter, as heretofore, each miner in said district shall be entitled to locate one gulch claim and one hill claim in the placer diggings of said district, and shall not be entitled to make a second location until the first shall have been worked out, or transferred by a bona fide sale, or abandoned.

Resolved further that to induce miners to prospect more thoroughly for placer mines in this district hill claims may be three hundred feet frontage, and extend back to the crest of the hill or high divide; provided they shall not cross any well defined gulch, or be so located as to run directly up a well defined point or ridge;, and provided further that point claims may be two hundred and fifty (250)

feet square.

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