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and if he finds that there has been work done on the Location in either "Shaft," or "Incline" to the Value of One Hundred Dollars and that the provisions of "Article 6" have been complied with he shall make Certificate to that effect and place the same upon record (of) in the District Records.

For complying with the provisions of this Article the Recorder shall receive the following fees. For making and Recording Certificate ($150) One Dollar and Fifty cents.

For each mile traveled in making examination Twenty five cents.

ARTICLE 12.—Sec., 1.—That the sinking of a Shaft or incline in hard or blasting rock (10) Ten feet in depth the first year after Location shall be deemed work on the Location of the value of One Hundred Dollars-Provided that the face of the "Shaft" or Incline shall contain at least Twenty four square feet.

SECTION 2-.That every Nine (9) feet thereafter sank in depth shall be considered as work done of the Value of One Hundred


SECTION 3-.That the sinking of a Shaft whose face shall contain not less than (24) Twenty four square feet (15) Fifteen feet in depth during the first year after Location shall be deemed work done on the claim or Location of the Value of One Hundred Dollars. SECTION 4.-That every (12) Twelve feet sank in depth after the first (15) Fifteen feet shall be deemed as work done on the claim or Location of the value of One Hundred Dollars.

ARTICLE 13.—That on the 20th of September of each year a Recorder shall be elected who shall hold office for the term of one year. ARTICLE 14".—That it shall be the duty of the Recorder to Keep in a suitable Book a true and correct copy of all Locations made within the limits of the District. He shall also cause to be alphabetically indexed in a separate Book the name of each and every Location made and recorded. This Index shall show the name of every Locator; the number of feet Located; Date of Location; Date of Record and page and Volume of Book where recorded.—

ARTICLE 15-That it shall be the duty of the Recorder to call on the 15" day of September in each year by Notices posted in at least Three (3) different places within the limits of the District a call for a Miners meeting to be held at the office Recorder on the 20th of the same month for the purpose of electing a Recorder for the ensuing year and transacting such other business as may come before the meeting. And in case the Recorder shall fail or neglect to make in compliance with this Article such call it shall be lawful for any (3) three persons who are owners of mining Locations within the limits of the District to make the call as this Article provides with the exception of dates. for a meeting to be held for the same purpose on the 1st day of the succeeding month, and this call and the proceedings of the meeting held in pursuance of it shall have all the force and effect as if it had been called by the Recorder.

ARTICLE 16.—That a miners meeting may be called at any time by the service of a Notice requesting such meeting, signed by at least (4) four persons who are owners of Locations within the District, upon the Recorder and immediately after receiving such request or Notice it shall be the duty of the Recorder to call such meeting by posting Notices in at least (3) places within the limits of the District at least (5) five days prior to the day of meeting.

ARTICLE 17.-That every person who is an owner or part owner of any Location within the limits of the District shall be entitled to cast a vote at any miners meeting, and any vote may be challenged and rejected unless unless the person tendering the vote can show to the Judge and clerks of the election by the District Recorders or Deeds of Conveyance that he is entitled to cast a ballot.

ARTICLE 18.—That at all meetings held for the purpose of electing a Recorder, each of the candidates may select one person to act as clerk of the election and if the candidates fail to make such selection or appointment, it shall be the duty of the Recorder to appoint two (2) two persons to act as Clerks of the election.

ARTICLE 19.-That the election of Recorder shall be by ballot.

ARTICLE 20.-That the Recorder shall be the Judge at all miners meetings where it becomes necessary to ballot upon any question. ARTICLE 21. That the Clerk of the election shall each keep a true and correct list of the names of every person who may or shall cast a ballot.

ARTICLE 22.-That the polls shall be opened on the day of electing a Recorder at (7) Seven o'clock A. M. and shall be closed at (6) Six o'clock P. M. and ballots shall be received and counted unless the Judge, and at least two clerks are present.

ARTICLE 23.-That immediately after the polls are declared closed the Judge and Clerks shall in the presence of the candidate, if they so elect to be present, proceed to count the votes and the candidate having the greatest number of votes shall be declared elected by the Judge, and he shall enter upon the duties of his office without further proceedure.

ARTICLE 24.—That these Articles and By-Laws may be altered, amended, or repealed, or added to at any miners meeting ARTICLE 25.-That the Recorder may appoint as many deputies as he may deem necessary and he shall be held responsible for the official acts of any and all deputies so appointed

ARTICLE 26.—That the Recorder shall receive a fee of two (222) Dollars for each Notice of Location filed with him for record. ARTICLE 27.—That the Records of the District may be kept at the County Seat of Beaver County Utah, by the recorder or his deputy till the 10" day of October A. D. 1880 for the purpose of transcribing from the County Records all Locations there recorded that have been made within the limits of this District, during the (12) twelve months last past, and also all Notices of Location upon which assessment work has been done, whether Located within the last 12 (twelve) months or not.

ARTICLE 28-That the words shaft or incline wherever used in these Articles shall be held to mean a shaft or incline with a face of at least (24) twenty four square feet.

ARTICLE 29.—That where two or more shafts or inclines have been sunk or excavated on the same Location the Recorder shall in estimating or measuring assessment work include all such shafts or inclines as if they were but one continuous shaft or incline. ARTICLE 30—That a miners meeting may be called by the owner of any Location if he deems himself wronged by the Recorders estimate of assessment work for the purpose of verifying or correcting the Recorders estimate Dated Granite District Beaver County Utah September 20′′ 1880

A. A. PUTNAM Secretary



At a miners meeting in Minersville Beaver County John Blackburn was called to the chair and William Dotson Secretary the following By-Laws were read by E S Barnes. and unanimously adopted.

On motion E S Barnes was nominated Recorder the ensuing year. Seconded and carried unanimously.


ARTICLE 1.-:This District shall be known by the name of "Rising Sun Mining District." and is bounded as follows (To wit) Beginning at the Western boundary of the Town of Minersville on the South boundary of the Mining District of "Lincoln" thence East to the Beaver Canon thence following the meanders of the Beaver Stream along the Southern Boundaries of Lincoln and Granite Mining Districts to Rocky point situated about (200) yards. North of Rocky Ford thence East three miles thence South Eight miles thence West to a point due south Western boundary of the Town of Minersville thence North to the place of beginning.

ARTICLE 2nd.-:There shall be an Officer for said District called the Recorder. and shall be elected annually.

ARTICLE 3rd.-:The Recorder shall procure and keep a Substantial bound Book to be called the Book of Locations and which he shall Record all Notices of Locations claims whether for mining or other purposes connected therewith

ARTICLE 4th.-:He shall carefully Keep and perserve all oroginal papers. filed with him for Record and deliver them upon proper demand to the person or persons entitled to Receive the same and faithfully do and perform all other acts and duties required by him by these Laws.

ARTICLE 5.-:The Recorder shall hold Office for one year. or until his successor is duly elected. Provided however that he may be removed at any time for misconduct in Office or neglect of duty as prescribed by the Laws of this District.

ARTICLE Recorders Books shall be kept. within the limits of the District and shall be kept open during business hours for examination and inspection.

ARTICLE 7. th.-:The Recorder may appoint a Deputy under him for whose Official acts. he shall be held. responsible.-: ARTICLE 8th.-:He shall note on the back of each notice of Location or other instrument Filed for Record the day and hour of filing thereof and such instrument shall be deemed Recorded from and after the date of such filing for record.

ARTICLE 9th.-:When a claim shall have been located and Recorded he shall upon request make and deliver to the claimant his agent or attorney a certificate of such Location and Record over his Official Signature, which certificate shall be conclusive evidence of the facts therein stated.

ARTICLE 10th.-:All examinations of the record Books must be made in the presence of the Recorder or his Deputy and when his term of Office Shall expire the Recorder shall turn over to his successor all Books papers and other property pertaining to his Office. ARTICLE 11th.-:The Recorder shall be authorized to demand and receive for his service the following fees (To wit:)

[blocks in formation]

ARTICLE 11th.-:No person or company of persons Shall be entitled to more than (200) feet as discovery of a Lode nor more than 200. feet. to each person located and the number of feet in all such shall not exceed 3000 feet. the surface width requisite for mining purposes or for convenient working of the same shall not exceed 50 feet. on each side.-:

ARTICLE 12th.-:Of Walls of said Lode, or vein when it may become necessary For mining or milling purposes that an appurtenant or adjacent tract is requisite the same shall not exceed in its limits a space 400 feet long by 300 feet in width such tract may be situated at the nearest available point within the limits of the District.

ARTICLE 13:-:All claims shall be recorded within Twenty days of Location a monument of Stone or blazed tree or a stake with the notice and name of Lode designated and amount of ground claimed by the Location unless the parties shall hold the same by constant labor on the same.

ARTICLE 14th.-:In making record of Locations of any claim the same shall be definately described with reference to some natural or artificial monument-each lode shall shall be represented every year by $2500 Twenty five Dollars worth of labor actually performed thereon within (90) Days after the location shall have been recorded otherwise it will be considered abandoned and open for relocation unless it can be shown to the Satisfaction of the Recorder that One Thousand ($1000) Dollars had been performed and a Patent taken for the same in case of any dispute arrising in regard to labor performed three disinterested miners shall be selected to decide the question. ARTICLE 15.-:Any person or persons may locate a Tunnel by posting at the point of commencement a notice such as is required in locating of Lodes specifying the name of person or persons claiming the right the course such Tunnel is run the Lode or Lodes it is intended to work and by filing for Record a similar notice in the Recorders Office Labor shall be performed thereon the same as required in holding a Lode.

ARTICLE 16.-:No person shall be entitled to vote at any meeting of miners unless he owns a bona-fide interest in a mining claim in this District

ARTICLE 17:=The By Laws of this District may be repealed revised or amended at any regular meeting that may be duly called by Ten or more bona-fide, Claim holders in said District.

ARTICLE 18.-:Ten (10) days notice shall be given in writing and posted in three (3) seperate places previous to any meeting for any reversion of the Laws and special meetings may be called in the same manner.

ARTICLE 19.—:All Laws and part of Laws in this District conflicting with these Laws or any of the mining Laws of the United States are hereby repealed

ARTICLE 20-:These Laws shall take effect and be in full force from and after their passage.






This district was organized February 23rd, 1879, by T. J. Armstrong, Mitchell Casey, H. C. Pierce, John Rowley, and J. E. Woods, on which occasion the following regulations were adopted :

SEC. 1. This shall be known as Ruby District, and shall embrace the following: beginning at the upper part of the jam on Canyon Creek; thence down the said creek to its junction with Ruby Creek to the Skagit river, and their tributaries.

SEC. 2. There shall be two kinds of claims-bench or bar, and creek.

SEC. 3. Creek claims shall be located up and down the creek: shall be five hundred feet in length, extending on either side until the bed-rock shall have risen fifteen feet.


SEC. 4. Bench or bar claims shall have a front of two hundred feet, extending back until the bed-rock shall have risen twenty-five

SEC. 5. All claims shall be located by a notice, which shall give date and time of location, and describe the boundaries of the claim. The notice must be posted in some conspicuous place on the claim.

SEC. 6. All claims must be recorded within ten days after location.
SEC. 7. All claims must be represented on the first day of July.

SEC. 8. A recorder shall be chosen, who shall have charge and be responsible for all books and papers belonging to the office. SEC. 9. The recorder shall be entitled to two dollars and a half for each claimed recorded; shall not be compelled to record without this fee; and shall have right to appoint a deputy recorder.

On July 1st (1879) a meeting of twenty-nine miners was held "for the purpose of revising and amending the laws of this District," when the following regulations were adopted:

SEC. 1. When claims join, owners may consolidate and have their several claims recorded as a company claim; and work on any of the company claim shall represent the whole, provided that each share of five hundred feet shall be represented by the labor of one man at least six days in each month.

SEC. 2. Each claim of five hundred feet shall be represented at least six working days in each month.

SEC. 3. The boundaries of this district shall be extended to include all of Canyon Creek and its tributaries.

SEC. 4. Claims of this district to be laid over from the fifteenth day of October, 1879, to the first day of July, 1880.

SEC. 5. The recorder shall be compelled to call a meeting at the request of ten bona fide miners of Ruby district, and shall post notices in three conspicuous places at least five days prior to the meeting.

SEC. 6. Where miners are actual partners, and engaged in mining in Ruby district, their several claims may be recorded as a company claim and worked as such.

SEC. 7. No one company claim shall be recorded of more than twenty-five hundred feet.

The following resolutions were adopted at the same meeting:

John Rowley's claim to be laid over till the first of September.

H. C. Pierce's claim to be laid over this season, on account of his ferry at the upper crossing.

On the 23rd of September (1879) a meeting of twenty-six miners was held.
The resignation of the recorder was presented and accepted.

The following resolutions were adopted:

1st. That the only mining ground that was laid over for Pierce (our recorder) by the miners, at the meeting of July 1st last, was five hundred feet situated at the mouth of Canyon Creek, where his house is built.

2nd. That the proceedings of this meeting be placed upon the record book of this district, and it shall be kept open for the inspection of miners at all reasonable hours.

3rd. That the record book shall hereafter be kept within the district.

4th. That a committee of three be elected to frame a new code of by-laws for this district, to be brought before the next miners' meeting for acceptance or rejection.

5th. That from this date, September 23rd, 1879, a creek claim shall not exceed two hundred and fifty feet in length.

A new recorder and the committee of three authorized under the fourth resolution were elected.
The next meeting was held October 15th (1879), when the following regulations were adopted:

SEC. 1. A record of a water privilege when taken in connection with a bona fide mining claim, shall hold good until such time as the claim is abandoned.

SEC. 2. A creek claim shall include all the ground on both sides of the creek until the bed-rock shall have risen fifteen feet above high-water mark. The word bench claim shall be dropped, and the word hill claim be substituted.

SEC. 3. A hill claim shall be two hundred and fifty feet frontage, extending back in a straight line with your corner stakes to the summit of the mountain.

The next meeting was held July 7th, 1880, when the following resolutions were adopted:

1st. That as it has been the custom of the miners of Ruby district to locate claims, sell, and locate again, and there being no law prohibiting the same, the last location stands good.

2n1. That all claims shall be measured at high-water mark, either up or down from the commencement stake, on both sides of the creek and the difference divided.


This district was organized March 6th, 1880, when the following resolutions and regulations were adopted: 1st. That this district be known as the Granite Creek Placer-Mining District.

2nd. That Granite Creek District take in all of Granite Creek and its tributaries from the mouth of Granite Creek to the summit. 3rd. A claim shall be two hundred and fifty feet in length along the general course of the creek, and to extend to points thirty feet lateral above average water level.

4th. A hill claim shall be two hundred and fifty [feet] front, running to the summit.

5th. Each person shall be entitled to one creek or gulch claim and one hill claim by location.

6th. Each claim located must be recorded inside of ten days from date of location.

7th. Each person shall locate and record in person.

8th. No one shall use the water detrimental to miners below.

9th. All claim-holders shall dump on their own ground.

10th. The fees shall be one dollar for each claim of two hundred and fifty feet or fraction thereof for recording, and for recording each transfer or bill of sale two dollars.

11th. All persons shall have the privilege of running their drains on claims below.

12th. There shall be one recorder to keep correct records of the district and reside in the district.

13th. All mining disputes shall be settled by a miners' meeting of claim-holders of the district, the majority ruling.
14th. The recorder shall call a meeting by posting three notices in conspicuous places five days previous to the meeting.

15th. The fees of the recorder shall be five dollars for calling and presiding at each meeting, to be paid by the applicant.
16th. This district shall be laid over till the 15th day of June, A. D. 1880, when all claims shall be represented.

17th. All claims must be represented by four days' work in each calendar month after June 15th, 1880.

18th. The claims shall be laid over each year from October 15th until June 15th following year.

19th. Voted unanimously that Mr. C. W. Anderson be recorder of Granite Creek district.

20th. That the Montana Company have one claim of two hundred and fifty feet, known as the Discovery claim.

21st. All claims shall number up and down the creek from the Discovery.

22nd. These laws can be amended after the 15th day of June, 1880, by a majority vote of the claim-holders of the district. 23rd. Voted that these laws be adopted unanimously.

No other business was transacted at this meeting.

The next meeting was held June 15th (1880), when the following resolutions were adopted':

1st. That claim-holders at work on the Fort Hope trail-that their claims should be considered as represented.

2nd. That claims shall be represented by four days' work done on them between the 15th of June, 1880, and the 15th of October, 1880. 3rd. That a trail be built in front of each claim by the party or parties owning the claim.

The former recorder having resigned, a successor was elected, and it was resolved

4th. That the books be turned over to the recorder elect at six o'clock A. M. on the 16th day of June, 1880.

5th. That these laws take effect at six o'clock A. M. on the 16th day of June, 1880.

6th. That all laws conflicting with the above are declared null and void.

No other business was transacted.


This district was organized March 23rd, 1880, when the following regulations were adopted:

SEC. 1. This district shall be known as Lightning Creek Mining District, and shall extend from the month of said creek to its source, with all of its tributaries, or following the boundary line between the United States of America and British Columbia in caso said boundary line does cross or cut any of its tributaries.

SEC. 2. There shall be two kinds of claims, known as creek and hill claims. All tributaries shall be located and considered as creek claims.

SEC. 3. A creek claim shall not exceed two hundred and fifty feet of the bed of the stream, running up or down said stream until the rim-rock shall have risen fifteen feet on either side.

SEC. 4. A hill claim shall not exceed two hundred and fifty feet frontage, commencing at a point where the rim-rock of the bed of the stream shall have risen fifteen feet, and running back one thousand feet.

SEC. 5. A location shall hold good for ten days, but each person locating shall be required to record in person at the expiration of ten days, or otherwise said location shall be considered null and void.

SEC. 6. Any miner may be entitled to locate one creek claim and one hill claim in this district, and also be allowed to hold one, and only one, of each by purchase.

SEC. 7. No native of China not a citizen of the United States shall hold a claim in this district either by purchase or location. SEC. 8. A recorder shall be elected, whose duty it shall be to record in a proper manner all claims offered or presented for record. SEC. 9. The records shall be subject to inspection at all reasonable hours by any one so desiring.

SEC. 10. After the 28th of March the records shall be kept in this district, and the recorder shall have the power to appoint a deputy, whose powers and responsibilities shall be as full and complete as the recorder's. The recorder shall have a fee of one dollar and fifty cents for each claim or name recorded, and shall not be compelled to record without his fee.

SEC. 11. All claims must be represented on the 20th day of July, 1880, or subjected to re-location.

SEC. 12. Each location or claim must be represented by not less than four days' work in each month after the 20th of July, 1880. SEC. 13. The recorder shall cause a miners' meeting to be called by posting notices in three conspicuous places in this district, giving ten days' notice, provided he shall be requested to do so by at least ten miners.

SEC. 14. Each miner when locating shall post two notices on his claim describing its boundaries.
A recorder was elected at this meeting, but no other business was transacted.


"SKAGIT RIVER. Apr. 7th, 1880.

"At a meeing of miners held at Skagit River Crossing, below the mouth of Ruby Creek "Resolved that we the undersigned form a Mining District, to be called Rough and Ready Mining Camp. "On motion of Mr. D. P. Ludwig J. A. Culver was elected chairman of meeting.

"On motion of Francis Cauley Mr. J. Cyphers was elected recorder for Rough and Ready Mining District. "Motion was made and carried that size of river claim should be 250 feet up or down river on each side, boundary of claim on each side of the river to extend back from river to where the bed-rock rises to the height of 25 feet above water level, and that each miner is entitled to one hill and one river claim. Hill claim to be 250 feet face, and run to the summit.


"Motion was made and carried that recorder's fees for recording each and every claim shall be $1-and that each miner shall have the privilege to locate two claims * (illegible) men who are not in this



district, and that the said claims shall not be subject to re-location by [any] other party for the term of 10 days, and that each and every miner holding claims in this district be present at the recorder's office of this district on the 1st day of August, A. D. 1880, and represent his claim, and that each miner disposing or selling his claim shall give a deed of such transfer or sale to the party buying, and that such deed shall be recorded in this district within 10 days after sale, fees for such record to be two and one-half dollars, and that each and every claim shall have a name, whether single or in co.

"Motion was made and carried that 10 days be allowed each miner taking claims from the time of location before recording.

"Motion made and carried that each miner holding claims shall work 4 days on either claim to enable him to hold said claims, and that 4 days shall be sufficient for holding two claims, but such work shall not be compulsory until after the 1st day of August, 1880.

"In testimony whereof we subscribe our names this seventh day of April, A. D. 1880.” (Signed)

J. A. CULVER, Ch'm'n,
J. CYPHERS, Recorder,




This distict was formed April 8th, 1880, out of Ruby district, and the following regulations were adopted: SEC. 1. There shall be two kinds of claims in this district-one a hill or bench, the other a creek or gulch claim. The creek or gulch claim shall be two hundred and fifty feet up and down the creek or gulch, including both banks until the bed-rock rises fifteen feet above low-water mark, except at the junction of its tributaries with the main stream-then the lines shall follow the bluff of the main stream. The hill or bench claim shall be two hundred and fifty feet front, and running up the hill three thousand feet toward the summit of the mountain.

SEC. 2. Every bona fide locator shall be entitled to two claims in this district-one creek or gulch, and the other hill or bench claim. SEC. 3. Any miner or any other person who shall willfully jump any bona fide location of mining ground, or cause the same to be jumped, shall be deemed guilty of a violation of the law, and the local regulations and laws of the district and all good miners. Any person found guilty of the above-named offense shall not be allowed to hold any mining ground in this district. He has forfeited his rights and privileges as a miner, and he shall be honorably invited to leave this district.

SEC. 4. Any person who shall destroy or move any notice or stake of any other person's mining claim shall be dealt with as a claimjumper.

SEC. 5. Any person or persons who shall enter any cabin of another person in the absence of the owner, and willfully destroy or carry away any article, or cause the same to be destroyed or taken away, belonging to the owner of the cabin, shall be dealt with by a decision of the miners in this district, by law and order.

SEC. 6. All disputed boundaries of mining claims and rights of persons to mining ground may be settled by a meeting which shall be called by the recorder on the deposit of ten dollars with the recorder by each of the disputants. He shall call a meeting of all the miners in the district by posting three notices in public places at least five days before the meeting is called, stating the business to be transacted at the meeting.

SEC. 7. No one shall be entitled to vote on the question but a bona fide miner of this district, and a majority vote shall decide the question, when the person in whose favor the case is decided shall receive his money back, and the loser's money shall be to the recorder for his trouble in calling the meeting.

SEC. 8. All claims not represented on the first day of July, 1880, shall be declared vacant.

SEC. 9. All claims shall be located in person and be recorded within ten days after the location.

SEC. 10. The recorder shall require the location notice to be intelligible.

SEC. 11. To abandon a claim in this district, any miner shall first fail to represent his claim on representing day; second, fail to do the required amount of number of days' work in each month in the working season; third, by relocating a claim of the same class as [the] one [he] already holds he shall abandon the first when he locates the second. Any claim not recorded within [ten] days after posting notice shall be counted abandoned.

SEC. 12. No person can sell a claim in this district and locate another of the same kind again: he is entitled to only one claim of the same class.

SEC. 13. All mining claims in this district shall be accurately measured by parallel lines as near as practicable, and to avoid fractions as much as possible. No tailings shall be dumped on another man's ground without his consent.

SEC. 14. There shall be a recorder elected by the miners of this district, and he shall reside in this district, and he shall record all bona fide locations and all bills of sale, and keep a correct record of all business done at all the public meetings. Shall have power to appoint a deputy. The recorder or his deputy shall be present at all meetings, and when called upon shall post notices of a miners' meeting, and the notice to state the business of the meeting. Five miners can call a meeting at any time, but the business must be urgent to call a special meeting. The recorder shall have one dollar for each record of location notice or bill of sale.

SEC. 15. To protect all bona fide locations of mining ground on Canyon Creek and recorded on Ruby district books, the recorder of this district shall transfer said records to the books of this district; but they will be governed by the bylaws and rules of Ruby district

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