The Works of Laurence Sterne, Band 6


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Seite 24 - Much less can that have any place At which a virgin hides her face, Such dross the fire must purge away; 'tis just The author blush, there where the reader must.
Seite 97 - I have feveral times quoted fentences out of my own writings , in aid of my own arguments in converfation ; thinking that I was fupporting them by fome better authority. For my own part, I do affirm , that it would afford me a...
Seite 171 - Italy, how he could venture to live alone, in a fingle cottage, on the top =of a mountain, a mile from any habitation ?- He .replied, that "Providence was his very next door
Seite 105 - He muft have meant only rhimers, verfifiers, or poetafters : for I will not admit a perfon to be a poet, without a genius. 13. One does not require nor think of a fire, often, in fpring or autumn ; yet I don't know how it is, but when we have happened by chance to pafs near one, the fenfation it communicates is fo pleafant, that we feel rather inclined to indulge it. This is analagous to temptation— and the moral is,
Seite 173 - Can we expect, that a government will be well modelled by a people, who know not how to make a spinning-wheel, or to employ a loom to advantage...
Seite 181 - Rienzi, one of the lowef t of the people of Rome, had fpirit and ambition enough to conceive a defign of compaffing the fovereignty of the city and without money, friends, alliances, or military force, by the mere dint of oratory and perfeverance, he did at length effectually obtain his object, and arrived alfo to fuch a pitch of power and influence, as to awe feveral of the potentates of Europe, and to be admitted an arbitrator of kingdoms. 152. Even fo late as near the beginning of the fifteenth...
Seite 49 - Water can be made to freeze in the middle of fummer, provided that 'tis brought clofe to the fire. 4. A lens of ice may be ufed as a Lurning-ghifs. 5. A line of but an inch long, is capable of being divided into as many parts, as one of a mile in length. 6. The fun' is fome millions of miles nearer to us in winter than in fummer.
Seite 184 - ... to take up his fword again, which he had dropt on his foot flipping, in a duel with him. The attending to fuch inftances of magnanimity and virtue, in private life, is the being a king. This is the only way that a monarchy can be faid to be preferable to a commonwealth. As this is the moft charming prerogative with •which princes are endued, I am furprifed that they are not fond of exerting it oftener than they do, during their abundant leifure.
Seite 134 - The miller's claim to half the corn for grift, from this text, - is as good a plea as many of the pretences of the Church of Rome are fupported by. 126'. The extravagant encomiums that have been handed down to us from the ancient critics, of many of thofe authors...
Seite 193 - ... ftate. Were I to have limited myfelf folely to fuch extraordinary myfteries in natural philofophy as thefe, I could have fupplied this part of my work entirely without having applied to any other re fort.

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