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Roman Empire, aided the spread of the

Gospel, 97, 169. 351. changed from re-
publican to monarchical, 351. why

broken up, 552. compared to iron, 550.
Roman soldiers, guarded the sepulchre of

Jesus, 414. terrified by the angel, 416.
fled to the city, 418. shewed the chief
Priests all the things that were done,
419. by them are bribed to propagate

a falsehood, 420, 423.
Romans employed to punish the Jews,

332., republic of, 167. wonderfully

changed to an imperial government,

Rulers, derive their authority from God,

138. called Gods in Scripture, 177.
Rust, represents sin, 13.

Reprobales, 197, 377.
Reprobulion, doctrine of, drives some to

despair, 466.
Republican government, 168. absurdity of,

Republicans, mistaken notions of, 164, 165.

character and conduct of, 198, 244.
Republics of Rome and Athens, described,

Resignation, how to be attained, 108. the

duty of, 362, 549.
Respiration, on the organs of, 520.
Rest, of death, 428, 429. blessedness of,

430. who will fall short of that rest, 431.
Resurrection, Christ the, 327.
Resurrection of the dead, a doctrine gene-

rally received among the Jews, 399,
400. considerations on the circum-
stances attending Christ's, 413—425.
of the body, a reasonable doctrine,

163, 564.
Revelation, rejected by the deists, 194.

agreement between the objects of, and
the objects of nature, 278. the great
end of, 324. natural history of the earth
bears testimony to the truth of, 547.

reflections on the light of, 557.
Revelation of St. John, describes the

employment of the saints in heaven,

106, 583.
Reward of the good servant, 388. of the

Christian's labour, 430.
Rewards of faith and obedience, promised

in the law of Moses, 405.
Rich, and poor, necessary to one another,

37. have only a transient and dangerous
superiority over the poor, 25. their
temptations, 56. obligations to relieve
the poor, 27, 30, their encouragement,
31. punishment awaiting their neglect
of, 53. why they are entrusted with
wealth, 35. often want an inclination to
do good, 64. what their sentiments

and conduct should be, 63.
Rich man and Lazarus, 101.
Riches, given as a trial of virtue, 30. the

trile use of, 65.
Ridicule, employed against religion, 151.
Righteous man, is afflicted for the sinner,

389. how he shews favour to sin, 394.
follows the example of Jesus Christ,

Righteousness, how imputed, 186.
Rights of Man, 316. mistaken notions re-

specting, 241.
Rights of the Christian Church, 170.

SABBATH, on the profanation of, 157.

typical of rest in heaven, 406.
Sabbatism, 430.
Sacrument.-See Baptism and the Lord's

Supper, 219.
Sacrifices, the institution of, prophetical,

Sacrilege, belief of the Heathens respect-

ing, 50.
Sadducees, denied the doctrine of the re-

surrection, 399. were ignorant of the
Scripture, 400, 553. eilenced by our

Saviour, 401.
Saints, in heaven will review with delight

the vicissitudes of their mortal life, 105.
Salamis, 416, 453.
Sult, qualities of, 545.
Salvation, freeness of its offers, 20. why
Tejected, 21. repentance necessary to,

Samuritan Balsam, an ointment so called,

Samaritans, objects of particular aversion

to the Jews, 16.
Satan, the most acceptable agents of, 370,

371. distinguished by his mockery

against sin, 393. an accuser, ib.
Schism, in the church, 294.
Schoolmaster unto Christ, the law a, 336.
Scribes and Pharisees, character of, 393..
Sea, figurative meaning of the term, 162.

goodness and power of God, manifested
in, 540. benefits derived from, 541. on

the saltness of, 545.
Sedition, character of a leader of, 459.
Self-denial, Christian doctrine of, 357–


Self-indulgence, 360.
Self-murder, 453—467. explained from

the case of Ahitophel, 456, 461, 462.
execution of the laws against, 463. mis-
chievous representation of this crime

by poets, 463, 464.
Self-worshippers, 217.
Sentiment, age of uninformed, 107.
Separation, from the Church, 222, 294.
Sepulchre of Christ, guarded by soldiers,

414. the stone rolled from its mouth
by an angel, 416. visited by the wo-

men, 417.
Sergius Paulus, 447. converted to the

faith, 451.
Serpent, in the history of the fall was not

real, but figurative, 405,560. qualities

of the, 531, 560.
Service of God, perfect freedom, 481.
Shepherd, reflection on the life of a, 528.
Shield of faith, 27%.
Shipmen, who accompanied St. Paul, the

case of, 440.
Shipwreck of St. Paul, 434445. of faith,

Show, vain desire of, a cause of extrava-

gance, 75. singular instance of, 76. an-

tidote against, 91.
Sickness, the merciful delivered in the

time of, 45.
Sign of the last days, 175.
Signs, given for our direction, in the ways

of Providence, 173. of Christ's first
coming, ib. of his second coming, 174.

of repentance, 264.
Silence, when advantageous, 115. en-

joined by Pythagoras, 133.
Simeon, had bis prayers granted in the

temple, 497.
Simon Magus, case of, 263.
Sin, represented by rust, 13. miserable

state of man in consequence of, 18.
first motions to, begin in the imagina-
tion, 205. when habitual renders re-
pentance hopeless, 260. the nature of,
281. danger and folly of mocking at,
388, 389. lamentable consequences of,

395. a state of imprisonment, 481.
Sin, man of, 173-184.
Sinai, the manifestation of God at, 546,

Sinner, unenlightened, striking represen-

tation of his awful condition, 481, 482.
manner of his deliverance, 483, 487,
490. fearful state of the hardened,
264, 265.

Sincerity, in falsehood, 37 4.
Sirach, admirable sentence of the son of,

76. his denunciation against perjury

and swearing, 285.
Slander, every preacher liable to suffer

from, 151.
Slept with their fathers, meaning of the

expression, 409.
Slothful man, the most contemptible, 64.
Society, civilized, of God's appointment,

23. of primitive Christians subsisted
on one common stock, 62. duties owing
to, 128. state of, without government,
163. necessity of dominion in, 236.
devotion in heaven, the devotion of,

Socinians, 400. lost the life and spirit

of the signs and figures of the Christian
mysteries, 411. resemble Elymas the
Sorcerer, 450, their religion is contra-

dicted by nature, 566.
Sodom, in a state of anarchy before its de-

struction, 161. wbat it was intended

to shew, 265.
Soldiers, Christians must lead the life of,

Solomon, exact economy of his household,

89. his prayer at the dedication of the

temple, 495.
Son of Perdition, 181.
Soul without life, how we are to conceive

of, 258. wants of the, 269. we should
part with all things to obtain the salva.

tion of, 442.
Sound, on the theory of, 569.
Sower, parable of, 203.
Speculative doctrines, 372, 373. teachers

of, described, 574.
Speech, on the use and abuse of, 251.
Spelman, Sir Henry, on the rights due

unto churches, 51.
Spirit of the Old Testament, 191, 192.
Spiritual life things necessary to, 38.
Spiritual wickedness, nature, and malig-

nity of, 366-377. artifices employed
to draw man into, 373. how to guard

against, 375.
Spirituality of the promises in the law,

405, 406.
Spirituous liquors, pernicious effects of,

St. Paul, the manner of his conversion,

494. effects of his hope, 4. an example
of disinterested liberality, 60. and in-
dustry, 64. appointed to suffering, 102.
sang praises to God in a dungeon. 103.


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ascribed all his deliverances to God,
104. was converted miraculously, 262.
his advice to the Thessalonians, 274.
on the election of, 297. the general be-
lief of the doctrine of the resurrection

the Jews proved from his words,
400, 401. considerations on bis ship-
wreck, 431–445. why he was sent as a
prisoner to Rome, 435. not forsaken of
God, 436. reason of his various trials,
ib. 437. bis judgment concerning the
voyage, 437, 438. shews we are not to
be saved without the use of means,
439. comforts and encourages those
with whom he sailed, 441. ingratitude
of the soldiers who accompanied him,
443, 444. his consecration by the
church, 446. preaches with Bamabas
in the island of Cyprus, ib. is opposed
by Elymas the sorcerer, 447. against
whom he denounces the judgment of
God, 448. the Roman proconsul Ser-
gius Paulus, believes through his

preaching, 151.
St. Peter, observed appointed hours of

prayer, 273. design of his vision, 335.
his deliverance a sign of salvation, 479
-491. his situation in prison a lively
representation of the condition of every
unenlightened sinner, 481. manner of

his deliverance, 483, 487.
St. Stephen, the glories of beaven realized

to bis senses, 5, 112. on God's promises

to Abraham, 405.
Stones, the various sorts of, 541. situation

and properties of, 542.
Strange doctrines, 211.
Strong, why they should support the weak,

Subverters of the faith, 374.
Sufferings of the godly, no objection against

a special providence, 102.
Suicide, causes of, 107.
Sulphur, properties of, 545. its effects

when mixed with iron and water, ib.
Sun of righteousness, 414, 558.
Sunday schools, 40.
Swine, 312. pearls not to be cast before,

314. of what characters they are typi-
cal, 315, 319. uncleanness of, 318. pos-
sessed by a legion of devils, 470. are
driven into the sea, 471.

Teacher, Christ our, 328. why we should

desire to have God for our, 534, 535.
Tekoah, the widow of, 407.
Temper, great effect of moderation upon,

Temperance, exhortation to, 56. its ef-

fects ou the mind, 114. the most excel.

lent, 372.
Temple of Solomon, dedicated by prayer,

Temporal promises, 339.
Temptation cannot be overcome without

prayer, 271, 279.
Testimony, faith rests on, 185, 186.
Theatres, dangers arising from the exhibi-

tions at, 206.
Theory of musical sounds, 569.
Thessalonians, remarkable passage in the

second epistle to the, 175. exborted to

pray without ceasing, 274.
Thieves, evil spirits are so called, 13.
Thoughts, the principles of action, 372.
Time, on the use and abuse of, 245, 246.
Tithes, when first given to the church, 48.

right of the clergy to, 66. mode of re-

ceiving, 67.
Tongue, how to bridle the, 133.
Transgression, the law added because of,

Tranquillity, art of, 106, 117.
Tree of life, 328.
Trees, Jotham's parable of, 514.
Tribute, due for protection, 143.
Trouble, deliverance from, to whom pro-

mised, 44--46.
True riches, what, 82,
Trump of God, 342.
Trust in providence, the comfort of man's

life, 96—106.
Truth, use of the imagination is to give

us images of, 202. Christ the, 324
326. 330. pretenders to, 375.

UNBELIEF, the age of, 184–199. of

the idolatrous Israelites and nomi-
nal Christians, 384. warning against,

Uncleanness, 318.
Unfortunate Lady, Pope's elegy on, 464,

Unjust steward, parable of, 82.
Unmerciful men shall pray in vain, 42.
Unrighteous Mammon, what is signified

by, 82.
Use of the world, 244–255.
Uses of plants, 512-517.

TARES and the wheat, parable of, 276.
Taylor (Bishop Jeremy), on the meaning

of election, 297, 298.

Usurpation of church lands, judgments of

God on, 51.

VAIN CURIOSITY, a cause of extrava-

gance, 77.
Vanity, danger of, 113.
Valley of the shadow of death, 323.
Vegetable diet, 512.
Vegetable kingdom, goodness and wisdom

of God displayed in, 505-518.
Vegetables and animals compared, 519,

Vegetation, process of, 510, 511.
Vessel of wrath, to whom applied, 296.
Vicegerents of God, who are so called, 177.
Vine, Christ the true, 325.
Viper, bite of, oil an infallible cure for, 17.
Virtue, real and spurious, 86, 186. added

to faith, 187.
Voice, and manner of a minister, 151. its

wonderful faculty of forming musical

sounds, 570.
Volcanoes, cause of, 545. religious and na-
- tural use of, 546, 517. natural preludes

to the burning at the last day, 565. .
Voltaire, 207. effects of his writings, 244.
Voluntary contributions for the poor, an-

tiquity of, 47.

society, 108. their unhappy condition,
109, 110. of use to the righteous, 111.
have no peace, 136. suddenness of their
destruction, 285, 288. rest not at death,
- 429.
Wicked one, meaning of the term, 178,

Widow of Nain, 327.
Widmus provided for out of the apostolieal

fund, 36. and orphans of clergymen, 65.
Wild beasts, usefulness of, 527. afraid of

fire, 542.
Will-worship, 228.
Wine, cleansing nature of, 17. emblema-

tical of the blood of Christ, ib.
Wisdom of God, displayed in the forma-

tion of civilized society, 23. in salva-
tion by faith, 346. in the vegetable
kingdom, 505. in the animal, 512

Wisdom of God, and wisdom of man, 188.

Wisdom of honouring the king, 140. buman,

magnified, 439.
Woman, her sorrows the consequence of

sin, 556.
Women, visited the sepulchre of Christ,

414, 417, see the angel, 417. sent to

tell the disciples, 418, 419.
Word of God, a light, 587.
Works of God, how we work the, 345.
World, its destruction represented in the

fall of Jericho, 12, 13, 348. character of
the children of, 59. on the love of, 119.
popular commotions to precede the end
of, 160—172. the use and abuse of,
244–255. Christ the light of, 304. on
the fear of the, 355. changes in the po-

litical, 537. to be destroyed by fire, 564.
World of spirits, known to the Jews under

the law, 404.
Writing, pictures of animal life, the first,


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ZACHARY, the father of John the Bap-

tist, 483.
Zeal for religion, 71, 376. often misrepre-

sented, 150. to be regulated by charity


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