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This Volume is the First of a Series of Theological Works, intended to be republished from the Writings of the most Eminent Divines, adapted for Family ReadING: and that they may be rendered ACCEPTABLE TO CLERGYMEN, each Work will be accompanied with a Copious Index, and Table of Reference.

The former arrangement of these Sermons has been altered, in order to place them as nearly as the subjects would allow, according to the respective topics of which they treat. In a single volume of Sermons, this is, of course, attainable only to a certain degree; but so far as it is, we have endeavoured to reach it, by arranging the Discourses in the order of practical, doctrinal, exemplary, and miscellaneous. It is not necessary here to speak of the value of the work thus presented to the public, as the few persons to whom the great merit of the Author is unknown, may be referred to the Memoir prefixed to this Volume.

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