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Cincinnati, Oct. Ist, 1838. At'ten o'clock, A. M., “THE WESTERN LITERARY INSTITUTE AND COLLEGE OF PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS," commenced its Eighth Annual Session in the METHODIST PROTESTANT CHAPEL.

The Vice President for Ohio, M. G. WILLIAMS, took the Chair and called the Institute to order:

The College joined in an appropriate prayer" by the Rev. J. BURT.

Dr. D. L. TALBOTT read a communication from the venerable President of the Institute, stating, that owing to severe indisposition, he was unable to be present, and requesting him to read his Annual Address ;-and also, expressing his kind regard for the Institute and his great anxiety for its prosperity.

The President's Annual Address was then read by Dr. D. L. Talbott.*

At 11 o'clock, Dr. C. E. STOWE, of Lane Seminary, delivered a lecture on “ The Bible as a means of Intellectual and Moral Improvement.

Agreeably to an arrangement of the Executive Committee with the Teachers of the City, the regular exercises were preceded and interspersed with appropriate singing of a juvenile Choir, composed of pupils from the different City Schools.

The College adjourned till 3 o'clock, P. M.

* The addresses, reparts, etc. constitute the second part of the volume, where they are all inserted.

At 3 o'clock the Institute met pursuant to adjournment ;-and, after some time spent in registering the names of members, the Recording Secretary read so much of the minutes of 1837 as had a direct reference to the

present session. The Annual Report of the Executive Committee was read by Dr. D. L. Talbott, and approved by the Institute. The Treasurer's Annual Report being called for, Mr. I. Van Eaton, in behalf of the Treasurer, T. Maylin, who, in consequence of ill health, was not present, made a report, which was accepted and adopted.


GENTLEMEN,-As the organ of the College during the interim of its meetings, we beg leave, on the return of another annual convocation, to submit a brief outline of our proceedings for the past year.

According to an arrangement made by the College at the close of the last annual session, with Mr. J. R. Allbach, to publish the proceedings of that Convention, your Committee proceeded immediately to collect and arrange the materials for the proposed work,--and they take pleasure in stating, that the volume was issued as early as was practicable, and executed in a style inferior to none of the preceding volumes.

As the work, according to agreement, was published without expense to the College, your committee are 'not aware of the precise number distributed, but they believe as great a number has been sold as of any of the preceding volumes; and could it be effected the coming year, your Committee would advise a similar arrangement to be entered into between the College and some publisher during the present session, for the publication of the next volume of transactions. The sale of the 2nd and 3rd volumes, (the entire property of the College), although not very considerable, has, with the annual subscription paid in during the last session, enabled the Treasurer to liquidate all claims against the Instirution, besides leaving a small balance of cash on hand, as will appear by the Treasurer's Report, herewith submitted. In relation to future funds, should an arrangement, as above recommended, for the publication of the next volume be effected, the annual subscription will alone bę sufficient to cover all incidental expenses that may hereafter arise.

In relation to the Western Academician, edited by Dr. JOHN W. Picket, which was set on foot by the Executive Committee, some 18 months since, and recognised as the organ of the College at its last session, and which to the end, sustained the high and elevated character which so conspicuously marked its commencement, your Committee regret to say, has not been issued since the termination of the first volume in April last. The publisher, for reasons not wholly known to your committee, declined the publishing business soon after he had concluded the publication of the volume of Transactions, and owing to the unpropitiousness of the times, your Committer have not been able to effect a continuance of the work by any other publisher, which is the more to be regretted, as the work had already acquired well deserved celebrity, a very respectable patronage, and bid fair to realize the fondest anticipations of its warmest advocates, affording a means whereby the proceedings of the College could be extensively circulated, and a knowledge of its operations widely diffused.

The subject of the resuscitation of the Academician, or the commencement of a similar work, cannot too early engage the attention of the College.

According to the practice of former Committees, a circular was prepared the past year, and extensively circulated, and every exertion made, by direct communication with distinguished individuals in various parts of the country, to secure as much interest on the present occasion as possible, and from the talent already enlisted, in addition to the many able reports that may be expected from Committees raised during the last session, we doubt not that the interest will be as great the present session as at any of our former meetings, and that the College will continue to sustain the high character which its past operations have so justly entitled it to.

Among the letters and documents received during the past year, we take especial pleasure in acknowledging the receipt of a communication from Governor Everett, of Boston, accompanying "An abstract of the Massachusetts School Returns for 1837," a pamphlet of 300 pages; also, a letter from John A. Dix, Superintendent of Common Schools in New York, accompanying his Annual Report of Common Schools in that State, comprising about 200 pages ; also, a communication from Thos. H. Burrows, - Superintendent of Common Schools, accompanying " The Fourth Annual Report of the Common Schools, Academies and Colleges, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," containing a Report on Elementary Instruction in Europe," by Professor Stowe of this State ; as also, A Statistical Report of the condition of the Common Schools in Ohio," by Samuel Lewis, Superintendent : each of which presents a full and minute history of the present state of Education in their respective territories.

When taking a retrospective view of what this Institution has already achieved in the impetus which it has given to the Cause of Education throughout the United States, your Committee fondly entertain the hope, and feel confident in their belief, that the present members, who, in. defiance of all opposition, have raised and hitherto sustained its operations, and conducted it to its present exalted state of usefulness, will not falter in their energies nor

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abandon the cause in which they have engaged; but will use their greatest exertions to extend its usefulness to every portion of our country, and diffuse the broad principles of Universal Education throughout the length and breadth of our free and happy country. All of which is respectfully submitted.

J. VAN EATON, Executive

A. H. McGuffey,

The resolution requiring the Executive Committee to revise the code of By-Laws being called up, the Committee reported that the duty had not been attended to ;-whereupon it was re-committed to the same to report as soon as possible.

On motion of J. L. Talbott, it was

Resolved, That the Committees be called on in the order in which they stand on the Minutes for their reports, which being done, it was, on motion of Pres. McGuffey,

Resolved, That those subjects on which reports are not expected, be called up for discussion.

Resolved, That those appointed to furnish reports on given subjects, and are not prepared, have the same referred to them to report to this meeting as soon as practicable.

Resolved, That any person present having a report on any subject of Education, be requested to inform the Chair of the same, that it may be called for by the College.

The subject referring to the effects of a multiplication of Colleges and Universities in the Western States, on the higher* branches of Literature and Science, was called up and discussed by Messrs. McGuffey, Stowe, Lewis, and Carll.

The Institute then adjourned until 7.o'clock.

At seven o'clock the College convened--Prayer by the Rev. J. DENHAM.

ELIJAH VANCÈ, Esq., of Hamilton, Ohio, delivered an address on “ The importance of introducing a uniform System of Common School Education, and adapting it to the genius of our Republican Institutions."

SAMUEL LEWIS, Esq., offered the following resolutious, which were, after some remarks by the mover, discussed by Messrs. Stowe, Drake, Denham, and Salomon ; and then made the order of the day for 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, viz:

1st. Resolved, That the present great want of well qualified

Teachers of Common Schools, is such, as calls loudly for such ac-. tion as will supply the present and increasing demand.

2d. That the subject of establishing National or State Institutions for Teachers, is one that requires the careful deliberation of every friend of Popular Education, as well as of every Legislator who seeks to preserve and elevate our popular Institutions.

3d. That a University for educating Teachers, as such, should not undertake to teach the elements of the different branches of Literature, but should be devoted entirely to the art of teaching, or the best method of conveying instruction and developing the powers of the pupils.

4th. That this art cannot be taught in the best manner, except, where the learner can become a teacher to an extent sufficient, at least, to practice upon his daily business.

[Mr. Lewis remarked, on offering the foregoing resolutions, that he should not feel himself committed on this subject, either as to his present or future course ; nor did he wish to be understood as expressing his opinion-his object was to gain information.] The College adjourned.

WM. PHILLIPS, Jr., Rec. Sec.

Tuesday, Oct. 2d, 1838. At 9 o'clock, A. M., the members met for business.

The names of the members of the Institute were called, by request of the Chair.

The minutes of Monday were read and approved.

The Committee on By-Laws reported the former code without any amendments, which was accepted,--and on motion of G, R. Hand, an additional one was added, viz :

" The Roll shall be called at the opening of each morning and afternoon session.” The whole, as amended, was then adopted.

The subject of Dr. Pierce's report being called for, was, on motion, again laid on the table.

Resolved, That a Committee of three be appointed to devise a plan for the publication of the Transactions of the present session; and that they report as early as practicable.



W. H. McGUFFEY. Resolved, That a Committee of five be appointed to nominate officers for the ensuing year.




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